Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino del Norte
from Irún to
Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 27: Leces to Sebrayo

Stele showing the way to the refugio (which can be seen in the background) to the left and the camino which continues up the road

Initially the camino passed through rural wooded fields and countryside ....

.... then quite unexpectedly, round a corner and over the hill the sea was in sight!

Capilla de la Magdalena dates from 1722

A friendly cat that decided to accompany for a short way

After crossing the beach at Vega (top)

the camino starts climbing up the northern slopes of El Cueto (right & below)

Some good views of the sea ....

.... and of the mountains

A modern Church (right & below)

with the date 1981 above the door

The camino crosses another beach (right & below)

This waymarked part of the route differed slightly from the 2003 edition of the guide

Skirting around Covian ....

... leading the pilgrim past another beautiful Capilla

(that alas I coulnd not identify) and directly into Colunga

15th century Church of San Cristobel el Real at Colunga. To the bottom right of the picture can be seen a bar that did very good pinchos

After rest and recuperation I was pleased to find the Church open

There was still nearly 11 kms to cover to reach the next refugio

The old 10th century Church of San Salvador de Priesca

After walking along the river through a wooded area, the camino emerges on the road into Sobrayo

Refugio at Sebrayo with the now familiar 'Amigos de Peregrinos' symbol