Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino del Norte
from Irún to
Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 16: Rioseco to Santona

Convent at Rioseco

Church at La Magdalena

There was a steep climb through the forest where the natural path had been interupted by logging activities so I was very grateful to find a camino marker

Looking down into the valley from which I had just come

An hour later the top of the hill and end of the forest is reached

Rain puddles are drying up (right)

and its turning into a pleasant, warm sunny afternoon (below)

This rocky terrain
(top and right)
remind me very much of Ireland

Views of the valley of Liendo

(right and below)

Capilla of San Augustin at Iseca Nueva

Church of Our Lady of Liendo at Hazas

Detail from the entrance to the Church

Laredo and its long promontory lies below

An unusual sundial

Arrival at the beach (at the end of the promontory, 4 kms from Laredo centre) for the ferry to Santona

The ferry to Santona

The weather changed again and it started to rain

The view from the YHA room