Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino del Norte
from Irún to
Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 39: Gondan to Mondonedo

From now on most of the steles had distances marked on them

The Church at Curveiro is just beyond the point at which the camino turns left to climb out of the valley

Looking back across the valley towards the refugio ....

.... and the early morning mists have not yet evaporated

Today's walk was a very pleasant one through the woods, albeit steep in places

The district of Barreiros sends the pilgrim on thier way with a prayer ....

.... and the next valley awaits

A novel way to protect one's fenceposts!

A pause for reflection at the Chapel (top & below left)

No doubt many a weary pilgrim has been cheered by this sign! (left)

Shell motif in the railings at Vilanova de Lourenza

The magnificent baroque 18th century Church of the monastery of San Salvador at Lourenza

The facade is reminiscent of the Obradoiro facade of the Cathedral at Santiago

The route out of Lourenza leads to more pleasant off-road walking

Ermita de Guadalope at O Grove (Cima de Vila)

This seemed an old part of the camino

Descending now into the next valley towards Mondonedo

The comfortable and very cheap hotel room where my bedroom window overlooked the Church of Santiago de Mondonedo

Statue of St James in the Church of Santiago

Above and following photos are of various altars, murals and statues in the Church of Santiago

Exterior of the Santiago Church which dates from 1890

Another statue of St James, this time in the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Mondonedo

Altar in the Cathedral

Early 15th century Hispano-Flemish frescoes

15th century statue of the English Virgin from St Paul's, London. The statue was brought to Galicia after the reformation

Exterior of the Cathedral ....

... construction of the Cathedral began in 1219