Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino del Norte
from Irún to
Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 44: Baamonde to Sobrado

I now have only 99.8kms to go. (top)
I had hoped for a spectacular banner or waymark (fanfare of trumpets would have been nice!) when the 100kms point was reached as that is the minimum distance that must be walked to gain one's Compostele.

Today's walk to Sobrado is over 40kms so a very early start was necessary (left)
[but there is now a refugio at Miraz, see below]

14th century Church of San Alberte

Colourful storage shed

Parish of San Peirgio de Xeixoa (above)

The distinctive round stones on either side of the uprights had snake carvings on them (left)

Other welcome signs for the pilgrim (below)

Parish Church of Santiago at Miraz

Since walking this route, a refugio has been opened in Miraz by the Confraternity of St. James

I had the impression that this wall had stood for centuries

Again the pilgrim is rewarded with stunning views across moorland after the climb (above & left)

Alas shortly after this the weather changed and it rained heavily for the rest of the day.
By now I was travelling with some other pilgrims whom I had originaly met a few days ago at Abadin.
After a welcome rest and meal at Vilarino, we arrived at Sobrado just before 21:00