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Your question may well be answered on Sylvia's top tips for walkers, derived from the first 400 questions on this bulletin board, or on Wendy's top tips. Buen camino! to all our readers.

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-- Monday, May 5 2008, 01:56 am -- Email:

What are the main things to consider when making the decision which route to walk: camino del nortes OR camino frances?

Ton van der Wal -- Monday, April 28 2008, 01:01 pm -- Email:

Liked your site every much. We are going on the camino starting on the first of may from Saint jean Pied de Port. The pictures are very usefull and i have printed some. I have my own weblog but it´s in Dutch so not much use for your site. In case any dutch readers are interested

Greetings from the Haque, Holland. Ton and Mirelle

declan woods -- Thursday, April 10 2008, 05:32 pm -- Email:

Heaven O..... any advice re maps, routes, accomodation, etc... arriving in Acoruna may 08 on a tall ship Jeannie Johnson from Dingle Ireland. Wish to take the Pilgrim walk to Santiago...Thank you Declan.

Ricardo A. Lopez -- Tuesday, February 12 2008, 05:59 pm -- Email:

I am planning a june 08 trip by bicycle. I plan to complete either part of the camino del norte starting from santander; or the camino portugues starting from oporto.

What route do you recommend?

It will be my first time by bicycle.


Michael Zboyovski -- Friday, February 1 2008, 05:50 pm -- Email:

We have 4 pilgrims from Asheville, NC, one from Los Angeles, and one from Chile that are planning to make the camino from St. Jean beginning around June 9, 2008. I'd love to hear from those planning to make the pilgrimage around that time and from those who have advice for us. Thanks for the wonderful website. Peace, Michael

Kate -- Wednesday, January 23 2008, 08:35 pm -- Email:

Hi, I am hoping to do the camino from mid feb to mid march....i was wondering if anyone could recommend the best route for a woman alone and at that time of year? Thanks

Ryan (US) -- Sunday, December 30 2007, 12:21 am -- Email:

I walked a Camino in March/April of 2007, starting in Sevilla and going through to the lighthouse in Fisterra. I had an amazing time and can't wait to get back. La Via de la Plata is a solitary journey but the few people I did meet left quite an impression. I can't say enough great things about it - if you have the chance, take it.


Andrzej Haraszczuk -- Monday, December 10 2007, 07:57 pm -- Email:

Hi I'm going to walk my camino all the way from St. Jean Pied du Port. If anybody can tell me about access to the accommodation in February. Thanks Andrzej

LilaSeedA -- Friday, August 3 2007, 06:51 am -- Email:


I liked your site. An excellent content. Fine the schedule.


Gabriel Vlad -- Thursday, August 2 2007, 02:55 pm -- Email:

I cannot register our Camino (mine and my wife's) on your site. I tried several times. How should I proceed?

JanekMakowski -- Wednesday, August 1 2007, 11:06 am -- Email:

I'd like to say hello to all people on this board. Regards, Janek

marty -- Tuesday, July 31 2007, 09:23 am -- Email:

can anyone advise me it we could walk from burgos to leaon in 5days?! or it is a little ambitious?? its 170km(105miles) but unsure if its flat or has inclines?? thanks a million marty

karen -- Sunday, July 29 2007, 05:51 pm -- Email:

I am planning for the Camino Frances starting in St. Jean for June of next year or perhaps the following year and I would like some advice on the type of pack, shoes, and sleeping bag to take with. I have read many of the posts and I am still having difficulty. It actually might be too early to purchase some if I can't go until 2009. I am looking at the following:

Osprey Tallon 33 or 44 (fit well) or the Women's Osprey Aura 35

Mountain Hardware Lamina +45 Synthetic Bag or silk sack

Merrell Pulse II shoes and/or Women's Karnali Wraptor or Women's Merrell Chameleon II Web Leather

Thanks for any help.

Michael Hardcastle -- Wednesday, June 13 2007, 07:51 pm -- Email:

I have walked the Camino from April 14th until May 18th 2007. I have published my diary and my pictures on my website (at the moment in German only). I intend to publish an English version, after I have completed the German version. If you would like to visit my website, please send me an email and I will provide you with the link. Kind regards Mike

ALP -- Saturday, May 26 2007, 10:08 pm -- Email:

Hello everyone. I'm planning to walk the camino on july for about 40 days. Can anyone tell me how much this trip should cost me? I heard it's about 20 euroes a day but I'm not so sure about that.. and I want to ask you that is there dog aware! Thank you! Gracias!

Marielle -- Friday, May 25 2007, 01:14 pm -- Email:

Dear all, I am arriving june 2 in Pau (by plane) and planning tot travel on the same day to St Jean de Port by taxi. I am now hoping to find other travellers/pelgrims who want to share this taxi with me..
Veronica -- Friday, February 23 2007, 08:39 am -- Email:

Because I have a limited number of days to walk the Camino, I will be starting in Sarria. What is the best/fastest way to get from Madrid to Sarria? Is it possible to arrive at León and take a bus or train to Sarria?

Can I get the "pilgrim credential" in Leon?

Thank you.

Eliza -- Friday, October 6 2006, 08:37 pm -- Email:

Dear Everybody! Could someone tell me if there is a hairdresser in Saint Jean Pied de Port? I am planning to walk the Camino next year, and I want to start my way completely bald-head for some spiritual reasons.

Sue Kenny -- Tuesday, September 26 2006, 08:12 am -- Email:

A film with soul: Las Peregrinas…the women who walk. There will be a simultaneous Worldwide screening of this film on the camino on 3/4/5th November 2006 at Gatherings in 30 cities in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa. Sue Kenny's vision is to bring people together in Gatherings as an opportunity to watch an enlightening woman's film and then provide a forum for conversation to follow.

A 5 minute sample of the film is available for download

Feel free to call or email her if you have any questions or if you would like to host a gathering. Please share this with anyone you know who might be interested. Thank you for your interest and support.

Nous recherchons une jeune fille Sophie Gfeller de 18 ans, 1m68, cheveux longs brun, yeux brun accompagné d'un chien blanc se dirigeant vers st jacques de Compostelle
Nous n?avons plus de nouvelles d'elle depuis 26 Aout 2006 pourriez vous s'il vous plait passer une annonce sur votre site moyennant finances afin de nous venir en aide dans nos recherches
Nous restons à votre disposition pour de plus amples renseignement concernant notre recherche.
Nous vous remercions d?avance de la part de toute sa famille de faire ce qui est en votre pouvoir.
  Merci de nous contacter au 0661615650 Ou de contacter les autorités locales       EURL UNDERSCORE M.TAHINE Redouane   71, rue du Faubourg Bonnefoy 31500 Toulouse   Tel: 0877 325 441 Port: 06 22 92 42 26
Paul Tobey -- Monday, September 4 2006, 01:02 am -- Email:

Thought your group might be interested in my little independent film. This documentary was shot during my 850km pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella and Finisterre, this is a moive about one man's journey of self discovery and creative inspiration.

To view entire film for FREE visit...




Melissa -- Friday, August 25 2006, 10:23 pm -- Email:

Hey there, I'm planning to walk the route from Seville north to Santiago starting late September, I am looking for any helpful hints for this time, route, experiences, or heads up about things to see/avoid. Thanks!

G.C. Duyckinck Dörner -- Tuesday, August 8 2006, 10:53 pm -- Email:

Last May I walked part of the Camino Frances (starting from SJPP) with my 2 white polar dogs (Samoyeds). Both dogs carried a red backpack. Due to circumstances I could not make pictures of my dogs then. But many people on the Camino took pictures of us.

Did any of you make pictures or do you know anyone who did? I would be most happy if I could get one or more pictures of my dogs.

Many thanks in advance.


Liron -- Friday, July 21 2006, 11:57 am -- Email:

Hello everyone, I'm planning to walk the camino on september for about 30 days. Can anyone tell me how much this trip should cost me? I heard it's about 50 euroes a day but I'm not so sure about that.. Thanks.

DAVID CASADO MEDINA -- Saturday, June 17 2006, 10:32 am -- Email:



EN LEON----609470232

annette "ned" laver -- Monday, May 29 2006, 11:16 am -- Email:

hello, i'm walking 25th june - 25th july ish and i'm torn between norte and frances, any advice? they both seem the same length and just wondered if hostels were restricted or if one is better (more trodden) than the other. and if anyone wants to join me - i'll see you along the way, i'll be the one with the dutch and english flags - i'm happy for any walking companions - and thanks for the tips - they were really useful - i've jsut doubled my to take list...

jose -- Wednesday, May 24 2006, 07:00 pm -- Email:

Hi, I’d like to inform you of our new documentary: El CAMINO DE SANTIAGO -no un camino de rosas-. You can see a 10 min trailer of the film on this link: The Way of St James 'Not a path of roses' does not talk about the route's historic and artistic values, neither provides practical information about cheap, easy and pleasant tourism. This exceptional documentary reaches the heart of El Camino, the feelings of the interviewed characters, the pilgrims and their irreplaceable support: the 'hospitaleros'. Thanks for your time. Jose

jacque -- Thursday, May 11 2006, 07:26 pm -- Email:

Can anyone tell me about women walking the camino alone? I plan to do it in early August and am wondering about my safety.

Sister Elly Maria -- Monday, May 1 2006, 04:51 am -- Email:

The plan is to leave on May the 9th 2006, then travel through France with the camper, along the Camino, then set up camp in Logrono, with the veiw of starting to 'walk' from Puenta de la Reina for two weeks. Reason: I am severly disabled and will be using a trike and to the second part in Septmeber. BUT I do need one other person to walk with us, anybody wants to be part of our small group? Either for the two weeks or walking or less, ut it will help my enablers. Is this for yu?

Sylvia -- Saturday, April 1 2006, 11:33 am -- Email:

To get from Bilabo to O Cebreiro you will need to take a bus to Piedafrita (5kms from Cebreiro) Alsa bus 7h45 arr: Piedafrita at 15h55 €31.51

Buen Camino

Richard H. -- Thursday, March 2 2006, 03:10 pm -- Email: private!

For Janice Sutherland, and Martin H-S, and perhaps others: I put a file of latitudes, longitudes, altitudes of the chemin (Espalion to Moissac) at (key words: Garmin Etrex GPS track)

Ann Davidson -- Sunday, March 12 2006, 11:14 am -- Email:

I'm planning to do the camino at the end of April/start of May but I can only get a week off work. How can I get from Bilbao to either O Cebreiro or Sarria? (My preferred starting points)

Jim -- Monday, February 27 2006, 04:29 am -- Email:

Getting to Santiago de Compostela from Porto: I am going to be leaving Lisbon and arriving at POrto at about 9:30 a.m. I do not want to walk the Portuguese route, opting for the French route starting at Sarria. I have to be in Santiago de Compostela by 6 order to make a connection to Lugo/Sarria. One would think that this would be entirely feasible, but can't get sites to work well enough to get schedules (by bus or train)that takes one over the Span/Port border. Best I could do, was train on to Valenca arriving at 2:47, but bus leaves Tui at 4 p.m., so not good to walk across the bridge over the Minho due to the one hour time difference between Spain and POrtugal. I'll have the same problem returning to Porto, but will have more time to do it.

-- Friday, February 24 2006, 09:30 pm -- Email Sylvia -- Friday, February 3 2006, 05:55 pm -- Email:

Snow closes 40 roads and 22 mountain passes Agencies Airports were affected in Andalucía and the cold wave even swept down as far as the Mediterranean

The whole of Spain was in the grip of a wave of wintery weather last weekend which had swept down form northern Europe, even as far as the Mediterranean coast. Snow, intensive cold, rain and wind all over the country set Civil Protection services constantly on the alert in 15 regions (all of them except Madrid and the Balearic Islands).

Read more about it here:

Michal -- Friday, February 3 2006, 04:06 pm -- Email:

Hi, I think that it would be more interesting if you sort the camino's registrations by the date of completion of compostella, as it would be easier to find out fellow companions or just learn who else did the camino the same days as yourself, or find your other friends... Don't you think? Would this be possible? Buen Camino Michal
      We didn't do this when we set up the site because some people who do the Camin don't get the Compostela. You can get most of what you want from the arrival date. Thanks for your posting. team
Sylvia -- Saturday, January 14 2006, 12:51 pm -- Email:

A new DVD Video on the camino: Within the Way Without

Japanese Madoka Mayuzumi walked from St Jean Pied-de-Port in the spring; Brazilian Milena Salgado went in the summer; and Rob Jorritsma left his native Holland to walk from Saint-Jean in the winter. Larry Boulting filmed all three - often at the same series of places along the Camino - to make this profound and delightful film. All pilgrims seeing it will begin by envying these pilgrims the chance they have had to tell their story to so sympathetic an ear and to so wide an audience; but on more mature reflection, will realise that these stories are in fact their own. Madoka, Milena and Rob represent the more sensitive and the more articulate parts of ourselves. Each is special, each is unique, as all pilgrims are; but in the end, this film tells us, we have more in common, across nationality, age, background and belief than we could imagine possible.

The film, recently released, has just become available on DVD. It is available through our on-line Bookshop (go to the Posters, Postcards, Posters, Calendars, Mugs and DVDs section). Buy it for yourself to remind you of your own pilgrimage; buy it for friends and family to whom you have never quite managed to get the Camino experience across. It's one of the best ever. team -- Wednesday, January 4 2006, 08:56 pm -- Email:

We regret that an outbreak of spam has created a further gap in the record. If the problem persists, we will have to withdraw the bulletin board completely, but we hope that normal service can now be resumed.

santiago-compostela net team -- Thursday, December 1 2005, 09:17 am -- Email:

We are sorry that a computer glitch has left a gap in this file, but we hope it is all working OK again now.

Sylvia -- Tuesday, September 27 2005, 06:15 pm -- Email:

When looking for friends made along the camino, try the other groups and forums as well:

Here are some links:

Marianne from Denmark -- Sunday, September 25 2005, 07:24 pm -- Email:

I'm looking for Joseph - italian guy from Switzerland, whom I saw multiple times walking from Sarria to Santiago September 16th to 23rd. I would be interested in a chat, if you have time and feel like it. Marianne (the danish girl with long blonde hair)

brian -- Wednesday, September 21 2005, 08:50 am -- Email:

has anyone cycled from paris to santiago? have done the spanish part to santiago twice and am interested in the french part paris to biarittz

Sylvia -- Monday, September 12 2005, 06:47 pm -- Email:

In the hey days of medieval pilgrimages, the roads to Santiago became congested with pilgrims - going in both directions. There were walking pilgrims, pilgrims with donkeys and mules, pilgrims on horseback, wealthy pilgrims with their retinues of servants, carriages, horses and mules. The places of refuge were overcrowded so pilgrims often slept outdoors but within the city walls. After the reformation pilgrimages lost their appeal. In 1976 only SIX Compostelas were given out in Santiago. The reanimation of the way of Compostela in the early 1980's resulted in 2 491 Compstelas being awarded in 1986/7. The camino is probably more similar today to the middle ages pilgrimage than it ever was.

herman -- Sunday, September 11 2005, 10:42 pm -- Email:

WARNING! hello. me again. (herman). i DID do the camino for a second time and it was... different. it has become HUGE. Touristy. But still good, if you: (a) are a tourist looking for (not so) cheap thrills (and don't mind sleeping with hundreds of other snoring, smelly pilgrims in an ergonomically confined space) (b) don't mind racing from before the crack of dawn to the next available shelter, and don't mind waiting in loooong queues (allow for 30 mins at least) then, even though you may have done 35 km already, the shelter may be full, and you may have to conjure up the strength to do another 6 km. to find yourself trying to sleep in some sports-club where the soothing sounds of smashing squash-balls (pelota) and swearing (melodic, in spanish) lull you to sleep. So, what were the good bits, you may ask? For me, purely because i am south african, pretty much everything. For the rest of you, accustomed to 1st world manners, it may well be a journey into the darkest dephths of depravity. a final word of advice: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, supply your e-mail address on any of these forums, unless you don't mind receiving 20 e-mails a day from (primarily) "nigerian widows" whose only wish is for you, dear one in Christ, to make a quick couple of million dollars. (PS. i only supplied my e-mail address because i am going to de-activate it at the end of this month).

jack de groot -- Sunday, September 11 2005, 02:04 pm -- Email:

I am looking for Rita (aged approx. 25 from California) who arrived with me at Santiago de Compostela on 24 May 2002.

david pepper -- Monday, September 5 2005, 03:41 pm -- Email:

Just back from the primatevo and the end of the Frances. Was I dreaming or do the cockle shells point in the reverse direction on these 2 route? Anybody interested in my mistakes, let me know.

Roger Gruss -- Sunday, September 4 2005, 11:44 pm -- Email:

Anyone know of bus connections between Santiago and Sarria? Thanks!

Sylvia -- Friday, September 2 2005, 06:21 pm -- Email:

Ther is information in "Sylvia's Top Tips" on how to volunteer to be a hospitalero: (See No. 39)

(a) Association of Camino de Santiago volunteers: (b) Accueil Saint Jacques at St Jean Pied-de-Port - M Jean-Claude,Nogues (Canditature Accueillant), Accueil des pelerins de St-Jacques, 39 rue de la Citadelle, 64220 Saint Jean pied-de-Port, France. (c) Rabanal – (d) The new Burgos albergue is in need of "hospitaleros"or "hospitaleras". If you'd like to volunteer send an e-mail to:

Good luck!

marissa -- Friday, September 2 2005, 01:39 am -- Email:

i've done the camino three times (once from sjpp, once from le puy, and one tiny trip from triacastela)... to say it's a major part of me is putting it lightly.

i've been dreaming lately about volunteering as hospidalera at a refugio along the way (particularly in azofra... what a magical little town). does anyone know how i would go about doing that? i have to go back!!!


Ros Andrews -- Wednesday, August 31 2005, 09:43 pm -- Email:

Sorry forgot to ask if anyone has a sheet of useful Spanish phrases.


Ros Andrews -- Wednesday, August 31 2005, 09:41 pm -- Email:

Hi, I intend travelling to SJPP on 14 Sep 05 and my flight from Stanstead gets into Biarritz at 1700 hrs. I understand there is a bus to Bayonne train station from the airport and that the last train to SJPP leaves at 1810. I'm worried that I won't make it - has anyone else managed this itinerary? Also if anyone is beginning the camino on 15 Sep 05 and wants a companion for the first few days I'd love to hear from you.


Sylvia -- Monday, August 29 2005, 06:18 pm -- Email:

Sylvia's Top Tips For Walkers has been up-dated with a few extra frequently asked questions and answers. Check there first - your questions might be answered!

Ray -- Sunday, August 28 2005, 12:02 am -- Email:

Hello fellow walkers. Those of you who are planning to walk the Camino but would like to know a little more about what to expect should take a look at ---- It should help prepare you and perhaps allay some of the concerns you may have about this adventure. Ray

Helen Venables -- Friday, August 26 2005, 11:54 am -- Email:

We are starting the Camino in November. What will the weather be like then. We are from Australia and are not used to cold weather. Are many refugios open at this late stage?

Sylvia -- Thursday, August 25 2005, 06:22 pm -- Email:

Hola Sr Ella, How brave of you to be undertaking this journey. The 'camino' distance (for walkers) is about 1500kms from Le Puy. It might be shorter on roads. There is a lot of information to found (in Spanish) at

Take heart dear pilgrim, last year 60 disabled pilgrims in wheelchairs completed the camino. Buen viaje, Sylvia

Sr. Elly Maria -- Thursday, August 25 2005, 06:05 am -- Email:

My preparation for the walk is progresing. What is the total mileage from Le Puy. I am using the campervan, and plan to set up camp for 1 /2 weeks at the time. I can only walk about 4 days a week and about 100 miles per week. My batteries won't be able to do more, as I will be using my electric wheelchair. If there is any body would like to to assist and be part of the whole or part journey, please contact me. I am planning to start end may beginning June 2006. Please pray for all involved in the preparation. Thank you. Sr. Elly Maria

Sylvia -- Wednesday, August 24 2005, 07:05 pm -- Email:

"Author: Marleen Köller Date: 08-23-05 19:21 Thank you all so much for your prayers and keeping your eyes open to watch for Anna Milena! I have a good message to tell everyone: Anna just called here (at home in Germany), she is doing fine and is very sorry for not calling for such a long time. But she has just arrived at the end of the jacob´s path and is doing good! Thank you !! Anna´s sister, Marleen"

Pellerin -- Wednesday, August 24 2005, 06:53 pm -- Email:

The parents of Anna Milena Koeller from Germany a very concerned about her missing daughter. Her last message was from León 2 weeks ago. Who has seen her? She is rather tall, has long slightly curled blond hair and is 21 years old. She is German but speaks good Spanish. Proably she wears a knee bandage. If anybody has met her please give note to her parents!! E-mail: Anna Milena, wir haben seit deiner Station in Leon vor zwei Wochen nichts mehr von dir gehört. Bitte melde dich bei deinen Eltern.

Wer pilgert mit Anna zusammen oder hat sie gesehen? Sie ist recht groß, hat blonde lange, leicht gewellte Haare. Sie ist deutsch, spricht aber gutes Spanisch. Anna trägt wahrscheinlich einen Knieverband, weil eines ihrer Knie entzündet ist. Wenn DU sie treffen solltest E-Mail:

Javier -- Tuesday, August 23 2005, 07:07 pm -- Email:

The parents of Anna Milena Koeller from Germany a very concerned about her missing daughter. Her last message was from León 2 weeks ago. Who has seen her? She is rather tall, has long slightly curled blond hair and is 21 years old. She is German but speaks good Spanish. Proably she wears a knee bandage. If anybody has met her please give note to her parents!! E-mail:

Anna Milena, wir haben seit deiner Station in Leon vor zwei Wochen nichts mehr von dir gehört. Bitte melde dich bei deinen Eltern.

Wer pilgert mit Anna zusammen oder hat sie gesehen? Sie ist recht groß, hat blonde lange, leicht gewellte Haare. Sie ist deutsch, spricht aber gutes Spanisch. Anna trägt wahrscheinlich einen Knieverband, weil eines ihrer Knie entzündet ist. Wenn DU sie treffen solltest E-Mail:

Brad Chermside -- Friday, August 19 2005, 10:21 pm -- Email:

For those of you about to start your camino, I recommend stops at:

1. Granon Albergue (great food and breakfast plus warm and beautiful hospitality)

2. Hospital del Orbigo (private albergue - the hospitalero is so friendly and it's a lovely place to stay where you can paint your own feelings about your camino.

3. San Anton Albergue - mind blowing!

4. Hontanas, Boadilla del camino - swimming pools!!

5. Santiago - need i say more

6. Finisterra - The most powerful sunset you will ever see!

Fergus Hurley -- Friday, August 19 2005, 05:52 pm -- Email:

Hi all, I will be arriving in Bilbao on 3 September 2005, leaving Bilbao 20 September. In between, I wish to cylce the camino de santiago. However, I want to get to St. Jean de Pied de Port and start there. How do I get there from Bilbao? Do buses/trains take bikes on board? What is the distance from Bilbao to St Jean and is it possible to cylce the route? I would really appreciate if someone could give me the low-down on this!! Moitas Gracinas a todos... Buen Camino...

Jude -- Wednesday, August 17 2005, 08:58 am -- Email:

I am walking the Camino this September (2005) starting at Logrono; where in that city can I pick up a credencial?

Sylvia Nilsen -- Tuesday, August 16 2005, 06:25 pm -- Email:

Pamplona to Roncesvalles and/or St Jean: To Roncesvalles: Autocares Artieda bus (formerly Lamontanesa) Mon-Fri at ± 18h00: Sat at 14h00 (Not Sundays): To St Jean: Express Burricot: Taxi and luggage transfers St Jean – Roncesvalles – St Jean: 06-61-96-04-76 for groups book ahead: Email:

Gerry -- Tuesday, August 16 2005, 11:30 am -- Email:

Hi! I'm a spanish guy planning to start the Way in September from St Jean Pied de Port. I'm told that I should go to Pamplone and then take a taxi to get to St. Jean. Is that the only way? I cannot find any info about public transport. Thanks in advance for your help. Greetings from Madrid


Jess Espinosa -- Tuesday, August 9 2005, 05:40 pm -- Email:

Hello, My son (28) and I (64) will be doing the camino in May 2006. We will be flying from New York to Bilbao, spend a day there to see the Guggenheim Museum, then take a train to Burgos, where we will start the camino. I chose Burgos instead of Leon, which is usually the midpoint choice for most people who cannot do the whole camino, because I would like us to experience walking along the meseta. I would like to hear from anyone who has gone that way. I understand the meseta is about 5 miles of nothing but flat lands, no trees, hot sun on sunny days and skin-soaking rain during rainy days, and hardly any people aside from other pilgrims. I would like to know how it was and also if there is any specific preparation we have to make before crossing the meseta. Also, would two weeks be enough to cover the camino from Burgos to Santiago de Compostela?

At the end of two weeks, my son will go back to New York and I will proceed to Finisterre. Are there refugios along the way?

I look forward to hearing from you who have done the camino.


Lisa Leinert -- Sunday, August 7 2005, 09:24 am -- Email:

HI, bin 21 und weiblich und plane in einer Woche alleine den Camino zu gehen. Bin unsicher wegen: alleine als Frau gehen, Langeweile auf dem ebenen Weg (bin nur bergsteigen gewöhnt) und der Befürchtung wenige im gleichen Alter anzutreffen. Wer kann mir da nähere Auskunft geben?

Claire Vanbesien -- Tuesday, August 2 2005, 10:16 am -- Email:

Could I please have some info from anybody who has done the Camino Frances in October as to what the weather and temperatures are.

Sam the pilgrim -- Sunday, July 31 2005, 01:45 pm -- Email:

Could I please have some info from anybody who has done the Camino Frances in October as to what the weather and temperatures are.

Paul Lucchinelli -- Saturday, July 30 2005, 05:11 am -- Email:

Can anyone tell me what the FM radio reception is like on the camino?

Vanessa -- Friday, July 29 2005, 06:00 pm -- Email:

I'm hoping to start at Burgos, and have three weeks to get to Santiago. Is this enough time?

If I do start from Burgos, is the best place to fly to Bilbao? And should I start from Burgos... or is there somewhere nearer to Bilbao?

I would be really grateful for any tips or information you can give me, this will be my first Camino, and the first time I have had three weeks off in years, and so really want to make the most of the experience.

jane wakeham -- Wednesday, July 27 2005, 01:32 pm -- Email:

My boyfriend and I are walking the last 200 kilometers of the journey from Villafranca to Santiago in the middle two weeks of August. What would be the best footwear to take with us? We would like to know what kind of weather to expect, if its possible. Will it be very hot or some rain or cold at nights? If it's all kinds of weather it may mean taking too many different types of clothes etc. Any suggestions or tips?

Marcel -- Tuesday, July 26 2005, 08:32 pm -- Email:

Im cycling the camino this summer. Any one cycling too?

Nuala Carey -- Monday, July 25 2005, 05:06 pm -- Email:


I am planning on doing the walk starting in O Cebreiro. I am flying into Bilbao. Does anyone know the best way of getting to O cebreiro. There doesn't seem to be any buses going into the village. Would be grateful of any help - thanks!

Stan Black -- Friday, July 22 2005, 10:34 pm -- Email:

Hi there. Planning to start from Ponferrada. Does anyone know the best way to get there from Madrid. Trains I have found . What about buses or coach. Hope someone can help. Thanks

famo 1 -- Friday, July 22 2005, 05:08 pm -- Email:

stay off guyz!!!!! lome-togo nconnexion

owobaba -- Sunday, July 17 2005, 07:04 pm -- Email:

am fine

Gillian Hunt -- Thursday, July 14 2005, 04:16 pm -- Email:

STEVEN-One of the places I found useful, in terms of info on the Camino is the Confraternity of St James in London, they've a v comprehensive web-site which will answer many of your questions. They also produce a guidebook, updated annually, listing places to sleep & eat, it's v light to carry & i found it invaluable. I walked the Camino Frances, which is the main one and therefore the most popular, with a great infrastructure of hostels, and places to eat. I'd avoid it in July and August though as it's too hot to be walking and is so crowded that it's a race to get a bed for the night, which is not what the Camino is all about. There are other Caminos though, which would be quieter but with less places to stay, it depends which you'd prefer.

The Camino is simply a way to reach Santiago, which is why there are so many of them, so it is available all year round, however it should be noted that quite a few hostels are only open May to October, although I met people on the Camino who told me that to walk it in December is an amazing experience! (if also a v cold one!)

If you join the Confraternity of St James, you will receive a 'credential' which is a pilgrim passport that you need to show at each pilgrim hostel to show you are a genuine pilgrim and not someone just looking for a cheap place to stay whilst on holiday! You also need to show your 'passport' in Santiago, full of stamps(which you receive at each place you stay), to show that you've walked at least 100kms on foot to the city and then you receive your certificate (compostela). You can, however, also get a passport/credential at some of the main hostels once you begin the Camino

I walked from St Jean Pied to Santiago in May-July 2003 and had an amazing time-I hope you do too!

Buen Camino!

Gillian Hunt -- Thursday, July 14 2005, 04:04 pm -- Email:

SUSAN, I thought you had to join an organisation too, to get a crediential but you can pick one up in most of the refugios, especially ones where a lot of people start from like St Jean Pied de Port (where there is a pilgrim office for people starting the Camino) so don't worry.

I booked my flight home when i was only a week or so from Santiago as it took me longer to get there than I'd expected due to problems with my flat feet! There are flights from Santiago but i think they are quite expensive. A lot of people get a coach to Madrid (air-conditioning, TV, quite luxurious and they go really regularly and aren't that expensive) and then fly Easyjet, which is much cheaper. That's what i did and it was grand, no bother at all.

Have a great time, I went on my own to the Camino (St Jean to Santiago, May-july 2003) and rarely was alone, except through choice! I was never afraid and would go back tomorrow!

Buen Camino!

Sil -- Saturday, July 9 2005, 05:03 pm -- Email:

I forgot to give you the email address and website where you can find more info on the transfers from Roncesvalles to St Jean. (She will also take backpacks for about 8 Euros and for groups if booked in advance) Carte25/ExpressBourricot/ExpressBourricot.html

Sil -- Saturday, July 9 2005, 04:43 pm -- Email:

People often ask how to get from Roncesvalles to St Jean; Here are some contacts:

1)There are taxis from Roncesvalles to St Jean Pied de Port. They are: From Luzaide/Valcarlos: Andoni 636191423 From Garralda: Angel Mª 609411449 From Espinal: Francisco 649725951

They normally charge about 28 or 30 euros, but this price is just approximate.

2)There are two taxis in St Jean Pied de Port: Taxi Goenaga 05-59-37-05-00 Taxi Ascarrain 05-59-37-13-37 It's about 40-45€ from Roncesvalles to Saint Jean Pied de Port. There is a society which will take you to Saint Jean Pied de Port from Roncesvalles. It's called Express Bourricot. She does the road everyday - phone 06-61-96-04-76 Sil

Grant Spangler -- Sunday, July 3 2005, 04:35 pm -- Email:

I have stayed here in Ponferrada, it's highly recommended ...

Bierzo Plaza Hotel Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 4 24400 PONFERRADA (León) España Phone +34 987 409 001 Fax +34 987 409 013 Email Web

Centrally located to everything, and a pleasant rest on the Camino Frances. They offer a pilgrim discount if you ask. The Camino goes right by, so it's easy to continue on to Villafranca in the early morning sun. Stop by my site for lots of pilgrim resources.

Buen Camino,


Grant Spangler

Al -- Wednesday, June 29 2005, 02:42 pm -- Email:

We are going into Oviedo late on July 4th and want to take the bus to Ponferrada to start our walk. If anyone is starting or passing through Ponferrada on the 5th let me know. Also We are looking for a good place to stay in Oviedo and Ponferrada if anyone can recommend a hotel or refugio

anna -- Sunday, June 26 2005, 10:48 pm -- Email:

hey guys - nice to see so many happy people who have done and will do the camino.....I have two weeks and need to know where I am likely to get to (starting at St.Jean Pied de Port) and how I can get back from there to London? Also, may have to walk the first half alone(though will be great to do that too)....any tips?

Thanks! Anna -- Sunday, June 26 2005, 01:40 am -- Email:

Can I have some info please? Is the camino open all year ? Which one do I pick? ingles I suppose. Where do I register?

MUGU -- Saturday, June 25 2005, 02:09 pm -- Email: MUGU-MAGA@MUGUMAIL.COM


susan Roberts -- Friday, June 24 2005, 09:12 am -- Email:

Hi, having thought about it for months, I have finally decided to walk the Camino this summer and have booked flight to Biarritz for mid July. Can someone tell me where I can get the compostela card which gets stamped along the way. I know I could join a fraternity but have left it a bit late for this and wondered if its possible to pick one up in St John Pied de Port? Alos, is it still possible to pick up cheap flight back to London from Santiago in mid August as have only booked one way ticket out.

Sylvia -- Thursday, June 23 2005, 06:36 pm -- Email:

To Astrid: You can pick up scallop shells anywhere from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago (and beyond). They are sold in shops, cafe-bars, hostalles, albergues and even by street sellers. You won't have a problem finding one. Buen Camino (PS: A mail to your email address was returned to me)

jack de groot -- Thursday, June 23 2005, 02:10 pm -- Email:

My book Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Chronicleof Love will be published in September 2005 by the University Press of the South.

Astrid Rios -- Thursday, June 23 2005, 04:53 am -- Email: riossantigo@earthlink .net

I have a question, i'm doing El Camino this July, does anyone knows where can i get the scallop shells ? thanks to whoever can give me this info.

sylvia -- Wednesday, June 15 2005, 07:50 pm -- Email:

For excellent downloads - maps, routes, albergues etc go to


Omari -- Wednesday, June 15 2005, 05:25 pm -- Email:

Are there pilgrimages in Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy? If so, where can I find links for Caminos in those 4 countries?

Hiromi Morita -- Wednesday, June 15 2005, 09:36 am -- Email:

Hi,everyone ! Last year I walked from st jean pied de port ,took me 30 days. Yhis year I am planning to go again,this time I will go LA PLARTA. I will start from Seville or Merida. I only have a guide book from Merida. I am wondering if I could walk from Seville ? Could you tell me anything about the rout LA PLATA. Yhank you !

Dick - addendum -- Saturday, June 11 2005, 06:15 am -- Email:

I should have said in the message below that Moissac is at the beginning of the final third of the 1000km Le Puy to Pyrenees pilgrim way (via podiensis/GR65)

Dick -- Saturday, June 11 2005, 03:53 am -- Email:

Buen camino to all. I am a franglais speaking New Zealander of senior vintage who walked the Camino Frances last year and am planning to walk from Moissac to the Pyrenees starting around 14 September. Is there anyone out there who would like to meet up at least at the start?

Ezio Bracco -- Friday, June 10 2005, 09:16 pm -- Email:

Hello!, I am Italian , 57, and I will be in the way to Santiago this summer, either in July or August, starting from Samos or Sarria. I'm alone and I'll like to get together with some one to do the walk or at least to start walking together. If anyone is interested to join , please write to :

Sheila -- Thursday, June 9 2005, 04:56 pm -- Email:

We will be starting the camino in Astorga and need a place to stay for the first night before we walk. We won't arrive until 3:00 pm and probably won't get into an alberque. All the hotels on the internet are full for June 21st. Does anyone know of a hostal/boarding house in Astorga that I can contact on the internet?

IKO MAGU -- Wednesday, June 8 2005, 03:53 pm -- Email: IKOGUY@YAHOO.COM


Rachel Appicelli -- Tuesday, June 7 2005, 04:51 pm -- Email:

I will begin June 30 or July 1. from St. Jean Pied de Port, depending on if I can get there timely on June 30... For those of you in the planning phase: This link shows the routes you can take.. This person did a lot of work in describing the refugios and also added the distance between towns which is nice!!: And another favorite link: If anyone is in Biarritz Thursday afternoon and would like to share a taxi to St. Jean Pied de Port, let me know!

Elina Milano -- Tuesday, June 7 2005, 04:11 pm -- Email:

VENEZOLANA IN THE USA IN THE WAY TO SANTIAGO Hello every one, I'll be in Roncesvalles on the 12 or 13th of June 2005 to do the walk to Santiago, I'm alone and I'll like to get together with some one to do the walk or at least to start walking together. I speak perfect Spanish too. I'm from Venezuela. Please, write to me at: Thank you Elina

Erika Rauer -- Tuesday, June 7 2005, 03:28 pm -- Email:

Hello, I will be starting the walk on June 19, and am considering purchasing a Spanish cell phone to remain in contact with my family in the U.S. Are outlets available in the refugios for recharging the batteries on cell phones/digital cameras, or does this prove a problem during the June/July season? Thank you for your help! Erika

Matt -- Tuesday, June 7 2005, 12:13 pm -- Email:

Hi all, I'm starting my Camino this July from Pamplona after the festival of San Fermin. I want to hit the road around the 11th-12th....anyone want to join me? Im a very easy going Aussie guy based in London. Cheers, Matt

Catherine Barron -- Sunday, June 5 2005, 07:39 pm -- Email:

Buen camino!

I have written an account of my pilgrimage for peace along the camino, starting from St. Jean.

Please visit if you would like to at

Write and tell me if you have done the same thing.

Sylvia -- Friday, June 3 2005, 06:33 pm -- Email:

Here are some good sites on the camino: : : : : :


Pavel Poch -- Friday, June 3 2005, 09:51 am -- Email:

Hi, I want to start my Camino aprox. 29 june in SJPP. I must take hitchhike from Czech rep. to France a I don´t know how long I´ll be on the road. If is there some who want start camino at the same time, pls, contakt me. I´ll be alone at the begining, my friends join me about 6 july. Is here someone?Thanks:-) Pavel

Jack -- Friday, June 3 2005, 08:56 am -- Email:

I hope I'll be able to visit Santiago in the future

Alia V. Pura -- Thursday, June 2 2005, 10:14 am -- Email:

Hi! Can anyone please please please tell me on how to join the Camino, where can I register?, are there any requirements?..I want to start my Camino on July 6 2005 in Sain Jean Pied Du Port. Thanks.. GOD BLESS!!!

Sabrina -- Wednesday, June 1 2005, 05:29 pm -- Email:

Am interested in joining up with someone for a portion of the Camino in early girl from Canada, and so far I have been travelling alone. Please let me know if you are interested. Also, can you pick up a passport at any of the waypoints or do you have to get one ahead of time? Thanks!

john -- Wednesday, June 1 2005, 05:20 am -- Email:

i have a friend currently walking the camino and i wanted to know if there is anyway i would be able to mail him something as a surprise at one of the refuges ahead of time??? as in, is there an address where i can send a card or something where he would definitely get it as long as i know exactly what refuge he will be at? thanks so much. -john

Al -- Monday, May 30 2005, 09:21 pm -- Email:

My Daughter and I arrive in Bilbao on the third of july and are flying back to the us on july 18th. We want to get the compostella so we will most likely take the train or something from Bilboa to Leon then start walking. I think we can do 20 or more km per day. I understand that Leon is about 200km from Santiago. I anyone can give us some clues on transportation from Bilboa to Leon and recommend a place in Bilboa to stay the night before taking off to Leon please be in touch.

Kevin Jacobs -- Monday, May 30 2005, 03:32 pm -- Email:

I'm planning to return to the Camino in October 2005, this time the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago. It's only a five-day walk but I'd be grateful for info from anyone who has walked it fairly recently: state of waymarking, conditions of aubergues, availability of hostals, and so on. And whether there's a bus connection from A Coruna to Ferrol.

jesus maria tejon guzman -- Sunday, May 29 2005, 03:40 pm -- Email:

hola, soy jesus, voy hacer el camino en bicicleta desde roncesvalle hasta santiago, por la zona de burgos, leon... estoy mirando en internet pero si alguien se enrolla y me da informarcion(rutas,sitios donde parar...) y cualquier consejo me haria un rey, jejej, asi que saludos a todos. voy en el mes de agosto.

Susanne -- Friday, May 27 2005, 07:11 pm -- Email:

Does any one know if its easy or very difficult to be allowed in to the refugios with a very quiet dog? I am planning to take my Siberian Husky along with me... How much money is on average spent in 2 weeks walking? Is it easy to get water during the day on the way? Many Thanks !

Junko T -- Friday, May 27 2005, 05:59 am -- Email:

I have just started planning for the journey. Hope somebody will answer Qs from a beginner. How much money do/did you prepare? I can't even estimate how much is enough or too little. I know it depands on how I spend and save money, but there must be an "average". Thanks in advance!

Brad -- Wednesday, May 25 2005, 11:28 am -- Email:

I'll be starting my Camino July 3rd in SJPP. Anyone starting around the same time, be great to hear from you!



kunta -- Tuesday, May 24 2005, 11:44 am -- Email:

all guy man pls keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep offfffffffffffffffffffffff

benin and lome_togo

Brendan O'Kane -- Monday, May 23 2005, 08:09 pm -- Email:

For those who can't face the aubergues every night, there is a good network of cheap hostals all along the camino. After 6 hours of mud,rain and hills 30 euros was a bargain for a proper bed and hot bath.

Guy Rabner, New Jersey, USA -- Sunday, May 22 2005, 09:03 pm -- Email:

I did the Camino way back in the summer of 1996 on my own by bike. I had lived in Spain in '93-'94 and I had heard Spanish friends talk about it from time to time. Since I was (and still am) a teacher, I thought I would use my summer wisely and do the Camino. I did some research, bought a book or two and decided that I would go for it. After a three week trip in Israel and Egypt I stopped on the way home in Madrid to visit friends and buy a bike. I took the bike by train to Pamplona where I got on a bus for Roncesvalles. From there, I bought a couple more books and I started my 11 Day journey, one of the most enjoyable trips in all of my years of travel. Even now, 9 years later, do I recall the journey with great fondness and nostalgia.

Why did I do it? Well, first of all, I was single and adventurous and my thought was that this would be a great experience where I could meet Spaniards and other interesting pilgrims/travellers, practice my Spanish, see some beautiful parts of Spain that I had never seen before and get some great exercise along the way. Well, I was right about all of this and then some. I certainly didn't plan on doing this for any spitirual reason. After all, what could a Jewish American be doing on a Catholic Spanish Pilgraimage? (I met almost no Americans along the way and certainly no ther Jews)After the expereince, I was surprised that in addition to all of the aforementioned benefits of the trip that I also had a spiritual Journey. I wouldn't call it religious in any way, but the time spent by oneself, meeting and talking to others and doing lots of thinking about things makes introspection and self-discovery almost impossible to avoid. Indeed, I felt that in addition to the actual physical journey, I also took a journey into self discovery which really helped me as a person once I returned and continues to do so to this day.

Some day I hope to return with my wife and kids and introduce to them this great cultural, physical and spiritual journey that affected be so much years before. The more I write the more I can't wait. Please feel free and email me if you ever have any questions about it.

Rachel Appicelli -- Sunday, May 22 2005, 04:33 am -- Email:

I am planning to begin the Camino in St.Jean and end at Finisterre. Does anyone know how long this takes walking? Also, what is the best way to get back to the states from there? How far from Finisterre is the nearest airport? To begin, is the best way to fly from the states into Madrid and take a train, taxi or bus to St. Jean? I have tried to look up train information and it's in French....Any help on travel advice would be appreciated.

Sylvia -- Wednesday, May 18 2005, 09:58 am -- Email:

I compiled an up-to-date list of camping sites along the Camino Frances. It is available from as a downloadable file. Click on INFO and then Downlaods. Abrazos, Sylvia

maga company -- Monday, May 16 2005, 11:40 am -- Email:

maga brossssssssssssss

Phil Wade -- Sunday, May 15 2005, 09:43 pm -- Email:

Hi, I'm making my first journey on the Camino in July. I realize that this is going to be a heavily traveled time and am a bit concerned about securing accomidations each day. Would it be wise to pack a tent in case I cannot find a refugio to stay in? Are there places where pilgrims can camp in these circumstances? Any advice on this question, or the issue of securing accomidations would be greatly appreciated!

Much Thanks,


Claude -- Sunday, May 15 2005, 03:41 pm -- Email:

Hi, I'm looking for information for my return from Santiago to Toulouse aroung June 23rd-24th. I must be in Toulouse on June 25th the latest.

Do you know how long the journey is by train from Santiago to Toulouse, and how many transfers are there ?

Do you know if there are planes leaving Santiago every day for Toulouse ? Do we have to reserve long in advance ?

A prompt reply would be much appreciated since I am leaving for my journey on the camino this week-end (Saturday May 21st).

Thank you so much !

Bonjour, J'ai besoin d'information pour savoir comment faire pour revenir de Santiago à Toulouse autour du 23-24 juin. J'ai un billet d'avion de retour au Canada à partir de Toulouse le 26 juin. Je veux donc m'assurer de me rendre à Toulouse le 25 juin.

Combien de temps dure un trajet en train de Santiago à Toulouse, prenant en considération les escales ou changements de train pendant le trajet ? Quel est le coût approximatif ?

Y a-t-il des vols en avion tous les jours de Santiago à Toulouse ? Doit-on réserver à l'avance ?

Une réponse serait appréciée le plus tôt possible puisque mon départ est prévu pour le 21 mai - samedi prochain !

Mille fois merci.


Fiona -- Saturday, May 14 2005, 10:14 am -- Email:

Hi there Anyone one planning to be in Pamplona around 20/ 21 May 2005? My journey starts there about then and it would be good to see who else is around - as we can compare notes before we set off (and convince ourselves that this is not a crazy idea!!) Thanks, go well

AL -- Saturday, May 7 2005, 06:42 pm -- Email:

My daughter and I plan to try a two week pilgrimage in June/July. I would like recommendations on where to fly in to and out of as well as if biking might be a better way to go for the time we have. I had thought of waqlking some then buy or rent bikes to continue into Santiago. I also don't know a good place to start or where best to stay. Any hope for us?

A -- Saturday, May 7 2005, 06:34 pm -- Email:

Paul Brennan -- Thursday, May 5 2005, 02:32 am -- Email:

Hi, would anyone know if there is a train directly from biarittz to st jean pied de port? thank you.

jesse -- Tuesday, April 26 2005, 11:47 am -- Email:

does anyone know what are the prettiest parts of the camino? i only have 10 days? thanks jesse

magaman -- Friday, April 22 2005, 06:18 pm -- Email:


Heather Stewart -- Tuesday, April 19 2005, 05:58 am -- Email:

Walking the Camino starting May 2nd 2005 to June 1. Arrive in Madrid. Will probably start in Roconcesvalles.

If anyone would like to join me along the way to Santiago de Compostela , please let me know.

Cheers, Heather

Shinobu Yoshitomi -- Thursday, April 14 2005, 01:45 pm -- Email:

Lo siento. He equivocado mi dirección.

Javier -- Thursday, April 14 2005, 08:36 am -- Email:

Sorry.- My e-mail:

Javier -- Thursday, April 14 2005, 08:34 am -- Email: baigorri45@hotmail.comi

For shinobuesp@hotmail:com.- Por favor puedes mirar si tu correo está OK ?

Pavel Poch -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 03:17 pm -- Email:

Hi, me and my friend want to do camino june/july 05. We are from The Czech Republic. We plan to hitchhike someone from our country throught Germany, Switzerland to France to Sant Jean de Pied. Or we are looking for someone who plan trip to France in the same time and have two free sits in your car. Is here someone?Thanks:-) Pavel

Shinobu Yoshitomi -- Monday, April 11 2005, 05:26 pm -- Email: shinobuesp@hotmail:com

Busco compañero/a que vaya hacer al Camino de Santiago conmigo.(en mayo) Si te interesa,enviame un e-mail. Hablaremos sobre este tema. Gracias!!

Sil -- Saturday, April 9 2005, 01:26 pm -- Email:

I have compiled a list of camp sites on the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago. If anyone would like a copy, please email me and I will mail it to you.

GUYMEN -- Thursday, April 7 2005, 02:23 pm -- Email:


Marcio Silva -- Tuesday, April 5 2005, 02:21 pm -- Email:

Please, does anyone know if I can a get "La Credencial del Peregrino" in ST Jean Pied du Port?? If yes, could you give me directions?? I will be starting the Pilgrimage on April, 11th 2005. Thanks

Claire -- Tuesday, April 5 2005, 02:18 pm -- Email:

im thinking of walking from Geneva to Le Puy and beyond in july/august. does anyone know anything about this leg of the camino? im having trouble finding information. is anyone else considering starting from geneva at the end of july?

Natasha -- Monday, April 4 2005, 05:54 pm -- Email:

Hi, could anyone tell me the amount of people on average who walk the camino per year or where i could get information on this?

Herman -- Friday, April 1 2005, 07:53 pm -- Email:

Hi. walked the camino from pamplona (22 may 2002) to santiago (26 june 2002)... 35 days. a powerful experience. doing it again this year, planning to do the whole french route this time. Flying to Paris, taking a train to St Jean. Starting from SJ on the 4th May 2005. Flight leaving Madrid booked for 17th june... can hardly wait! A long shot, but anyone else with similar itinerary welcome to contact me. It would be interesting to meet some pilgims before starting the camino this time! (Any other pilgrims also welcome to contact me.)

Toby Roberts -- Thursday, March 31 2005, 02:57 pm -- Email: tobyscamino

I am cycling the Camino from Bristol, England. I am currently in San Sebastian, taking the coastal route to Bilbao and then joining the French route to Santiago. I leave San Sebastian on Wednesday 06/04/05. If you are also cycling the route and would like to meet up for some of the way contact me. I average 80-120 kms a day.

Shelley -- Thursday, March 31 2005, 12:28 pm -- Email:

Would appreciate any advice on where to stay in Paris - inexpensive B & B ???

Eckhard Thoms -- Wednesday, March 30 2005, 10:53 am -- Email:

I would like to walk the way along the coast this or next year. Where should I start? Do you have any experiences with this route, when is the best time to walk this way and what do you know when you compare? it with the camino frances

Jackie Burke -- Tuesday, March 29 2005, 08:40 pm -- Email:

My fiance and i are going to spain to backpack along the way of saint james, but we'll only be in spain for a week. Where should we start from?

Keith Herrington -- Saturday, March 26 2005, 04:22 am -- Email:

Hi, I walked the Camino in 1998, and always planned to go back - but this time to drive along the route. Could anyone recommend a good book about driving the route and one that might contain details of the best Hostals to stay in? Would be really grateful for any replies...

Best regards, Keith

Trevor A Panther -- Saturday, March 26 2005, 02:05 am -- Email: tapan@"delete"blueyonder,co,uk

an after thought visit my web site "" for my diary with pictures. The diary is as I wrote it on my journey and doesn't pretend to be a literary work of art.

Trevor A Panther -- Saturday, March 26 2005, 02:01 am -- Email: tapan@"delete"blueyonder,co,uk

Exactly 1 year ago today ( 26 March 2004) I set off, alone, from home in South Yorkshire on my bicycle and cycled and camped all the way to Santiago. It was an epic journey and totally life changing, I arrived in square in front of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela at about 2 pm on 11 May 2004 having cycled 2340.3 kms I wish all pilgrims "Bon camino"

Sil (A Rather long story but a valid warning) -- Wednesday, March 23 2005, 05:40 pm -- Email:

"A perilous route napoleon Author: roger Date: 03-22-05 18:07 Well here I am (three weeks later) sitting at home writing about my camino from SJPP to Santiago via Roncesvalles via the Pyrenees. (Though I started the walk in Le Puy but that’s another story.) On arriving in SJPP I spotted Jeannine waving from a second floor window of the refuge Saint-Jacques. Greeting me on the doorstep she showed me all the amenities, this done in her own imitable way with much hilarity and laughter, during this time (much to my disappointment) she said that under no circumstances should I cross the Pyrenees. Whilst getting supplies in the village store a women gently took my arm and asked if I was crossing the Pyrenees I replied that it was an option, on hearing this she asked if I would come and speak to her daughter who spoke fluent English, I obliged and listened as her daughter told me that it was virtually impossible to cross as the snow was the worst they had in 25 years, also that a body of a man was brought down from the mountains two days earlier, on hearing this I made a firm decision to take the road route to Roncesvalles, I then phoned my family back in England to inform them of my decision. Back at the refuge I was cooking a meal with Jeannine, when in walked Carlos Costa, a five foot 7 inch Spaniard with all the energy and enthusiasm of a mad march hare, whose first words were Pyrenees as he signalled with his hands that he wanted to go over the mountain, and indicating how his legs would power through the snow. We ate dinner carried on with the usual introductions then said bon nuit to Jeannine. Once in the dormitory Carlos undaunted by the prospects ahead pulled out a travel book showing a slightly more detailed map of the route than the one issued to us at the refuge, also a rather sophisticated looking phone appeared, "is that a satellite phone I asked" yes he replied, this along with a professional mountaineering backpack and relevant led me to believe he probably new what he was up against, and so yes against my better judgement I would agree to cross the Pyrenees with him. (This would turn out to be one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my relatively short forty years of life). An early start saw us leaving at 7am, by 10am we met our last human contact before we were in the mountains proper. Once again we were warned of the dangers ahead after 10 minutes conversation along with Costa's confidence that everything was in hand, the advice was ignored, and a decision was made to carry on. 2 hours later we were permanently knee deep in snow. (This was the going through the journey). Onwards and upwards we started to make some distance between each other, myself ahead of Costa, as I was concerned we were losing daylight and my water supply needed to be replenished before darkness. Reaching the water point went from relief to annoyance as the fresh water tap was not working, adjacent was a small stream of water which I filled my water bottle with,(this would turn out to be a mistake). Around 6 o’clock Costa had caught up with myself, we walked together for the next hour when the weather suddenly changed, within five minutes a bitter blizzard had blown up, which can only be described as ferocious with a scathing wind, you could not see the hand in front of your face, Costa was running round in circles shouting sign-sign look for a sign, I started to dig a hole with my bare hands ( as I had lost my gloves earlier), I shouted to Costa dig man dig (my hands frozen I could dig no more) I then retrieved my survival bag which I had subconsciously placed at the top of my rucksack the previous night, I got into the bag. At this point Costa was still standing around I shouted then indicated for him to get in the bag with me, he did, after what seemed like about half an hour the bag split, Costa got out retrieved his sleeping bag and got inside it. I wrapped the split bag around myself but it had ceased to become effective against the cold, so with great effort retrieved my bag (which incidentally was a one season summer bag) and got inside. The blizzard continued throughout the night. At some point during the night to throw up large amounts of blood, (it later transpired this was due to a water borne disease). With no food or water, snow & ice would be are only dietary in take. I indicated to Costa to contact the emergency services using his phone, (this was not possible as he could not get a signal, ( yes his phone was a mobile not satellite???) the morning showed no let up in the weather and my throwing up of blood became more regular this continued all day, the next night bought more of the same weather, at no point during this time were we able to leave are sleeping bags due to severe weather conditions, with no water and the deterioration of my health becoming a major concern, all that was left for me to do was to pray to god for a break in the weather. the second night bought stars, and clear night skies.(a good sign I thought tomorrow will be fair) and it was, by 7.30am on the fourth day the sun was starting to break, half an hour later we emerged from are bags very weak with no water & my feet frozen, I made a decision to leave all my equipment on the mountain (rucksack spare clothes, a sharp gx30 mobile phone which I must of left in my bag total cost around £600. the days trek was arduous with no food or water I spent the whole day sucking ice. 10 hours later around 5 o’clock we were around 500 meters from Roncesvalles when we were met by the garda/army that was the last time I saw Costa, I was taken straight to a military hospital where I was examined, my condition was so severe that I was rushed to Pamplona general hospital. once there I was told that the frostbite on my left foot was so severe that I would have to have all the toes on my foot amputated, I thank god this decision was later reversed, I suffered severe reflux in my oesophagus, leaving me unable to eat for the six days I spent in hospital, ( can I at this moment thank all the staff at Hospital Virgen del Camino.) I signed myself out of hospital two days before my expected discharge date and flew home , it will be another 2 months before I am fully recovered , it will take this long for the damaged nerves in my feet to heal. ( I equate the pain to having all of my toes broken ) I urge anyone thinking of using route Napoleon to seek local advice and stick to it. Buen Camino


Grant -- Tuesday, March 22 2005, 08:37 pm -- Email:

I want to do the camino in July/August 2005 starting on one of the routes in France. I live in Clermont-Ferrand and have heard that there is a route that starts from Le Puy which is not far from me. If anyone has information on the routes from France or knows where I might find it, let me know.

Sil -- Sunday, March 20 2005, 10:03 am -- Email:

All the best guide books have names and contact numbers of the hotels, hostals, pensions etc on the Camino. The annually up-dated guide from is one of the cheapest and the best.

Dianne -- Sunday, March 20 2005, 06:55 am -- Email:,au

Am planning to walk in May and am interested in hotel accommodation. Can anyone advise me of availability and approximate costs?

Cathy Grundy -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 02:36 pm -- Email:

I have recently bought a fantastic guide to the Camino that came highly recommended and I agree wholeheartedly - A Practical Guide for Pilgrims - The Road to Santiago by Millano Bravo. The book I ordered in English, was received, however, the accompanying routes, set out in stages for us pilgrims, is a replica of the maps within the book with interesting information and a guide as to which route one should take on the back of the replicated routes (which an also be found in the book. The ones I recieved are in Spanish and according to the supplier I bought my book from, this is such the case. I was just wondering if this is actually so, and if anyone else has encounted similar problems. Thanks Cathy

Angela oelbuttel -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 12:50 pm -- Email:

Hi,my husband Werner is planning to walk the Camino in April 2006, he is 70 yrs old and would like to know if anybody is walking at the same time. He is German and living in South Africa, Tulbagh near Cape Town. Any tips are most welcome, as I have to dao all the planing for him Thanks for your help Angela

Angela oelbuttel -- Saturday, March 19 2005, 11:36 am -- Email:

Hi , my husband Werner is planning to walk the Camino in April 2006, he is 70 yrs old and would like to know if anybody is walking at the same time. He is German and living in South Africa, Tulbagh near Cape Town. Any tips are most welcome

Karin -- Friday, March 18 2005, 08:27 am -- Email:

Hi Shelley! Thank you for the great site - lots of interesting and valuable information.

Shelley -- Thursday, March 17 2005, 09:38 am -- Email:

Hi Karen, There is a great forum, where you can either just read advice or actively participate.

MUGU MUGU -- Tuesday, March 15 2005, 04:54 pm -- Email: MUGU@MUGU.COM


Karin -- Tuesday, March 15 2005, 02:17 pm -- Email:

I've just recently found about The Camino to Santiago. I so want to go. But I have no idea how to do it. I suppose the first step is to get to Spain, right? I graduate in June, so I was thinking about setting out for Santiago in July. How important is Spanish? I only know a few words, I am from Estonia myself. Would be lovely to be able to find somebody to travel with.

Marcio Silva -- Tuesday, March 15 2005, 01:56 pm -- Email:

Hi, Does anyone know the best way to travel from Biarritz to St Jean Pied du Port?? Just for information, I will be starting "El Camino" on 12th April 05

Cecilia -- Tuesday, March 15 2005, 06:22 am -- Email:

Plan to walk the Camino early this summer. Flying to Madrid. Any suggestions of the quickest/best way to reach St Jean Pied de Port from Madrid?

If I'm at Roncesvalles how much is a Taxi to St Jean Pied de Port, how long does it takes, and at what hours are the taxis available? Thanks.

Jerry Allen -- Monday, March 14 2005, 08:43 pm -- Email:

Hi I'm cycling the Santiago from SJPDP from the 28th of this month. If anyone has any good advice for a cyclist I'd be glad to hear from them. I would be happy to team up with any other cyclists going at the same time

Liz Stewart -- Monday, March 14 2005, 07:32 pm -- Email:

Hello there Im thinking of doing the Camino Frances in July /August this year and was wondering if anyone else out there is doing it at the same time. Im currently teaching English in Seville and think it´d be a cracking way to spend the summer in the fresh air...and a real challenge! Im 30 by the way..just in case it´s relevant!! Bye for now and cheers in advance! Liz

Sylvia -- Monday, March 14 2005, 06:01 pm -- Email:

Another good website to find information on the various 'caminos' is: It has lots of links to pilgrim's diaries so you get a better idea of what it is like from people who have done it. A good link for the Camino Norte is : Good diary and lovely pictures. I have recently obtained a short guide to 'An Alternative Way' to do the Camino staying only in hotels/hostals etc and walking an average of 20km per day. I am happy to pass this on to anyone who would like one.

ABA WU ABA -- Saturday, March 12 2005, 08:49 pm -- Email: NWAABA_BRUBIA@WETEAGO.IGWAROAD.AU


Sue Yurick -- Saturday, March 12 2005, 04:23 pm -- Email:

A friend and I, both fluent in Spanish, plan to do the Camino beginning mid June 2005, starting possibly in O Cebreiro. She is reluctant to do the traditional backpack and refugio trip. If we could gather a small group, we could get a hotel-to-hotel deal with a travel agency who would carry our bags. We are women aged 57 and 60, in training but not accustomed to long hikes.

Ray -- Wednesday, March 9 2005, 07:46 am -- Email:

Hi, my husband and I walked the Camino, and filmed the route. If anyone would like a copy just go to our web site: Our video is full of advice and interviews. We made the video because we had no idea what the route was like, even after reading all the books. I thought Spain was a flat plain, I was wrong about that but it did rain! It was a wonderful experience. Sincerely, Carol B

Sally Bates -- Tuesday, March 8 2005, 11:55 pm -- Email:

Planning to do the camino from St Jean Pied de Port commencing 8th-10th April 2005. Would love to hear from anyone doing the same!

Joshue Keenan -- Sunday, March 6 2005, 12:54 am -- Email:

HI AGAIN,I forgot one thing!!... the mail, if you want to sleep in Coruna is

Joshue Keenan -- Saturday, March 5 2005, 10:07 pm -- Email:

H,I walked the camino in march 2004 and I'm really happy because I found this page. I want to say thanks to a really nice girl who showed A Coruna and told me about the other "caminos" to Santiago, washed all my dirty clothes, cooked really nice well and made me feel at home when I was just a lodger in her house. Thanks Yolanda. If you are spending a day in A Coruna, go to sleep to her house, she is really nice and the place is wonderful.

Sylvia -- Saturday, March 5 2005, 08:58 am -- Email:

The tourist office has given an alternative way to get from Barcelona:

"The best way to go to St Jean Pied de Port from Barcelona is to get the train up to Bayonne. There is a railway station and a train which make the travel Bayonne-St Jean Pied de Port. I think it's for you the more easy. If you need the time tables of the train you'll have to call at the SNCF at 08-36-35-35-35"

Sylvia -- Saturday, March 5 2005, 08:50 am -- Email:

The Office Turisme in Barcelona gave this advice on travelling from Barcelona to St Jean by train:

·Barcelona (9.05pm) - Orleans Laubrais (7.45am) - St. Jean Pied du Port (8.22am) Barcelona (10.30pm) - Andaye (8.15am) - St. Jean Pied du Port (4.25pm)

Either way it seems a long, long journey.

Jane Royer -- Friday, March 4 2005, 04:11 am -- Email:

Does anyone know the best way of getting from Barcelona to St Jean Pied du Port? Most info seems to be on how to get there from Madrid. Also we're planning on walking the camino in June 2005 - are we likely to have problems getting a bed (2 of us) in the refugios at this time of year?

Pam -- Tuesday, March 1 2005, 04:22 pm -- Email:

Would anyone like to share a taxi from Pamplona to SJPP on May 12th? From what I understand four of us can split the cost? (Maybe I can meet you in Roncevalles if need be)

Gina -- Tuesday, March 1 2005, 01:48 am -- Email:

Hi! I am from Canada and am planning to walk in May of 2006. I am wondering if anyone here speaks Spanish and would be interesting in coresponding with me in Spanish. I am teaching myself through workbooks/tapes etc and just began this a few days ago. I would like to start off with simple letters that I can practice translating and attempt to reply in Spanish. I am looking for honest clean writing and a lot of patience. If you have walked the camino already, that would be a big help too. Please introduce yourself via email if you are interested in helping me. Thank you in advance. Gina

Patrick -- Sunday, February 27 2005, 04:53 pm -- Email:


I will go from SJPDP to Santiago, with start midd june 2005. I've been reading that it can be crowdy. I'd like to hear from people who have been walking the past two years and hear about their experiences.

Sylvia -- Saturday, February 26 2005, 07:56 am -- Email:

Handicapped Pilgrims Ibermutuar, a workers' collective composed of professionals that tend to safety on the job, accidents at work, etc., has published a guide for physically handicapped pilgrims. The guide contains information about accessibility and other matters of interest to pilgrims with physical handicaps, including albergues and restaurants with special facilities. The guide covers the French Way and focuses on those sections that may pose particular difficulties. It also contains suggested stages of 8 kilometers per day, with information about albergues and other resting or sleeping facilities. Three pilgrims that traversed the French Way on wheelchairs participated directly in the preparation of the guide which, at present, is only available in Spanish, but which is being translated into French and German. The guide was sponsored, and funded, by the Caixa Galicia (a bank), the ONCE foundation ("once" means eleven in Spanish and it is a foundation for the assitance of those who are blind), and the Fenosa Union. If you want to learn more about it you may send a message to:

jim -- Saturday, February 26 2005, 01:01 am -- Email:

i am thinking of walking some of the way... i have parkinson's and need to take it rather easy.. which camino would be best for me?

Renee Hendrix -- Friday, February 25 2005, 10:25 pm -- Email:

Does anyone know the exact dates of the festival for 2005. I plan to start in Roncevalles and am trying to calculate the amount of days I need and figure out when to start the camino. I would like to make it to Santiago for the festival in July. Thanks

Cathy Grundy -- Friday, February 25 2005, 03:05 pm -- Email:

I am planning to do part of the Camino in September starting from Ponferrada. Is it safe for woman walking alone. Which is the most convenient airport nearby in order for me to reach Ponferrada by public transport and what is the better transport to catch? Maybe Ponferrada is not a good starting place and I would welcome your suggestions. The first night is it advisable to stay in a hostel, should I wait until the last minute before trying to check in, say other pilgrims need the bed. I am planning to sart training in June / July. So I would welcome your replies. Many Thanks Cathy

Steve -- Friday, February 25 2005, 01:33 am -- Email:

Can anyone recommend any towns/cities along the camino that will be good to linger an extra day in? Can someone provide some insight into the section through Rioja and the ease of access to any wineries along the way (being close to the camino)? Recommendations of good/interesting wineries?


Steve -- Friday, February 25 2005, 01:30 am -- Email:

What is the availability of ATMs like on the camino. Do most of the towns have them? Anyone from the US experience any issues with the ATMS on the camino while you were there?

Dick -- Wednesday, February 23 2005, 07:21 am -- Email:

Great site. I did the camino from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago in Sep/Oct 2004 and am now thinking about walking to St J from Arles ? during the same months in 2005. Does anyone out there have any information on this segment especially accommodation availability? Many thanks from NZ

Michael Mogensen -- Saturday, February 19 2005, 07:53 am -- Email:

Hi out there.

I am planning to do the Pilgrimage route from Denmark on horseback. We are two persons and 3 tough horses. Any good recommendations for routes through Germany, France and Spain, and places to stay, where horses can eat and rest. You can reply in German, French and Spanish. Thank you.

Roger Farrell -- Friday, February 18 2005, 09:43 pm -- Email:

Hi, I intend to walk from St Jean Pied de Port to Leon starting on the 8th April 2005, I will arrive at Biarritz Airport on the 7th April. What is the best means of public transport to St Jean, what does a taxi cost. Any infomation appreciated. Roger Farrell

Oldies but goodies -- Friday, February 18 2005, 08:36 pm -- Email:

We are planning on walking the camino this spring. We are landing in Madrid and taking the train to St Jean Pied du Port then starting the camino. We'd like to send some clothing to Santiago so we have them available to travel after the camino to other areas of spain in a more relaxed mode than during the walk. Does anyone know of a way to send clothing ( suitcase or packaged) to Santiago and have them hold it for about the 40 days it will take us to complete the camino? any help would be most appreciated. We enjoy reading all the enthusiastic comments in this web site - looking forward to a warm and friendly experience.

Sheila Koehler -- Friday, February 18 2005, 06:45 pm -- Email:

This is the best web-site I've seen. I'm planning to walk the camino from Astorga to Santiago in June, 2005. I would like to send a small suitcase to Santiago to pick up on my arrival with clothes for three days in Madrid at the end of my trip. Does anyone know of a place to ship them? I will arrive on a 5pm train in Astorga. Can I stay in a hostel on my first night even though I haven't walked yet? Are there other places to stay if the hostel is full by that time? Any advice I can get on the route from Astorga to Santiago would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Forder -- Friday, February 18 2005, 03:46 pm -- Email:


I am planning on walking the camino in June, and would like to take my pet dogs with me and am looking for any help or advice.

I would like to camp on the side of the path with my dogs, is this a possibility?

My main concerns are about their pads and any injury they may incur from the walking distance. Also is buying dog food at places on the route realistic?

Any help and advice will be gratefully received.

Thankyou, Matt.

Lucia Martinez -- Thursday, February 17 2005, 02:26 am -- Email:

still waiting for answer please! I will b flying into paris early july stay there for at least three days . . . any refugios there for pilgrims? as I hope to begin the camino from jean pied de port how far to there etc? Shalom. Lucia

Rene Schmidt -- Thursday, February 17 2005, 01:52 am -- Email:

Hi, Johanna and I walked the camino in the fall of 2002 and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. I spent the next year putting together a book on the experience in the hopes of sharing our experiences with others. If any is interested, I have managed to self-publish the book. As an amateur photographer, I tried to capture the essence of the journey in both picture and a travelogue. My website is a little outdated but you are welcome to check it out for some pictures. I'm at For anyone contemplating the journey, I guarentee you that is is absolutely enlightening.

Cheers, Rene Schmidt

Chiharu -- Wednesday, February 16 2005, 06:25 pm -- Email:

Hello. I'm thinking to walk Camino for about month from mid May to mid June. I'm a japanese girl, age 21. my friends said to me "It's dangerous to walk alone!! Do not do it!!" then, I have question. Is walking camino dangerous? and How much money does it cost about a month? Actually, I do not have much infromation about camino such as how to go there, is it ok not to speak Espanol. I'm waiting for someone who give me some information. Thanks.

Lucia Martinez -- Tuesday, February 15 2005, 07:24 am -- Email:

Hola/Hi I am a franciscan nun living in Bendigo/Victoria/australia. Originally I was born in Gibraltar. Will begin my sabbatical by doing the camino early July. Looking for nearest airport to St. Jean Pied de Port. Wishing to stay at least three days in Paris . . . cheap place to stay in? hope to take five weeks doing the camino less if poss. Blessings. Lucia. Hola, soy religiosa franciscana. Vivo en Bendigo/Victoria/Australia. Naci en Gibraltar. Empiezare mi ano sabatico en Julio haciendo el camino. Es la primera vez. Cual es el aeropuerto mas cerca de St. Jean Pied de Port. Intento pasar por lo menos tres dias en Paris . . . donde me puedo quedar baratito! Conventos/Monasterios/refugios? Os agradesca la atencion y espero concer algunos de ustedes. Bendiciones y mucha alegria. Lucia.

Sil -- Monday, February 14 2005, 12:27 pm -- Email:

A really good website to follow a pilgrim across the Camino Norte is: She did the northern route last year and has posted her diary in English and Danish.

oliver -- Sunday, February 13 2005, 11:21 am -- Email: dsiroliva

i'd like to do the camino de norte in juley augst to evade the heat and masses. any information on it would be welcome.

Max -- Friday, February 11 2005, 10:09 pm -- Email:

Hello! My wife and are walking a part of the camino in march-april (for unfortunately only 2 weeks), planing to get from St. Jean Pied de Port to Burgos and walk the rest hopefully later in the year. Could anyone tell us where we receive the credencial - do we need to apply for it in advance or can it be picked up on arrival in St. Jean, and if yes - where (we'll be arriving there on a tuesday morning)? Also, we will be gracious for any info on what to expect the weather to be like on that strech in late march-early april. Thank you very much in advance! Best wishes,


Phil -- Friday, February 11 2005, 05:14 pm -- Email:


I am thinking of spending 2 weeks doing a part of the Camino this Summer, prob early september. I have not done this sort of thing before, but have always wanted to. 1) can anyone recommend where to start from, given that I would like to arrive in Santiago ideally at the end of the 2 weeks? 2)I am a student and need to budget!.. how much money do you think is needed to walk and live for two weeks.

Penny -- Monday, February 7 2005, 09:20 am -- Email:

I'm planning on walking The Camino at the end of June 05, starting either in Leon or Astorga. Flying from London ex SA. Where should I fly to? And what transport should I use to get to the start? I'd love advice please from those who've done the same. Much appreciated.

japo -- Sunday, February 6 2005, 02:40 am -- Email:

Nick Roberts -- Thursday, February 3 2005, 01:13 pm -- Email:

We have a barn conversion gite to rent 1.5 Km from the Voie du Puy route near Arzacq see for more information

Maria -- Wednesday, February 2 2005, 11:48 am -- Email:

Hello! Does somebody know if it´s possible to do part of "el camino francés" (from Leon to Santiago) by bike? Thanks!

Sylvia -- Wednesday, February 2 2005, 09:38 am -- Email:

The Confraternity of St James has updated most of their route overview sheets. They have been prepared in most cases by the guide-writers themselves. Go to www, and click on any of the following links. The Camino Francés The Coastal Route or Camino del Norte The Camino Primitivo The Tunnel Route The Via de la Plata The Camino Mozárabe (Granada to Mérida) The Camino Portugues de la Via de la Plata The Camino Portugués The Camino Inglés The Cami de Llevant or Camino de Levante The Madrid Route The continuation to Finisterre & Muxía The Paris Route The Vézelay Route The le Puy Route The Arles Route The (French) coastal route, la Voie de Soulac The Niederstrasse: Nürnberg to Konstanz The Swiss Route: Konstanz to Geneva Geneva to le Puy-en-Velay

sandra -- Wednesday, February 2 2005, 12:01 am -- Email:

If anyone has travelled from Irun in Northern Spain to Biarritz in Southern France, can they let me know was this by bus or train? As I have just 7 days to do part of the camino, I'm planning on stopping in either Pamplona or Puente de la Reine and returning to Biarritz to catch rtn flight home. On the renfe pages I have been able to select a train from Pamplona that goes up to Irun. Alternttively, if there is a bus from Pamplona to Biarritz can you let me know the details? Thanks very much.

Rebecca Hallett -- Monday, January 31 2005, 05:16 am -- Email:

We are planning to commence the walk from Leon in April. As we will have been travelling for several weeks before the pilgrimage, we would like to send the bulk of our luggage ahead to Santiago, by train I guess. Does anyone know the procedure of doing this? Any info received would be much appreciated. Thanks

Sylvia -- Sunday, January 30 2005, 04:10 pm -- Email: nilsen@webmail,co,za

Ryanair’s new flight to the city of Santiago de Compostela, which launches on April 11, has proved hugely popular, selling more than 4,000 tickets in its first three days on sale.

Sil -- Saturday, January 29 2005, 03:25 pm -- Email:

From the list: 1) The "Fundacion Instituto Europeo Camino de Santiago" (Camino de Santiago European Institute Foundation) has set up an internet site for pilgrims to communicate with one another on the Camino The Foundation has linked 94 computers in albergues throughout Castilla and Leon through which pilgrims and hospitaleros can exchange information about Camino conditions, albergue capacities and so on. Pilgrims may also leave messages for one another and are, in fact, invited to do so. The site is: (it is not a typo... there is an "i" before the ultreia). The site also has information in English. Pilgrims have already used the site to warn each other about 'problem' pilgrims along the route, about track conditions, where good or bad cafe-bars are etc., 2) If you go to this link you can download an up-to-date list of all the albergues and what they charge.

Mike Griffin -- Saturday, January 29 2005, 10:54 am -- Email:

Hi, I'm trying to find Connor from Tipperary. We walked the Camino together in May 2004. I've lost his address. Also lost contact with Aussie friends from Melbourne.

Hoping to walk from Le Puy to Santiago May/June time 2005. Are you up to it Connor? Did you get to Finisterre? Hope you made it. Get in touch buen camino

sandra silke -- Wednesday, January 26 2005, 09:49 pm -- Email:

Hello! First time Camino walker, hope to start off in St. Jean Pied de Pont, last week in May 2005. What is the best way to travel from Biarritz airport to St. Jean? Would there be any problems trying to get the pilgrim passport stamped at the weekend? I'd be grateful for your comments. - Thanks! Sandra

Leigh Sampedro -- Sunday, January 23 2005, 06:39 pm -- Email:

I was messing around with google and doing some research on my family geneology and came across the name of VALINA SAMPEDRO. I was wondering if any one could send me some information on him, or know where I could find some good information. I know that he may not even be related to my family, but I was reading some of your posts and he seemed like a good person who made it possible for many people to do good things also. Also, where could I find some good information on "The Camino"? Thanks, and hopefully this post doesn't seem too weird :)

Christina -- Sunday, January 23 2005, 05:35 pm -- Email:

HI! I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the average distance that is necessary to walk per day in order to cover the pilgrimage within a month? (Leaving from France to Santiago). Any info would be much appreciated, Thanks.

Katja -- Saturday, January 22 2005, 07:36 pm -- Email:

Hi! First of all, congratulation to this site. I´m planning a camino from France to Santiago this year, who wants to join me? I´m a 20 years old girl. Looking forward to your mail. Katja

sylvia Nilsen -- Saturday, January 22 2005, 02:26 pm -- Email:

The via francigena is one of the oldest pilgrimage routes - from Canterbury in England to Rome. are looking for pilgrims who have done the VF and have web sites to link with them in order to spread the word about the pilgrimage. If you are looking for a new pilgrim route visit their web site. The Via Francigena and the Camino form a loose cross on the map of Europe and many medieval pilgrims walked first to Rome and then to Santiago. Buen Camino, Deus nobiscum in via, Sylvia

sil -- Saturday, January 22 2005, 08:34 am -- Email:

Pilgrims wanting to fly to Barcelona and return from Santiago: Ryanair has announced that it will fly from Stansted to the pilgrimage destination of Santiago de Compostela in Spain from April 11. Fares are from £6 return. It also began six new routes from Luton this week to Barcelona, Nîmes, Pisa, Venice, Esjberg and Stockholm. Details:

Maureen -- Friday, January 21 2005, 04:42 pm -- Email:

Does anyone know if the Camino is busy with pilgrims around mid Sept? Or would it be better to walk the first of Oct.?

MGGBADA JAMES -- Thursday, January 20 2005, 01:39 am -- Email:


Martin H-S -- Monday, January 17 2005, 12:20 pm -- Email:

Has anyone ever plotted / recorded the Camino Frances with a GPS Device (Garmin) ?

Ray -- Saturday, January 15 2005, 01:18 pm -- Email:

Hi everyone, If you are interested in owning a video of the Camino, go to It gives lots of advice for those thinking of going and will bring back memories if you have already walked it.

stefan -- Friday, January 14 2005, 10:49 pm -- Email:

It seems that very few people walk the camino between November and April? Why is that? Only the weather or do most of the refugios and hotels close during the colder season?

Thanks Stefan

Carmelle -- Friday, January 14 2005, 01:42 am -- Email:


I am planning to do the camino at the beginning of september 2005.. I am looking for a companion. I am a French Canadian woman, 48 years old.

jill haviland -- Thursday, January 13 2005, 05:33 pm -- Email:

I have just booked flight from Santiago de compostella with Ryanair to return to Stansted. It's a new route opening in April and very cheap.

sylvia -- Wednesday, January 12 2005, 05:57 pm -- Email:

Tour’n’ride (located in Santiago) will ship their bike to you, and then you bike it back to them. Bike rental with a twist. This is one of the services that Tour’n’ride can offer for pilgrims that do not want the hassle with traveling with their bikes on planes, trains and busses. They will ship the bike with SEUR (the FedEx of Spain), you pick it up and bike the bike back to Santiago and return it there. Tour’n’ride does also provide regular bike rental for people that want to bike in and around Santiago de Compostela. Please see their website for prices and for more details regarding the services of Tour’n’ride. You will find them at:

-- Wednesday, January 12 2005, 05:02 pm -- Email:

I am planning to walk the The Way in Sept 2005. I would like to walk one week, bike two weeks and walk the last week into Santiago. Does anyone know if you can rent a bike a one point and return it to another and what company you would contact to do that?

joe -- Wednesday, January 12 2005, 02:16 am -- Email:

Is anybody planning to walk the Portuguese way this summer? If you do or have information about it let me know.

Sil -- Tuesday, January 11 2005, 05:34 pm -- Email:

For JAVI: Sorry Javi, I forgot to reply to the rest of your email.The "Lonely Planet Guide" gives 17 days from Burgos to Santiago. It took us 18 days to walk from Burgos to Santiago (I am 58yrs and my friend is 74yrs) The camino is very safe and I am sure you will be OK on if you camp close to towns or villages. Sil

Sil -- Tuesday, January 11 2005, 05:25 pm -- Email:


There are not many 'wild' places to camp on the camino and many albergues are in the towns or villages. The tourism institute of Spain - Turespana - has published an official guide of hostals, pensions, hotels, and camping sites on the Camino called "Guia Oficial de Hoteles y Campnings del Camino de Santiago". It is available in French, German, Spanish and English and lists all accommodation authorized by the appropriate municipal and national tourism authorities. It contains information on the facilities available, ranking, prices etc. You can obtain the booklet free of charge in any tourist office. Buen Camino peregrino! Sil

javi -- Tuesday, January 11 2005, 03:03 am -- Email:

I am going to do the camino by my self,and i will sleep in the camping tent,i am a bit concern abaut the security and how dangerrous it is to do the camino in that way

if someone can tell me some information abaut it

and im planing in the distance that can be walk in a day an how many dais can take to do it from burgos

if you can give me same information please use this tablon de noticias for the reply because i don't have email

the email that im puting in is not real(but i do need to put one to edit this message)


estoy planando hacer el camino desde burgos con una tienda de camp/na hacerlo solo,y estoy un poco preocupado de si es seguro o puede ser peligroso el dormir en la tienda de campa/na tambien me gustaria saber cuantos km se suelen andar al dia y cuantos dias puedo tardar en hacerlo desde burgos y sin parar en posadas sino durmiendo en mi tienda

si quereis responder usas este tablon de anuncios por que no tengo email(el email q pongo es malo no existe pero tengo q poner algo para q pongan este mensaje

Feleisha -- Saturday, January 8 2005, 07:33 am -- Email:

I am wanting to complete the camino - from Burgos onward this month - January, 2005. What is the weather like, are there many pilgrims, it is a good time to walk? Any info would be appreciated. Flea

Janice Sutherland -- Saturday, January 8 2005, 06:18 am -- Email:

Great Site! Is there anyone planning on traversing the trail carrying a GPS unit with them? I would like to get the coordinates in UTM format for the waymarks along the path. Thank you in advance.


Cristino -- Wednesday, January 5 2005, 10:09 pm -- Email:

am considering taking 5 high school students on the trail in April......any words of advise besides good luck

Lucia -- Wednesday, January 5 2005, 03:16 pm -- Email:

Hi all, I am planning to make the Camino Frances from Roncisvalle to Santiago in June 2005. Is there anyone out there who's coming on that time, too?

Lucia -- Wednesday, January 5 2005, 03:15 pm -- Email:

Hi all, I am planning to make the Camino Frances from Roncisvalle to Santiago in June 2005. Is there anyone out there who's coming on that time, too?

Sheila Devlin -- Saturday, January 1 2005, 04:40 pm -- Email:

great site..useful thoughts..brings back the spirit of the Camino even if it is a while since I walked it !

Anyone want some company in July 2005 to start at Leon? I am 59, fit and not bad company(so I have been told!) but fancy someone to walk with as usual friend is off to Australia.

Will talk to anyone about the walk if needed. Love to hear from fellow pilgrims anyway.


Brent Johnson -- Tuesday, December 28 2004, 11:26 pm -- Email:

2 nights ago my wife and I had just returned home from a weeklong trip to see our families for the Christmas Holiday. While we had already exchanged a few gifts the day before, we had also each left one present to be opened at home when we were alone. As I was taking off the wrapping and the gift was revealing itself, I was suddenly overcome by emotions that hadn't been there 5 seconds earlier. It was a framed poster of the Camino with inlaid pictures of me as well as excerpts of the diary I had kept when during the walk in 1999. As I stared at this beautiful compilation in disbelief, I cried like a baby. And as I write this, the last time I can remember crying like that was the July morning I walked into Compostella and sat down in the square and looked up at the Cathedral. I cannot explain it or begin to impart the importance my memory of the Camino has for me. For those of you who have walked it, I believe you understand. For those who are considering it, all I can say is that I hope you do. You will not be sorry and you will never forget it. You have to ask yourself what it is about this simple road that still has people drawn to over 1,000 years after it began. I challenge you to find out the answer for yourself.

I travelled the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port to Compostella over 26 days during June and July 1999. I would be happy to try and help anyone having questions, concerns, etc about the trip.

Ultrea Pilgrims...

IZUU ALAMS MAGAMAN -- Monday, December 27 2004, 10:51 am -- Email: MAGA@YAHOO.COM


Bethy Miller -- Wednesday, December 22 2004, 04:02 pm -- Email:

I completed the pilgrimage from Roncesvalles to Santiago in January of 2003. I am a Spanish major at Erskine College in South Carolina, USA.

In the spring, I will be writing my senior thesis in Spanish on the Camino, focusing on it's growing popularity, particularly in North America.

I am looking for interviewees. to any participants, I will send out some questions via email. Please email me if you would be interested in participating.

Thanks, Bethy

Andy Jane -- Wednesday, December 15 2004, 10:54 am -- Email:

looking well arent we?

Steve -- Tuesday, December 14 2004, 03:50 pm -- Email:

Sharon, I am planning on arriving sometime in Mid/Late March of 2005 as well. I am also curious about the weather. I think it will be quite chilly in the Pyrenees but quite warm in Santiago in late April. If I don't see you while I am there, buen camino.

If others who have already done this at this time of year could offer some advice on the weather, anything special to pack, etc, it would be great.



Peter Everest -- Tuesday, December 14 2004, 02:02 pm -- Email:

One of the most interesting and rewarding musical issues linked to the Camino was released this year by the Monteverdi Choir. The unaccompanied choir sing medieval polyphony linked to the pilgrimage, and the choir themselves travelled some of the Camino route this year giving concerts. Their web site has an interesting diary of this journey on it. The CD is on the Universal Spain label, and shamefully has little distribution outside Spain.

The good news is this wonderful CD can be bought direct from the Monteverdi Choirs London office. A link to this site, more details of the recording, and other related material can be found in the Pilgrimage section at..

Sylvia -- Monday, December 13 2004, 05:42 pm -- Email:

According to the Sunday edition of La Voz de Galicia, the low cost airlines will start flying from Santiago in April. RyanAir seems like a sure thing, but there is also talk about EasyJet and Virgin Express. (

Shelley -- Monday, December 13 2004, 10:45 am -- Email:

I did my first "long" walk on Saturday - 14 kms

In the second hour, I felt that the toes on my left foot were starting to feel tender.

I now have a blister on the tip of one toe, and another big one on the side of my big toe.

What do I do now - can I carry on training, or must I wait for them to heal, and then take proper precautions?


Shelley -- Thursday, December 9 2004, 01:26 pm -- Email:

Any comments on backpack capacity? Which is better - 40 litre or 55 litre ???

Dina -- Wednesday, December 8 2004, 10:29 pm -- Email:

Does anyone know where I can pick up a pilgrims credential in Pamplona? I will be arriving summer 2005.

cathie -- Monday, December 6 2004, 04:51 pm -- Email:

I'd like to talk to anybody in the Birmingham/ West Midlands region who would be willing to talk on BBC local radio about their experiences... for an interview slot on the BBC WM Late Show in the new year.

It's also something I'd like to do myself, so any advice...?


Cathie Peloe

Shelley -- Monday, December 6 2004, 12:53 pm -- Email:

Hi all, Some advice needed here. Did anyone take rain "gaiters" along, to supplement the protection given by a poncho, and keep pants dry? I have heard that even with waterproof pants, your socks get wet.

Joe Murray -- Thursday, December 2 2004, 10:39 pm -- Email: JoeMURRAY123@UTVINTERNET.COM

I don't know why I did the Camino. I did it in May 2000. The day before I set out I still did not know where it was. I was in Madrid and somebody told me where to go. Well that was that.

For 4 years since not day goes by without me thinking of the Camino. I would sternly warn anybody doing it that they may suffer a sense of loss when they finish.

I call it PPD , Post Pilgrimage Depression , but in fact all is is myself saying "Do it again", Oh oh , here we go again , the boss at work sure won't like the word Camino tomorrow !! Very good site. You really should have a warning ! The Camino can be a drug.


steve bradburn -- Monday, November 29 2004, 03:05 pm -- Email:

I had just split with my wife, (who wasnt the problem) and i was in need of i suppose, any way i needed a big challenge and i had read a lot and heard a lot about his i did it and experienced the best event in my life ever. I would like to say a big hello to all those other perigrino's out there and a big thankyou to everyone, we are such fragile souls who always seem to search for ourselves in such trecherouse places. Love STEVE x

sil -- Friday, November 26 2004, 06:06 pm -- Email:

There seems to be a new main page but the navigation bar items are so tiny and indistinct that I can hardly read them even with my glasses on. Has anyone else noticed this change?

Tim Clifford -- Thursday, November 25 2004, 02:39 pm -- Email:

Cesar - I am the English guy you & your father met in the rufugio at Larrasoana. I have pushed on now but would love to get copies of the photos taken of us all as a group having dinner.........please send them below.

Ralph Alcorn -- Saturday, November 20 2004, 02:02 am -- Email:

In stage 24 there is a photo of a levitating Santa Maria in Compostilla just after Ponferrada. Does anyone know anything more about it? Is it really a church? What is the legend about the levitating? Thanks,

Sil -- Saturday, November 13 2004, 01:06 pm -- Email:

Many people end their messages with Ultriea or Ultreya. Here are the words to the song 'Dum Paterfamilias' from the Codex Calixtinus.

Dum Paterfamilias Rex universorum Donaret provincias jus Apostolorum Jacobus Hispaniaslux illustrat morum

*Primus ex Apostolis! Martyr Jerosolymis! Jacobus Egregio sacer est martyrio.

Jacobi Gallecia open rogat piam, Glebe cuius Gloria dat insignem viam, Ut precum frequentia cantet melodiam: Herru Sanctiagu! Got Santiciagu! E ultreia! E sus eia! Deus adjuva nos.

God, Father of all mankind, King, ruler of the world Gave to his apostles dear,lands, each to their own just care James in his own land of Spain,Shines out with a holy flame

*First amongst Apostles now!Martyred at Jerusalem! James became the holiest by illustrious martyrdom!

Lo! James’s Galicia calls out for our pious toil, Marching on the holy way, road over her glorious soil. Blending all our prayers in one harmony of endless song: To Lord St James! To God’s St James! And Onward! And Upward! God speed our way!

Sharon -- Friday, November 12 2004, 06:47 am -- Email:

I am planning to walk the camino in late March/April and May 2005. What will the weather be like? This will be my second camino and I hope to walk alll the way to Finisterre this time. Couldn't last time due to injury but did make Santiago. Would like to hear from anyone who is also considering walking the camino that time of year.

Buen camino

Pilgrim from Australia

Antón Ferreira -- Thursday, November 11 2004, 08:49 pm -- Email:

Mi experiencia en el Camino de Santiago aquí

Shelley -- Wednesday, November 10 2004, 08:20 am -- Email:

Is it a good idea to take a roll up camping mat? I have heard that some of the regugios can get full (in May/June) and a matress is useful, also for siestas during the day.

total -- Tuesday, November 9 2004, 02:03 am -- Email:

Nice site


Keith Pellew -- Monday, November 8 2004, 01:47 pm -- Email:

I completed the Camino in July this year and had a fantastic time. I'm trying to locate Tom from Denmark who did reiki on my leg in Samos. He was walking with Eric, a French priest. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Peter G. -- Sunday, November 7 2004, 02:46 am -- Email:

33 year old teacher from New York -- I am considering walking the Camino next summer (beginning in late June or early July) from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago. I would love to get information from anyone who has taken this journey during the summer, and I would like to hear if anyone else is thinking of traveling during this time of year...would love to have some company since this journey seems a bit intimidating. Thank you and God bless.

FRANCISCO PRADOS MUÑOZ -- Friday, November 5 2004, 09:34 pm -- Email:


-- Monday, November 1 2004, 12:27 pm -- Email:

can anybody letme know as soon as possible where i can get the pilgrims passport in leon,today is mon 1st of nov and i plan to start next weekend the 6th 7th,also how is the weather this time of year?many thanks.richard

Lynn Prebble -- Friday, October 29 2004, 09:23 pm -- Email:

Thanks for the great website!! I am planning on walking El Camino mid-May to mid-June 2005. Can anyone give me information on good books to read, both for the history, and also for planning my walk from St Jean-Pied de Port to Finisterre? Also, about weather to expect, and if we need reservations anywhere? Thanks again, Lynn Prebble

Roy Burns -- Friday, October 29 2004, 05:12 pm -- Email:

I'm considering walking the Camino next year, 2005. I hope to walk the route from St Jean Pied-De-Port. I will be traveling from Belfast N.Ireland. Does anyone know the nearest regional airport?

Shelley -- Thursday, October 28 2004, 03:11 pm -- Email:

How difficult is it to charge a digital camera - is it safe to leave it charging unattended?

Walter Hamilton -- Wednesday, October 27 2004, 06:30 pm -- Email:

I traveld by Euro-Express to Bayonne with my bicycle -cycled to St. Jean-Pied-de-Port then all the way across to Santiago this was during the first week in June and the weather was very hot during the day but very cold at night (the few days I camped). I have never experianced a trip like it, truly life changing. I am so home sick for the Camino that I am already planing a return. This time I will walk from Oviedo to Santiago, time does not permit me to do more.

GUYMEN -- Monday, October 25 2004, 08:54 pm -- Email: GUYMEN@GUYMEN.COM


Emilio Ayestaran.Fla USA -- Friday, October 22 2004, 10:34 pm -- Email:

Great page Suggestion; can I type my request at the beggining of the list?. Question, kindly, About el Camino Portugues, el de el Interior, me gusterai empezar en Lisboa en la Primavera, Necesito ayuda en la parte portuguesa, sobre todo desde Lisboa a Oporto, monasterios donde compartir la vida with the monks, hostels or bed and breakfast,cualquier consejo, any advice will be greatly appreciated. warmth regards, best wishhes, ultreia, aurrea. Emilio Ayetaran

Shelley -- Wednesday, October 20 2004, 02:48 pm -- Email:

I would like some advice as to the best method of reaching St Jean-Pied-de-Port - i.e. which city in Europe to fly to, and then the quickest method of reaching St Jean-Pied-de-Port. We have limited time to walk the Camino, and do not want to spend precious time getting there. Thanks, Shelley

Sillydoll -- Sunday, October 17 2004, 06:47 pm -- Email:

A different Pilgrimage – similar traditions: For almost 1000 years pilgrims have walked almost 1700kms around the perimeter of the small Japanese island of Shikoku visiting the 88 temples built in the 9th Century by the Buddhist saint, Kobo Daishi. There are many similarities in the traditions and rituals of the Christian pilgrimage to St James: Although thousands visit the temples each year by bus or car, an authentic pilgrim (henro) goes on foot; they carry the pilgrim staff – which is a symbol of the Daishi himself - and a special book (Nokyo-cho) in which to collect the special seal of each temple. There are pilgrim’s inns close to almost all the temples. Those who do the walk can be released from having to go through the cycle of rebirth. (Kobo Daishi died in 835).

EJIRO NA WAH -- Saturday, October 16 2004, 12:22 am -- Email:

WAFFI, SAFFI, NIGER, TOGO, GHANA, I DON LAND HERE BIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley -- Friday, October 15 2004, 03:29 pm -- Email:

We are planning to walk from St.Jean-Pied-de-Port in mid May, 2005, to reach Santiago mid June. Can anyone advise us on the weather, especially on the rain situation, at this time of the year.

Simon Stratmann -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 09:29 pm -- Email:

I plan to walk the Camino in march 2005. Can you say anything about the usual weather in that month? Is it too cold to walk or just rainy? I can't choose any other month than that.

Thanks a lot.



Christina Smith -- Sunday, October 10 2004, 04:58 pm -- Email:


I am planning to walk the Camino starting in Roncesvalles at the beginning of November. I would prefer to start off with someone else. Please contact me via email.


Sylvia -- Thursday, October 7 2004, 06:39 pm -- Email:

The Confraternity of St James (CSJ) in the UK reports that a new association, Haltes vers Compostelle, has come into existence with the intention to ensure that pilgrims face less competition for places to sleep on the French pilgrim routes from Le Puy. Visit their site for the principles on which they operate, and a list of places on the le Puy route which currently belong to the Association.

Lara Iversen -- Tuesday, October 5 2004, 04:12 am -- Email:

Hola! :-) Thank you for a great site.. It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again...:-) I walked the Camino from St.Jean-Pied de Port in August 2002, and it was truly the most amazing and life-altering experience of my life! I answered a calling, and it took me deeper into myself, and led my life in the most incredible directions... I'm even planning my second camino... :-) If you're preparing for the walk (or if you're simply just curious), I would love to answer any questions you might have, practical or otherwise. You can write me in English, Danish or French. Buen Camino... Lara

Busco a Luis y Arantxa de Alicante -- Monday, October 4 2004, 02:00 pm -- Email:

Hola soy Miguel de Madrid, nos conocimos en el Camino en junio de 2004 y me gustaría contactar con vosotros

Busco a las Ponferradinas, Gloria, Rosi, Ana -- Monday, October 4 2004, 01:58 pm -- Email:

Hicimos el Camino en junio de 2004, me gustaría no perder el contacto con vosotras, soy Miguel de Madrid.

I look for Keely de Canada -- Monday, October 4 2004, 01:52 pm -- Email:

I Knew you in Camino Santiago and I would like to contact with you to remember EL CAMINO. My name is Miguel from Spain

casa matias sarria -- Thursday, September 30 2004, 01:06 pm -- Email: jalimeres@TERRA.ES

hemos abierto una nueva pension en sarria se llama casa matias esta en la calle calvo sotelo 39 disponemos de habitaciones con baño y television y los precios son desde 10 euros

Miguel Guzman -- Tuesday, September 28 2004, 03:05 pm -- Email:

I Find to Kelly from Canada, he was Camino on june 2004.

Christine Beglis -- Tuesday, September 28 2004, 01:07 pm -- Email:

I walked the Camino the summer of 2003 from Pamplona on. This is a great site and the pictures bring it all back:) Buen Camino!

ginny marcellus -- Wednesday, September 22 2004, 04:10 pm -- Email:

I am wanting very much to do the Camino early this October. It is a holy year. Will I most likely find room in refugio's? I am on a limited budget and cannot afford high pricing. Any advice about the weather in October would be appreciated as well.

Simon Stratmann -- Monday, September 20 2004, 02:03 pm -- Email:

Oh, just forget it. I wrote before thinking. As there are a lot of people taking their cellular phones with them there has to be a possibility to charge them.

Simon Stratmann -- Monday, September 20 2004, 02:00 pm -- Email:


I am a 22 years old Student from Germany, planning to walk the spanish part of the Camino coming spring. One thing I am worried about is access to electricity. As I plan to take my digital camera with me, I would need to reload my batteries every 4 days or so, of course depending on the amount of pictures I take. Is there access to electricity in the albergues?

I would be glad to get a shot email about this matter.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your website as it is a great point to get information from and contact other pilgrims.


Fionnuala Ni Bhroin -- Wednesday, September 15 2004, 01:02 am -- Email:

Hello, can anyone help me out with a travel problem that I have?? I am arriving in Biarritz on Sunday at 2pm and have to meet friends in Pamplona that day to start the camino. Is there a bus or train that I can take? I've checked the renfe web site and there is only one train arriving in Pamplona at 1am. Thanks, Fionnuala

penny smith -- Sunday, September 12 2004, 07:23 pm -- Email:

My dear friend and I are planning to walk part of the camino next year and to complete it in various stages over the next 3 years. We have been inspired to do this by my friend's farther who sadly died this year. He had managed to complete the pilgrimage and told of the riches that it gave him in his life.

He also recommend a book that we should read called The Field of The Star by Nicholas Iuard. This book is impossible to get if anyone out there has read this and would like to sell me a copy or knows where I can get a copy please contact me by e-mail.

-- Thursday, September 9 2004, 06:13 pm -- Email:

MADRID, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Spain's top peace award this year goes to ... a path. The "Camino de Santiago," a Christian pilgrim route through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela, traditionally considered the burial site of Apostle Saint James, beat 38 other nominees to scoop the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

The award is given each year to a person or group whose work has contributed "to the brotherhood of mankind, to the struggle against injustice, poverty, disease or ignorance ... to opening new horizons of knowledge." Last year it went to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Organisers said on Tuesday the Santiago trail had won it for promoting international peace and cooperation by helping create a shared European identity.

Believers have trodden the path for some 1,200 years. Tourists drawn by medieval sites and beautiful scenery have swelled their numbers recently and over six million visitors are expected to flock to the windswept northwestern city this year.

The foundation that organises the award said it had not yet decided who would accept the 50,000 euros ($60,490) prize, which also includes a sculpture by Spanish artist Joan Miro, on behalf of the trail. It suggested it could be the Church or a foundation that runs hostels along the way for travellers.

Other past winners have included physicist Stephen Hawking and the American Foundation for AIDS research.

Kay Eichner -- Tuesday, September 7 2004, 07:39 pm -- Email:

Can somebody help me with the adress and e-mail adress of the pilgimage office in Santiago where we got our compostella!I like to find a person and maybe they can help.So if anybody know the e-mail adress of the pilgim-office Santiago please send it to me,I would be very happy.Thank you kay

Laura -- Tuesday, September 7 2004, 06:37 pm -- Email:

I love your site, it is one of the best I've ever seen with lots of photos which bring you back on the road...!!!!


Me gusta tu web es uno de los mejores que vi con muchas fotos que te traen otra vez sobre el Camino con tantos recuerdos I love it !


Peter -- Saturday, September 4 2004, 05:17 pm -- Email:

In early August 2003 I walked the Camino from Pamplona to Burgos. There were very few other hikers, just a handful. Some days maximum temperatures were around 35 Celsius or 95F which may sound oppressive but was in fact no serious challenge. Don't be discouraged by weather statistics.

-- Friday, September 3 2004, 07:37 am -- Email:

NPR has featured another great story on the Camino. If you go to: Then to "Weekend Edition" (Sunday); previous shows for July 25, 2004 you'll find the story under the title: "Christians Trace Pilgrimage of St. James"

Buen Camino

Colin -- Tuesday, August 31 2004, 11:08 am -- Email:

Greetings We arrive in Spain at Bilbao and plan on walking from Rocevalles to Santiago. What is the best way of getting from Bilbaoto Roncevalles? Is there anything we need to know to make the connection as easy as possible?


-- Sunday, August 29 2004, 12:12 pm -- Email:

Written by Ivar Rekve, [Saturday, August 28, 2004]

At 12.00 today, the small explosive went off by the church of Santa Susana in the Alameda park in Santiago. The church lies in the center of the park, up on a hilltop. At the time the bomb went off the police had evacuated the area, and no one got hurt.

At 14.00 the police had opened the area for the public again.

Another bomb was found in the town of La Coruña earlier today. This bomb did not go off, and has now been disarmed.

Source: El Correo Gallego

news- -- Thursday, August 26 2004, 01:34 pm -- Email:


Sandra -- Wednesday, August 25 2004, 01:46 am -- Email:

I've been reading up alot on this and have my heart set on doing this pilgrimage at some point. How long does it take to complete it and what time of the year is best? Any info is greatly appreciated.

sylvia -- Tuesday, August 24 2004, 01:03 pm -- Email:

Have you been thinking about biking to Santiago de Compostela, but don’t want the hassle with transporting the bike? Tour’n’ride (located in Santiago) will ship their bike to you, and then you bike it back to them. Bike rental with a twist.

They will ship the bike with SEUR (the FedEx of Spain), you pick it up and bike the bike back to Santiago and return it there.

Tour’n’ride does also provide regular bike rental for people that want to bike in and around Santiago de Compostela.

Please see their website for prices and for more details regarding the services of Tour’n’ride. You will find them at:

Matt Laing -- Monday, August 23 2004, 09:56 pm -- Email:

Myself and 8 colleagues are doing the English Way - Ferrol to Santiago in mid October. If anyone has information regarding the route, the refuges or any general observations on the experience I would be grateful.

Amber -- Monday, August 23 2004, 06:10 am -- Email:

I am planning to walk the Camino starting in Early october. I would like to start off the walk with someone else(female). I am early twentys female from canada. My scheduel is flexible so I could start earlier or later.

Justin Johnson -- Sunday, August 22 2004, 05:16 pm -- Email:

Woo-Hoo! I can't help but smile when I think of my time on the camino.I just did the weekend warrior version (Sarria-Santiago Feb.2nd 2004) but it was a great experience.I met the nicest people in the world,I think the spirit of the pilgrimage masafests itself in everyone who comes in contact with The Way. For anyone thinking about doing it I give these words;

Poco a Poco, encontra la fe, y buen provetche!

PS- To all those who have walked the camino."Where did you find God,at the end of your journey or on the way"?

Buen Camino!

JIll Haviland -- Saturday, August 21 2004, 12:07 pm -- Email:

I'm planning to walk the Camino in March.My main concern is my feet! I have repetitve strain injuries to my toes due to gym work. Can anyone gives tips on how to relieve soreness or better still cure it?

Martyn -- Thursday, August 19 2004, 06:21 pm -- Email:

I have walked the entire Camino twice now in March/April and September/October if anyone has any specific questions I would be happy to answer them. buen camino

kay eichner -- Saturday, August 14 2004, 12:44 am -- Email:

I walked the camino from first of july from Pamplona and arrived in Santiago the 30 of july.From Astorga a german group came in to the camino.In Vega de Vacarce I had a very interesting talk with a woman from Stuttgart here name is Doris,she gave me a mail adress or so I tried to contact here but I could not come trough so maybe some will read this from the group and tell me the adress of Doris my mail adress is as follows telf.004566129861 thank you.

Nigel McNay -- Wednesday, August 11 2004, 05:03 am -- Email:

Thankyou for helping me relive the journey through your photos of each stage - it brought back the wonderful experience of walking the Camino back in April-May of the holy year of 1999. I often think of the people I met along the way, such as the kind Scotsman James Cruickshank who I first met just before starting out in Pamplona on April 11 (and along the whole journey only two other Aussies, saying g'day as they flew past on their bikes about five days from Santiago).

Chris Griffiths -- Tuesday, August 10 2004, 04:24 pm -- Email:

Hi, I'm planning a charity walk of myself and my best friend along the route of the camino - can anyone email with help on where to pick up pilgrim passports, and just general advice on surviving, and notable points of interest!

many thanks

Chris (22)

Thomas -- Monday, August 9 2004, 04:45 pm -- Email:

Is one able to acquire a credencial in Pamplona?

Irene -- Sunday, August 8 2004, 01:16 am -- Email:

Joan M. de mail no puedo comunicarme contigo, tienes nuevo email? Salgo para Roncesvalles el 12/8/04 Espero noticias tuyas

R.J Elker -- Tuesday, August 3 2004, 04:49 pm -- Email:

When do the Holy Doors close? Starting the walk from A Coruna to Santiago will I recive the certifie document ( Compostela )?This route I belive is the English Way.

Nicole Gasparik -- Monday, August 2 2004, 10:51 pm -- Email:

IVAN...The Irish guy....Who studies in Wales...The recovering apathete!!!! Walking, collecting the Camino dust during the last weeks of July, early days of August. How sorry, how sad I am that I walked too far and too fast and the result of this hurry is that I lost the chance to say goodbye to you. Write me. Nicole, the Californian.

Diane Thompson -- Monday, August 2 2004, 12:22 am -- Email:

My husband and I are planning on walking the Camino in October and we were wondering about boots/shoes. We have hiking boots that we use here in Colorado but we are worried they may be to heavy. If anyone has any advice we'd love to hear from you. Thanks so much.

cartoon-free -- Sunday, August 1 2004, 09:44 am -- Email:

free cartoon

Ellie Larkin -- Saturday, July 31 2004, 01:26 am -- Email:

My partner and myself are looking forward to biking the Camino in 2005, possibly starting in Paris. We will take a month to make the pilgrimage. I was wondering if anybody has taken this route on a bike, and what advice you might have for us. What books are the best to be used as guides? Also, were there any issues on safety (women traveling alone)? Thank you, Ellie

Tom Deitner -- Wednesday, July 28 2004, 11:14 pm -- Email:

I will be leaving from Roncevalles by bike on 9-3-04. Is anyone else going to be doing the Camino by bike at the same time. If so give me a shout.

Christine -- Wednesday, July 28 2004, 09:01 am -- Email:

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the cheapest and quickest way to England after reaching Santiago (where I hope to be on about 16-18 October 2004)

Hans Mueller -- Friday, July 23 2004, 08:16 pm -- Email:

My wife and I are planning to hike the Camino next year, starting in St. Jean Pied de Port. 1. Is April-May a good time? We are trying to avoid the big crowds. 2. Best way to get to St. Jean Pied de Port? 3. Would it be difficult to stay in B+Bs or small hotels. Do you need reservations this time of year? 4. Best way to protect against rain: Poncho or Jacket?

-- Wednesday, July 21 2004, 10:56 am -- Email:

jose maria lorenzo -- Saturday, July 17 2004, 07:18 pm -- Email:

He recorrido el camino en dos ocasiones, en bici desde roncesvalles y caminando desde astorga, me gustó mucho más caminando y que por supuesto es mucho más dura.Estoy empezando a preparar un nuevo camino desde Stjean a santiago para el 2006.Buen camino a todos.

Victoria Tejeda -- Thursday, July 15 2004, 06:09 pm -- Email:

I will be doing the walk during the end of November and would like to know how cold it gets in the refugios during the night to figure out what kind of temperature degree sleeping bag I should take. First time doing the walk. Thank you

Bronwyn -- Monday, July 12 2004, 08:08 pm -- Email:

Horse -Help! Has anyone done the camino by horse recently? I want to do it this year and need advice Thanks

Dave Stokes -- Monday, July 12 2004, 10:58 am -- Email:

Urgent!! I can't get a cheap flight to Madrid for Thursday 15/Friday 16 July. Can anyone help eg join party with space for one extra??

-- Saturday, July 10 2004, 04:16 am -- Email: I walked the camino April 13th from St Jean Pied de Port and arrived in Santiago on May 16th. I met a wonderful couple from Holland, named David and Corrie ( Cornelia) I got ahead of them and never got their e-mail address. Can anyone help me. maybe you met them too. I would love to write to them and send them pictures. Is there another bullentin board

-- Saturday, July 10 2004, 04:09 am -- Email:

gulliver76 Virginio -- Wednesday, July 7 2004, 11:44 am -- Email:


Hi, I'm Virginio and walked to Finisterrae in 2002 and 2003. I'd like to inform pilgrims about our new guide IL CAMMINO DI SANTIAGO A PIEDI (in Italian)

edizioni Sette Città

It's been a year's hard work, but we finally made it! please check

for a preview.. Buen Camino

Dave Stokes -- Tuesday, July 6 2004, 02:27 pm -- Email:

I am wanting to start the walk at Ponferrada around the middle of July to get to Santiago for the festival. This is my first time and would value a companion or group to join. Middle aged man!

Sylvia -- Sunday, July 4 2004, 03:28 pm -- Email:

Two guides avalable from the Confraternity of St James ( The Way of St James, le Puy to Santiago: a Cyclist's Guide John Higginson. Cicerone Press, Milnthorpe, 1999. 104 pp. A concise and practical guide, with basic information on monuments and on acommodation Price: £8.99 They also have the up-dated guides in two parts for walkers: The Way of St James: le Puy to the Pyrenees Alison Raju. The Way of St James: Pyrenees-Santiago-Finisterre Alison Raju.

The Way of Saint James on horseback: the complete guide Javier Pascual. Madrid, 2002. 238pp Guide for horseriders in English (translated from Spanish) for the Camino Francés, with lists of vets, blacksmiths etc Price: £15.00

Jurek Konieczny -- Wednesday, June 30 2004, 10:32 am -- Email:

Does anyone know how to get from Santiago to Madrid with a bicycle? I cannot find regional train connection on Renfe website and the faster trains do not take bikes. Is there a bus? Thanks

Paul -- Tuesday, June 29 2004, 10:05 am -- Email:

Hola todos, wee Irish lad, 25, looking a few compañeros for the long hike. I´ll be going round start of August so if your interested drop me a mail. Hasta pronto, Paul

Sylvia -- Sunday, June 27 2004, 12:32 pm -- Email:

I was in Santiago last week and am happy to report that pilgrims ARE being allowed to place their hand on the Tree of Jesse and touch their foreheads to the statue below. There were very long queues of 'bus pilgrims' at the Portico del Gloria as well as at the side door waiting to ascend behind the main altar to hug the saint and decend to view the crypt. There are 4 pilgrim masses per day and the Botafemurio is being displayed twice a day - at 12pm and at 6pm. There is an excellent exhibition on the Camino being held in the main park - it is free and although in Spanish is well worth a visit. Buen Camino to all pilgrims. (For an update on Santiago you can visit

Mark Hebert -- Saturday, June 26 2004, 11:31 pm -- Email:

Hi again,

Does anyone know the average cost per night at a refugio? Does anyone about how much one would expect to spend traveling from Ronbcavalles to Saintiago? Thanks.


Mark Hebert -- Saturday, June 26 2004, 04:58 am -- Email:

Hi everyone.

I'd like to make the pilgrimage this year. I'm trying to get a flight either to Pamplona or Toulouse, then taking a train or bus to start of piligrimage either in SAINT JEAN PIED DU PORT or Roncavalles. Alessandro and/or Kelly... I'm trying to get a flight for sometime in first week in July, but I want to make it to Santiago by the 25th... is possible? When I get the exact date, I'll email/post again and maybe we can meet up from start? Safety in numbers and companionship too! I'm from Canada. De colores.

Mark Hebert -- Saturday, June 26 2004, 04:50 am -- Email:

Hi everyone.

I'd like to make the pilgrimage this year. I'm trying to get a flight either to Pamplona or Toulouse, then taking a train or bus to start of piligrimage either in SAINT JEAN PIED DU PORT or Roncavalles. Alessandro and/or Kelly... I'm trying to get a flight for sometime in first week in July, but I want to make it to Santiago by the 25th... is possible? When I get the exact date, I'll email/post again and maybe we can meet up from start? Safety in numbers and companionship too! I'm from Canada. De colores.

Leslie Segal -- Friday, June 25 2004, 05:14 am -- Email:

Hola compadres! I am beginning my journey in Roncesvalles, on the 31st of July, with the full blue moon. From the research I have done, it looks as if it could potentially be blazing hot in August, especially in the east. I am looking forward to the hike for a time for reinspiration and rejuvination. I am wondering about the possibilty of camping along the way, anyone have any suggestions? Sleeping under the stars is always soothing to the soul. Buen viaje!

Muchas gracias,

Leslie (Montana,USA)

angela hart -- Thursday, June 24 2004, 04:49 pm -- Email:

hello. i am starting the camino from st jean pied de port on sunday 27th june... anyone else starting then? i have a few questions about phones: are there phone boxes in each hostal along the way? is it possible to get a bus from santiago to finisterre, as i think my feet might not make it! i am 22 and would love to meet any other people starting around the same time...i am sure i will meet some of you along the way! if anyone has done the camino and can answer my questions before tomorrow evening (25th), i would be extremely grateful. (i am in the UK, so evening UK time!) thanks. angela

Alessandro -- Wednesday, June 23 2004, 06:06 pm -- Email:

Hi everyone, I'll start the pilgrimage from st jean pied de port between 3-4 of luly following the "route francais" .i'm 26 y.o.,and i'm from italy. i'll travel alone so i'll wonder to find a (lot of!)companion(s),also for more safety..anf fun! ultreja!

Kelly O'Brien -- Wednesday, June 23 2004, 04:35 pm -- Email:

I'm thinking of doing the camino trail this summer, starting sometime between the 6 and 12th of July. I'm from Canada, and I'm 24 years old. I'm wondering if there's any need to try and find a companion for safety's sake, or do you think because there will be so many people this year it will be okay?

Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

BICICLETAS VELOCIPEDO -- Tuesday, June 22 2004, 11:00 pm -- Email:

Hello, we have a bike shop in Santiago de Compostela.

If you need to pack your bike, for bus, plane, etc., in our shop you can do it.

Our adress: Bicicletas Velocipedo, Rúa de San Pedro 23 Santiago de Compostela Tlf 981-580260

Albergue Ribadesella -- Thursday, June 17 2004, 07:41 pm -- Email:

Hi! we are Albergue Ribadesella "Roberto Frassinelli" a Youth hostel in the Camino de Santiago. We are in the north of Spain, in the beautiful contry of Asturias.

Our Hostel is near of the beach. And we belong to International Youth Hostelling

Elisa Saphier -- Wednesday, June 16 2004, 03:22 am -- Email:

Hi. I am considering walking the French route from mid Sept through October and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on possible problems with going later than the general season. Perhaps with weather or with refugios that might close after the rush. Thanks for any information, I appreciate it.

Aleksandra Senenko -- Saturday, June 12 2004, 02:24 pm -- Email:

I want to walk to Santiago de Compostela in July this summer (starting around 19 of July). Therefore I am looking for a companion. I am a girl, 22 and I am a student. I am Polish and I speak english and spanish. I would like to start near France, most of the route "visit" by bus and walk the last 100-200 km.

Moreover I have some cuestions for those who have already finished: 1) For the last 100km you get a diploma in Santiago. Where is the beginning of this 100km? 2) Does it rain a lot in Galicia in July? 3) Is it difficult to find accomodation on the road? 4) How much money should I take (more or less)? 5) How/where can I register as a pilgrim? 6) Any tips/suggestions? Thank you in advance!!

Elly Maria Pantekoek -- Friday, June 11 2004, 11:22 pm -- Email:

The desire to 'walk' the Camino has been growing for years. I am a severely disabled woman, living on borrowed time. Has anybody got any tips, ideas regarding the practical details. One thing: hiring a motor home, with at least one of my enablers, whilst I use my trike and or electric wheelchair. Do you follow what jesus says@ carrying no purse?? All sort of questions I have to ask myself, but perhaps any of you have some or all of the answers? Love to hear from you Elly Maria

Marita Oakley -- Friday, June 11 2004, 04:08 pm -- Email:

Been there Done That!

Sara Ferlander -- Monday, June 7 2004, 03:46 pm -- Email:


I would love to do the walk to Santiago de Compostela this summer (probably in July), but would like to join a group of hikers. I'm Swedish, 34 years old and I speak a bit of Spanish. Sara

Jelena D -- Thursday, June 3 2004, 06:26 am -- Email:

I have been trying to plan a trip to Spain to do the Camino de Santiago for a long time. I would love to go to Spain. I am just graduating from High School, so I have a free summer to do whatever I want. Right now I would go mid summer, so either june 25 - july 30, or july 5 - aug 10 or so.

I know it will be very hot in Spain at that time in the summer, but is it managable? Do you have any tips on how to avoid the heat and making it bearable?

More importantly, I would be walking in the midst of the Holy Year celebrations. Will I be miserable or enjoy it. Some people have told me to avoid the Camino like the plague this summer but I think it would be exciting to walk with so many pilgrims. Will the refuges be that crowded? A teacher of mine who has done it in the summer jsut said get up at 6 and walk until 1, get a place in a refuge and enjoy the rest of the day. Will that plan work this year, seeing that it is a Holy Year? Also, isn't it possible to sleep/camp outdoors, particularly is other people dont get in to a refuge?

One more thing about Holy Year... do you recomend arriving in Santiago on/before St James or is that the worst time to walk? Should I delay it by a week or two? Will there be less people?

What city have folks started walking from? My teacher started in Pamplona? Is that normal? Is it covenient? Any other suggestions?

I am a first timer. I am more excited than nervous, but I am still completely clueless. Please help me out!

Thank you so much!

David, Victoria, Canada. -- Monday, May 31 2004, 11:34 pm -- Email:

I just returned and am reviewing my pictures. A particularly meaningful sculpture for me is of three peregrinos at the foot of a cross. It is in a square on the east side of small city.

Do you remember this statue? Can you tell me the city it is in?

Jason -- Sunday, May 30 2004, 01:37 pm -- Email:

Dear all,

If there’s anybody on the Camino reading this message, please send me an inventory of a local menu del dia, they differ so much from region to region and I would very much like to start a collection! It would be nice to create menus and store them in the Camino kitchen files section of Ultreya!

Paolo -- Sunday, May 30 2004, 11:35 am -- Email:


I am planning to cycle the camino (start on or about 2nd August 04) from St Jean Pied-de-Port .

If anyone would like to join the ride at the start or along the way to Santiago de Compostela , please let me know.



Angela Mullins -- Friday, May 28 2004, 02:11 pm -- Email:

Greetings! It is just more than two weeks before I will begin my journey along the Camino. I hope to begin walking around June 18th. Figuring out how to get to St. Jean is no easy task, but I think I finally have that figured out. What I can't seem to find much information on, however, is transportation at the end of the journey. I'm planning to go all the way to Finisterre, and haven't had any luck with finding any information on bus or train schedules. Any suggestions from personal experience? I'll eventually need to get back to London for my flight home. Thanks for any advice!

Richard Jarvis -- Thursday, May 27 2004, 10:01 pm -- Email: cyberdad 2@

When my daughter mentiuoened that she was goinf to walk the Camino I felt that she perhaps had come 'unhinged' and wanted to perform a little self flagellation. However since reading Shirley Mcleans book "Camino" and reviewing the photos taken by one of the pilgrims I am convinced that this 'exercise' is definitely good for the soul. One aspect that strikes me as eelevant is the fact that you walk through antiquity. As a result it is like going back hundreds of years and experiencing life before our modern world subsumes us with the stress of high tech living.

Additionally by taking this walk you meet every knid of personality that you would not otherwise do ......and in a forum of mutual experience where there are no social boundaries.

Timothy Barley -- Wednesday, May 26 2004, 11:16 pm -- Email:

I am a 34 year-old freelance writer from the Los Angeles area here in the United States and am making my first pilgrimage on the camino, possibly doing a feature for the L.A. Times, but certainly doing this for myself (personal insight) and to get out of my country for a while! I would love any tips for a novice on this particular hike, and if I can accompany other groups, individuals, etc., I would love to hear others' feelings along the way. I am flying into London July 1, and continue to Paris, Bayonne and to either beginning frrom St Jean Pierre du Pont or Roncevalles if anyone is interested in arriving in Compostela July 24 or 25.

Moti Nissani -- Tuesday, May 25 2004, 05:45 pm -- Email:

I shall be starting my hike at St. Jean-Pied-de-Port May 28, 2004 and wonder if someone out there can help my with these questions: 1. How do I get from Geneva (or Toulouse, which is on the way) to St. Jean? 2. Once I get there, where do I go to register as a pilgrim? What’s the address? 3. Would it be a good idea to go like a turtle (carry my house, a little tent) with me, given the expected crowds? On the other hand, every additional pound I must carry will chip a bit of the enjoyment away. 4. Can I buy a guide book (in either English or Spanish) on the trail itself? 5. Does one need to carry food? 6. Are there lots of places on the way to fill up a bottle of water, or does one need to carry great quantities of water? Any quick answers, and other advice, will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Moti Nissani -- Tuesday, May 25 2004, 05:05 pm -- Email:

I shall be starting my hike at St. Jean-Pied-de-Port May 28, 2004 and wonder if someone out there can help my with these questions: 1. How do I get from Geneva (or Toulouse, which is on the way) to St. Jean? 2. Once I get there, where do I go to register as a pilgrim? What’s the address? 3. Would it be a good idea to go like a turtle (carry my house, a little tent) with me, given the expected crowds? On the other hand, every additional pound I must carry will chip a bit of the enjoyment away. 4. Can I buy a guide book (in either English or Spanish) on the trail itself? 5. Does one need to carry food? 6. Are there lots of places on the way to fill up a bottle of water, or does one need to carry great quantities of water? Any quick answers, and other advice, will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Harry & Dita -- Monday, May 24 2004, 12:06 pm -- Email:

Hi Pelgrims, We have a small charming free refuge on the route from Tours,in Escource dept. Landes 12 kms from Labouyere. You are more then welcome (credential required). telephone 0558042134,email bon chemin.

Cecelia -- Saturday, May 22 2004, 07:31 am -- Email:

In response to the question about connections from Biarritz to St.Jean-Pied-de-Port: yes there is an easy and direct train conection between the two cities. Check at the main train station. I left about 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning (April 2003). Buy your ticket the day before just for piece of mind. I stayed in the old town on the water. The hotels are cheaper and adequate and I didn't book ahead. I walked to the train station in the morning (about 2 kms). It will likely be a lot busier in July though. Enjoy the camino. Since this is a Catholic holy year the camino will be so much busier than usual.Buen camino. Cecelia

Graham Skinner -- Friday, May 21 2004, 06:10 pm -- Email:


I am planning to cycle the camino (start 7th Sept 04)from St Jean Pied-de-Port and flying in from the UK on the 6th.

If anyone would like to hook up at the start or along the way to share the beauty and rigours of the pilgrimage then it will be a pleasure to ride along with



John Martin -- Thursday, May 20 2004, 05:21 pm -- Email:

Myself and 8 others are traveling the camino in sept 04 starting from St Jean pied de port. Does anyone know of where i can get information on accomodation there. Is there a site with a list of accomodation or something. Maybe someone can recommend somewhere

-- Thursday, May 20 2004, 12:44 pm -- Email:

Hi I'm looking at flying into Biarritz early July. Is there a connection to St John-de-Pied or Roncesvalle that anyone knows of ? Bus / frequency etc .....knowing it in advance will save me time looking for it....

Also any reccomendaion on accomodation in either of these places and Biarritz also. Help much appreciated. Many thanks B

Sylvia -- Friday, May 7 2004, 01:15 pm -- Email:

Don Elias Valina. Every pilgrim who follows the yellow arrows along the Camino to Santiago and the concrete steles in Galicia can be grateful to one person – D Elias Valina Sampedro of O Cebriero parish - a dedicated priest and scholar who devoted over 30 years of his life to the resurrection and promotion of the camino. D Elias was appointed priest of the parish of Santa Maria La Real of O’Cebriero in 1959 when he was just 30 years old. Under his direction the church of St Mary’s as well as the ancient inn and pilgrim hospital – “little more than a dunghill” - were restored and in 1972 O Cebriero was declared a Historical Monument. He concentrated all of his energies on the restoration and reanimation of the camino. In 1967 he wrote his doctoral thesis on - The Road of St James: A Historical and Legal Study. He directed the - Artistic Inventory of Lugo and its Province- six large volumes of an exhaustive description of all the monuments and items that could have any value “In the 1970’s there survived only a remote memory of the Jacobean pilgrimage” he wrote. In 1971 he wrote the book ‘Caminos a Compostela’. In 1974 Edwin Mullins published a book “The Pilgrimage to Santiago”. In it he recounts how it was for a pilgrim on foot in the early 1970’s: “It was more often a question of dropping into village bars and enquiring politely where the old road might be. In 1972 only 6 pilgrims were awarded the Compostela.’ D. Elias’s guide was published in 1982 and at a gathering in Santiago in 1985 he was entrusted with the co-ordination of all the resources for the camino. “Refugios” were established and he was the first to mark the way with yellow arrows. Ten years later, in 1986, the Santiago Cathedral issued 2,491 certificates. In 1989, the year of the Pope’s visit (and sadly, also the year D Elias passed away) 5,760 compostelas were issued. If you are one of the estimated 600,000 pilgrims to trustingly follow the yellow arrows this year, remember the generous hand that lovingly drew them.

Sylvia -- Thursday, May 6 2004, 08:03 pm -- Email:

I received this email today from a friend who has been walking from Le Puy. Does anyone else have news about the passes?

"My bad news is that all passes into Spain are closed due to weather. Also noone seems to know about traditional arrival in Santiago no longer possible. They are all looking forward to gaining Master Matteo s wisdom etc.. They have brought stones from home with there names on to put on the pile by the cross of iron and walk with rotten old sticks(not telescopic trekking poles like me!) because tradition is important!Dont know what to say to them.Anyway hope for better weather soon.

Roger Lorton -- Thursday, May 6 2004, 06:57 pm -- Email:

Hi I'm flying into Pamplona on Wednesday 12th May, arriving at around 1745hrs. I then need to get to Roncevalles and figure that at that time I'm going to have to take a taxi ..... anyone else likely to need a lift at that time ??

Sylvia -- Tuesday, May 4 2004, 07:08 pm -- Email:

There are many "Tour Operators" who offer up-market type walks to Santiago. They book your accommodation, carry your luggage and give you a tour of Santiago when you reach it. There is a special one on offer this year to walk the last 100km so that you can earn your 'Compostela certificate'. One you could try if you want to try it this way is (You can also find one on the website.)

Sylvia -- Sunday, May 2 2004, 06:53 pm -- Email:

For up-to-date news on Santiago and advice for pilgrims - accommodation, weather, transport etc in English go to

Odette Colgan -- Sunday, May 2 2004, 12:40 pm -- Email:

sorry posted the wrong e-mail address : See previous message. thanks a lot looking forward to hearing some news.

Odette Colgan -- Sunday, May 2 2004, 12:35 pm -- Email: or

Is there a route from Italy to Santiago? I need to spend July & August speaking Italian (to prepare for Uni finals) and would love to spend it working as a volunteer in an Italian 'alberge'. I speak fluent English, Irish, Spanish and French. Had my first experience of the Camino de Santiago at Easter this year.

Sylvia -- Thursday, April 29 2004, 08:06 pm -- Email:

There is a CD Rom "La Meta del Camino"; that is very beautiful and informative and can be "played" either in English or Spanish (the medieval background music is quite lovely). It costs about E13 and is available from: Marisa Sicilia Aldeasa S.A. Departamento de Venta a Distancia Tel: 0034 91 436 70 67 Fax: 0034 91 577 53 03

Marielle Riché -- Wednesday, April 28 2004, 04:10 pm -- Email:

Dear all,

I am starting on the 15 or 16 May, from O Cebreiro if possible, coming from Brussels : what would be the easiest way to reach O Cebreiro ? Flying to St Jacques and then going to O Cebreiro by train ? What do you think ? Many thanks Marielle

Francisco Virgili -- Tuesday, April 27 2004, 02:18 am -- Email:

Hello- I had a question about St Jean Pied de Port; I am flying into Paris from Chicago, and then taking the train to SJPDP arriving at 22:30 on the evening of the 14th of May. Are there any places that are still open at that hour or a phone number that I could call to make arrangements for my late arrival? Thank you and good luck to everyone going on the Camino this year. I look forward to it tremendously-


Buenos Dias- Tengo una pregunta sobre la llegada a St Jean Pied de Port: Yo vuelo a Paris desde Chicago y tomo un hasta St Jean que llega ahi a las 22:30 el 14 de mayo. Hay algun lugar en la ciudad que este abierto o un number que pueda llamar para hacer arreglos para mi llegada? Buena Camino a todos-



Sylia -- Monday, April 26 2004, 08:02 pm -- Email:

The Mystery of the hand of St James: In the middle ages a number of places in France (in particular Toulouse) Germany and Italy claimed to have the body or parts of the body of St James. According to Prof. Leyser, an arm of James the Great was preserved in Torcello near Venice from about the 6th Century. It passed through the hands of Bishop Vitalis, and then Germany by Archbishop Adalbert of Hamburg-Bremen, the Emperors Henry 1V and Henry V. In 1125 Henry V’s widow, Matilda brought the left hand of Saint James to England (there is no proof that she did the pilgrimage to Santiago). In the early 1190’s a list of over 240 relics in Reading Abbey in England included - the hand of Saint James with flesh and bones and the cloth in which it was wrapped – this became the most important relic in the abbey with many miracles attributed to it. 12th Century indulgences for St James at Reading refer to the presence of the hand and between 1163 and 1165 Henry 11 granted the annual fair of St James at Reading. Pope Alexander 111 exhorted all the faithful of the province of Canterbury to visit Reading on the feast of St James in order to avail themselves of generous indulgences. However, in the Codex Calixtinus, Amery Picaud wrote about the revered body of the saint. “May they blush for shame, therefore, those envious people beyond the mountains who claim to have some part of it or to possess relics of it. For the body of the saint is here in its entirety…” PS: In 1786 workmen digging at Ready Abbey found an old iron chest that contained a mummified hand believed by some to be the relic of Saint James. It now resides in a glass case at St Peter's Church, Marlow. (Reading Medieval Studies by Brian Kemp, University of Reading. Studies in Medieval History presented to R.H.C. Davis: The Pilgrims Guide, CSJ London.)

Christine Jett-Rivard -- Friday, April 23 2004, 02:39 am -- Email:

I am doing the Camino starting May 21st, give or take a day, and would like to do the harder Route....Napoleon. Has anyone done that route? I do hike quite a bit and both of my adukt kids are in excellent shape to do this, but is there anything I should be worried about with this route?

Jacques Theron -- Thursday, April 22 2004, 11:09 pm -- Email:

For those interested in doing the pilgrimage to Santiago, but who want a facilitated spiritual process or who are apprehensive to go alone, I am running a group from 3 May to 23 May 2004 (starting in Leon). There will be daily meditations, breathwork sessions (for healing and to shift energy blockages) and processing in very potent energy centres. This added to the already-powerful Camino allows significant growth and transformation. My approach is non-sectarian and non-dogmatic, focusing on helping the individual find a personal spiritual truth. The pilgrim will have ample time to experience the Camino for him- or herself, while still drawing on the synergistic support of a group. Jacques Theron: or

steve d. -- Thursday, April 22 2004, 10:16 pm -- Email:

my wife and i plan to start the camino in early september in roncevalles. we do not have enough time to complete the journey at one time, but will have to return in 2005, probably 2006. is it possible to do it this way? i see that you need to get some type of registration card in order to lodge at the refugios, and i'm wondering whether they carry over from one year to the next. also, we'd like to try bicycles. pictures seem to indicate some very rough spots, however. can you make the trek on a sturdy trail bike?

Kevin Jacobs -- Wednesday, April 21 2004, 04:17 pm -- Email:

Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. I will be setting out for Santiago from Leon on 13/14 September this year (would love to do the whole thing but can't take enough time out from work). I'd appreciate insight, particularly on the weather, from anyone who might have walked the Camino in September/October last year. Also some reflections on availability of alternative, basic and affordable accommodation, given that the refugios are likely to be bursting this year. Thanks in advance. Reply to

Henriette Schultz -- Tuesday, April 20 2004, 11:32 am -- Email:

My sister and I are planning to walk from Burgos to Santiago this summer. We fly from Copenhagen via London to Bilbao with Easyjet. In Bilbao I have made reservations at the "Albergue Bilbao" for only 17.25 Euro - It is possible to make the reservations online.

I also would like to make reservations i Santiago, but there are so many places to choose between. Can anyone give me a good tip of a cheap, good located and nice place to stay in Santiago?

Best regards Henriette

Mashu -- Monday, April 19 2004, 12:42 pm -- Email:

Thank you for your help :-)

Does anyone know about a cheap place to stay in Bilbao?

Thanx a lot Mashu

Nicole Gasparik -- Monday, April 19 2004, 06:51 am -- Email:

Hello, I am walking for about 10 days on the Camino this summer. (Late July/Early Augst) Firstly, this is my first time and I am trying to decide which part of the journey I should put my feet to since I have limited time. Any suggestions? Also, is any one from the San Francisco Bay Area heading that way at the same time? Perhaps we can speak/email before hand. Best Wishes and Happy Spring, Nicole Gasparik

-- Sunday, April 18 2004, 03:37 pm -- Email:

About the trains from Santiago to Bilbao: yes, there is a direct train. The Spanish railways (RENFE) have their site in English as well: and you can find a train (on the 1st of may for example) that leaves Santiago at 09:04 and arrives to Bilbao at 20:18. It costs 35.50 euro.

Mashu -- Sunday, April 18 2004, 11:10 am -- Email:

Hi everybody, I will be walking the Camino from May 23 to June 13 from Burgos to Santiago. Does anyone know about trains from Santiago to Bilbao? Are there direct trains? And the inevitable question about the weather: How cold and rainy can it get this time of year?

Thank you for your answers, all the best Mashu

Claus Rosenberg -- Saturday, April 17 2004, 08:18 pm -- Email:

Salud a todos ! My wife and I are planning to walk the Camino in 2005 but as my wife is giving birth this August we wonder if it is possible to bring our at the time 9 month old child with us...using a push pram and take whatever time it must take. Any advises are appreciated...

Hasta luego ! Claus

Romana, Slovenia -- Saturday, April 17 2004, 02:05 pm -- Email:

Hola! So, i am going! I am gonna to do it! At 24th om May I am starting from MAribor, SLovenia to St. Jean Pied de Port and then walk my camino. I hope you will be pray for my, I am gonna do it for myself, my family, friends, Slovenia, EU and world peace. Hope to see you there! Ultreya! Romana

Lara Iversen -- Friday, April 16 2004, 05:40 pm -- Email:

Hola! :-) Thank you for a great site.. It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again...:-) I walked the Camino from St.Jean-Pied de Port in August 2002, and it was truly the most amazing and life-altering experience of my life! I replied to a calling, and it took me deeper into myself, and led my life in the most incredible directions... And now I'm planning my second camino for 2005... :-) If you're preparing for the walk (or if you're simply just curious), I would love to answer any questions you might have, practical or otherwise. You can write me in English, Danish or French. Buen Camino... Lara

Ingrid -- Wednesday, April 14 2004, 03:44 pm -- Email:

Splendid photographs of the camino, one of the best picture sites of the route to santiago the Compostela. bon camino, Ingrid baker

Sylvia -- Tuesday, April 13 2004, 09:12 am -- Email:

(Posted on a Camino web page) The Galician Public Health Emergencies Foundation "061" will issue a medical care card specifically for use by pilgrims on their way to Santiago. The purpose is to insure that all pilgrims will have medical coverage while on the Camino.Pilgrims commencing the pilgrimage should request, and get, the card from those centers issuing pilgrims' credentials. Reportedly, pilgrims will be identified and data will be collected regarding specific medical needs (allergies, required medication, etc.) which will be stored in the Coordination Office of the "061" for use of the medical personnel in the Camino should the need for such information arise. Further, there will be a new medical center for the care of pilgrims at Monte del Gozo and another at the Xoan XXIII center of Santiago.

Sylvia -- Tuesday, April 13 2004, 09:11 am -- Email:

"Porter service". Commencing the week after Holy Week there will be a pilgrims' "porter" service whereby pilgrims can send ahead their heavy burdens, luggage, backpacks, etc. etc. throughout the French Way. The service, which will include returning, or placing, bicycles to or from a particular place, will be available on a day-to-day basis or in whatever stages a pilgrim may choose. Those interested in knowing more about this service can write to: Originally the intent was to assist ailing or handicapped pilgrims, but it has now been open to all pilgrims.

Sylvia Nilsen -- Monday, April 12 2004, 07:03 pm -- Email:

A number of pilgrims have expressed fears that they might not find accommodation on the Camino Frances. The following information was posted on another Camino website: The Galician Culture and Social Communication Council estimates that given the increase in the number of pilgrims this year, they estimate that the number of pilgrims using albergues this year will be more than 600,000,(and the number of tourists will run to several million). Because of this, the Council reports, tents, schools and sports facilities are being readied to accommodate pilgrims that may not find room at the albergues. The Council assures that not a single pilgrim will find her/himself bereft of accommodations.

Janos Kollar -- Tuesday, April 6 2004, 01:51 pm -- Email:

Hi Everybody,

I'm Hungarian. I would like to fly to Madrid on the 1st of June and to travel to St. Jean or to Roncesvalles on the next day. 3rd of June is my birthday (oh, my God, I'll be 42) and I would like to start my camino on that day. Can you suggest me an easy and relatively cheap way to travel from Madrid to St. Jean or to Roncesvalles on the 2nd of June? (Or a website where I could check my possibilities for traveling?)

I appreciate every helpful advices. Thank you very much in advance.

Love, peace and cerveza:


Christine Jett-Rivard -- Monday, April 5 2004, 11:00 pm -- Email:

I will be starting the Camino in May 22 - 23rd. Any ideas about the weather in May and June in Northern Spain? Thanks for your input. I hope to arrive in Santiago de Compostela on June 28th. Thaks, chris

Nan -- Friday, April 2 2004, 10:37 am -- Email:

my parents want me to bring a cell phone with me on the camino (I'm embarassed to admit it, but really it's just for emergencies): do any of you have suggestions as to what sort of phone plan/service I should get? do some phone companies serve the area better than others?


Bel -- Wednesday, March 31 2004, 11:13 pm -- Email:

Hi everyone,

I need to go from Paris to Roncesvalles, what's the best and cheapest way to do that? Also, do you guys suggest any hotels or B&B on the way?

Looking forward to your reply


Mary -- Tuesday, March 30 2004, 10:29 pm -- Email:

Hola a todos!

Any recommendations on the best travel combinations to get from Barcelona to St. Jean Pied de Port? I will be leaving BCN the 29th or 30th of April.



Heather Carroll -- Saturday, March 27 2004, 08:30 pm -- Email:

I will be walking the camino from St. Jean starting around the first of July, however, I will be spending the month of June travelling by train to various sites along the four french routes. During this time I will be photographing a great deal of the church architecture and sculpture along the routes (as a part of my senior college thesis) and I am in the market for a digital camera to bring along with me. If anyone could recommend a decent camera that works well within the large, low-light church spaces, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Martin Belcher -- Saturday, March 27 2004, 04:24 am -- Email:

Fellow Pilgrims, I will be departing from St. Kean on the 7th of April.I would like to hear from others leaving around the same time frame.Also ,can anyone give me information about camping facilities as I would like to do both refugios and camping along the way.

Esmeralda -- Thursday, March 25 2004, 10:45 am -- Email:

Hola, soy una peregrina que hice el camino en el 99 y ahora vuelvo arrepetirlo, un saludo para todos los peregrinos .

richard -- Wednesday, March 24 2004, 12:00 pm -- Email:

We are starting the camino in Leon on April 5th. Any weather tips from seasoned travellers??? (particularly on how much rain gear to bring)

Ray -- Wednesday, March 24 2004, 08:50 am -- Email:

Hello fellow walkers. Those of you who are planning to walk the Camino but would like to know a little more about what to expect should take a look at ---- It should help prepare you and perhaps allay some of the concerns you may have about this adventure

Frank -- Monday, March 22 2004, 07:17 pm -- Email:


I'm walking the camino from St Jean-Pied-de-Port and I start the 23rd of april. Is there anyone else which starts at that date? Does anyone has some usefull tips or adresses? Thanks, Frank

Eria -- Monday, March 22 2004, 10:16 am -- Email:

Hello Everyone! I am going to hike the camino this year, during the month of July. And I am concerned that the trail will be "overcrowded" because it is a holy year and that finding accommodation at the monasteries will be difficult. I would appreciate any insight that pilgrims may have...maybe I have no reason to be concerned?? Thanks, Eria

Kate -- Thursday, March 18 2004, 02:02 pm -- Email:

Hello! I plan on walking el camino this spring. I'm currently living eastern France and I'm wondering what is the easiest and cheapest way to get to St Jean-Pied-de-Port. Does anyone know if there is a bus or train from Barcelona? Secondly, what should I expect in terms of weather from mid May to mid June, should I bring warm clothes? Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks in advance, Kate

Heather -- Tuesday, March 16 2004, 12:50 am -- Email:

FOR MARIA WHO POSTED MARCH 3RD. Here is the link you need for ALL routes 'ways' of the Camino! It includes the refugios as well :) Maria, I hope this helps solve your problem! I'm doing all the research I can well ahead of time. FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ALREADY DONE THE CAMINO IN HOT WEATHER::Did any of you use a hydration backpack? And when buying the pack and it says "Hydration Compatible", does that mean that the hydration system is already integrated or that I need to buy the device and integrate it myself? Any information would be wonderfully appreciated! Looking for a pack for 30 days, about 50 or 60 litre capacity, sleeping bag compartment&hydration system, as well as some sort of air-cooled back system. will be doing the Camino July/August 2005, but firstly Macchu Picchu this September (and it will be hot), so doing all my research now :) Would like to find the best products ahead of time. Thank you in advance,and for reviews of what NOT to buy, etc. Heather, Basel Switzerland

Irene Hall -- Saturday, March 13 2004, 01:56 am -- Email:

I wish to express my sadness at the bombings in Madrid. I was in Spain in October 2002, and rode the train to Pamplona and to Barcelona. I am saddened by yesterday's bonbings, and am so sorry.

Irene Hall -- Saturday, March 13 2004, 01:38 am -- Email:

Ursula Bohn -- Saturday, March 13 2004, 01:05 am -- Email:

On behalf of all non-Spanish pilgrims, I would like to express my sadness and outrage at the bombings in Madrid.

Sylvia (South African pilgrim) -- Friday, March 12 2004, 05:15 pm -- Email:

Deepest sympathies to all those in Madrid who were injured and to the families who lost loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Nicanor -- Monday, March 8 2004, 11:19 pm -- Email:

Hola, El próximo mes de abril, entre el los dias 20 y 25, comenzaré a hacer el camino desde Roncesvalles. Somos tres personas una de 72 años (4ª vez que realiza el camino)otra de 67 años (2ª vez) y otra, yo, de 65 años,tambien 2ª vez. Si nuestra compañia anima a alguien, español o extranjero, a unirse a este trio será bien venido.Un saludo.

Kieran Brophy -- Friday, March 5 2004, 10:26 am -- Email:

Message for Al Fraser. I got a reply to my question from a man who passed through St Jean P de P in the last week or so. He said that if the accueil is not yet open then you should go to 55 Rue de Citadelle ( the refuge), see Jeannine and she will give you a stamped paper to give to the pilgrim office in Roncesvalles. So, it seems there isn't a problem after all. My mail refused to go to your mail address so I hope you see this. Kieran

Maria -- Wednesday, March 3 2004, 07:36 pm -- Email:

Hello I did the camino last June. I walked from Pamplona to Finisterre and I had a wonderful time. I want to thank everybody I met there and who spent some time with me. I'm pleased to met so many interesting people! I would like to go the camino in Portugal (March or April/start in lisboa or porto), but I can't find any useful information about the refuges, the way itself, ... If you've been on the camino portugues or if you know good links please help me. Thank you and buen camino maria

Kieran Brophy -- Wednesday, March 3 2004, 11:02 am -- Email:

Hello, The 2004 edition of the Confraternity of Saint James Pilgrim Guide to Spain states that the Accueil saint Jacques in St Jean Pied de Port will open this year on 1 May. I'm just wondering if this date is correct. I hope to start the pilgrimage on 27 or 28 March from St Jean and so if the accueil is not open at that time, where can I get the credencial? Can anyone help with some definite information please?

Wendy Petty -- Wednesday, March 3 2004, 09:19 am -- Email:

In response to Jeff Gilbert: there is a train service between Biarritz (and Bayonne) to St. Jean Pied de Port. For timings suggest you look at the German Railways website. I have used this successfully in the past. Biarritz airport is a bit nearer Bayonne than Biarritz. My preference would be to start in St Jean rather than Roncesvalles and so not miss the wonderful walking over the Pass. It is a hard first day so be sure to have done some practice first! All the best for your Pilgrimage, wherever you start it.

jeff gilbert -- Saturday, February 28 2004, 02:59 pm -- Email:

Can anyone tell me how I can get from Biarritz to St. Jean and how long it takes. I am travelling in May and am not sure wether to fly to Biarritz and start from St. Jean or to fly to Bilbao and begin from Roncevalles. Any information would be appreciated.



jack de groot -- Wednesday, February 25 2004, 03:58 pm -- Email: jack de

I'm looking for RITA from L.A. or San Francisco, who walked the camino from Leon onwards and arrived in Santiago on 24 May 2002. She is about 25 years old now and was accompanied by two Americans and a Brazilian.

José Luis -- Friday, February 20 2004, 04:04 pm -- Email:

Hola amigos: Soy un peregrino español y residente en Bélgica, que ha hecho varias veces el Camino y que piensa hacerlo muchas veces más, pues es una experiencia maravillosa y todo el que la vive desea repetirla. Me gustaría ponerme en contacto con otros peregrinos o personas que residan en éste mismo pais y que en el futuro tengan la intención de hacer el Camino de Santiago, para intercambiar experiencias e información en nuestra querida lengua castellana. Si alguien está interesado, puede contactarme a través del correo electrónico.

Un saludo cariñoso para todos los hermanos del Camino.

Julie Bates -- Wednesday, February 18 2004, 02:34 am -- Email:

Hola, Im interested in doing the Camino in June or July.I arrive in Spain from Australia in June so Im flexible when I do the walk. Id like some info. on the places to start if Im starting in Spain. And any extra info. on the walk. If there is anyone who is interested in a companion send me any email. Im a 27 year old Aussie girl. Thanks Jools

KARRUM -- Sunday, February 15 2004, 08:33 pm -- Email:


Javier -- Saturday, February 14 2004, 11:21 am -- Email:

Te felicito Jose Luis, por tu correo. Yo tengo algún año más que tú, y tambien empecé el año pasado a hacer el Camino. Por problemas de salud lo tuve que dejar, y hoy 10 meses más tarde, casí ya restablecido te aseguro que lo voy a reemprender, ahora en este mes, pues tengo una necesidad interior grande de llevarlo a cabo. Gracias, desde Pamplona

Javier -- Saturday, February 14 2004, 11:20 am -- Email:

Te felicito Jose Luis, por tu correo. Yo tengo algún año más que tú, y tambien empecé el año pasado a hacer el Camino. Por problemas de salud lo tuve que dejar, y hoy 10 meses más tarde, casí ya restablecido te aseguro que lo voy a reemprender, ahora en este mes, pues tengo una necesidad interior grande de llevarlo a cabo. Gracias, desde Pamplona

Jose Luis Prada -- Saturday, February 14 2004, 10:29 am -- Email:

Hola amigos: Hace cinco años y con cincuenta de edad, me decidi por primera vez a hacer el Camino de Santiago,despues lo he vuelto a hacer otras dos veces más y puedo decir que es una experiencia única y maravillosa. Durante mis marchas en solitario por las largas llanuras de Castilla-Leon,he aprendido muchas cosas que son imprescindibles para un prergrino o caminante (como se le quiera llamar), una de ellas, quizá la más importante sea el equipaje, no me refiero al equipaje físico, al que se lleva colgado a las espaldas, me refiero al que llevas dentro de ti,dentro de tu mente, dentro de tu corazón y me refiero concretamente a la HUMILDAD. En mi caso personal la he sentido de una forma muy intensa durante todo el Camino y me ha servido como llave maestra para abrir todas las puertas. Esta virtud, junto con otras, que todo peregrino llebamos dentro pero que muchas veces no somos capaces de esteriorizar debido a la presión de la vida cotidiana. Estoy seguro que la gran mayoria de las personas que han hecho el Camino me comprenden perfectamente, asi como muchas de las que no lo han hecho. Para tí peregrino que estás pensando en emprender la marcha, mi consejo es que no lo dudes, adelante verás como todas las puertas del CAMINO se abrirán con esa llave maestra y cuando alcances a ver Santiago de Compostela comprenderás y seguirás caminando, pues el Camino de Santiago no es más que el principio del CAMINO. Asi lo comenta este humilde caminante y vuestro amigo Pepe.

Jose Luis Prada -- Saturday, February 14 2004, 10:25 am -- Email:

Hola amigos: Hace cinco años y con cincuenta de edad, me decidi por primera vez a hacer el Camino de Santiago,despues lo he vuelto a hacer otras dos veces más y puedo decir que es una experiencia única y maravillosa. Durante mis marchas en solitario por las largas llanuras de Castilla-Leon,he aprendido muchas cosas que son imprescindibles para un prergrino o caminante (como se le quiera llamar), una de ellas, quizá la más importante sea el equipaje, no me refiero al equipaje físico, al que se lleva colgado a las espaldas, me refiero al que llevas dentro de ti,dentro de tu mente, dentro de tu corazón y me refiero concretamente a la HUMILDAD. En mi caso personal la he sentido de una forma muy intensa durante todo el Camino y me ha servido como llave maestra para abrir todas las puertas. Esta virtud, junto con otras, que todo peregrino llebamos dentro pero que muchas veces no somos capaces de esteriorizar debido a la presión de la vida cotidiana. Estoy seguro que la gran mayoria de las personas que han hecho el Camino me comprenden perfectamente, asi como muchas de las que no lo han hecho. Para tí peregrino que estás pensando en emprender la marcha, mi consejo es que no lo dudes, adelante verás como todas las puertas del CAMINO se abrirán con esa llave maestra y cuando alcances a ver Santiago de Compostela comprenderás y seguirás caminando, pues el Camino de Santiago no es más que el principio del CAMINO. Asi lo comenta este humilde caminante y vuestro amigo Pepe.

JAVIER (PAMPLONA) -- Thursday, February 12 2004, 09:30 am -- Email:

Envio estas letras solamente para agradecer esta PÁGINA, que me parece fantástica, y una de las mejores que he visto. SALUDOS DESDE EL CAMINO.

Andy -- Wednesday, February 11 2004, 02:11 pm -- Email:

How do four adults get from Pamplona to St. Jean de Pied de Port? Is a taxi the only realistic way?

Martin Belcher -- Monday, February 9 2004, 07:27 pm -- Email: or home

I was wondering if anyone can advise me on the best mode of transport to St. Jean. I am flying into Barcelona on or around the 14th-16th of April. I know I can get a train to Pamplona-But then what? Also I have heard that there is a daily train from Toulouse to St. Jean. Is there direct train service from Barcelona to Toulouse? I will be walking the distance and would enjoy hearing from others who will be making the trek at that time.I will be grateful for any transport advice.

John -- Sunday, February 8 2004, 06:19 pm -- Email:

Hola! I'm planning on walking the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port, starting on March 22 or 29. I'm 52 and am looking for a companion(s). I would like to take between 5 and 6 weeks depending on the weather etc. What is the weather like in March and April? Any tips and advice appreciated.

Also if anyone would like to participate in training day hikes in South of England please let me know.

Madeleine Reid -- Sunday, February 8 2004, 11:09 am -- Email:

I'm looking forward to walking the camino sometime in the future, I don't know when, but I can't wait. I hope in two years time I will be back at this site writing about my experiences as a pelegrino.

Thanks to all those who have written about their experiences.

John Giddings -- Friday, February 6 2004, 10:34 am -- Email:

Hoping to walk from Le Puy starting on the 31 March 2004.I shall have my 60th birthday on the way! I think I'm writing this so that I can't back out.Look forward to meeting whoever.Particularly anyone who is bi-lingual English.

Cecilia Rojas -- Saturday, January 31 2004, 04:17 pm -- Email:

Planning my trip for June anyone has any tips? Need lots of info. In fact any info will be greately appreciated I am flying from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA I run about 5-10 kilometers a day, how long will it take me to walk it?

Hanna -- Thursday, January 29 2004, 12:31 pm -- Email:

Got some great info on camping, but I'm curious as to the shoe situation as well-- I have leather boots with Vibram soles, but those aren't always going to be fantastic..hehe. So what about Chacos (Vibram soled sandals) or even running shoes? And any other info regarding the Camino that isn't here would be great too-- like, how would I get to St Jean Pied de Port from Zurich, Switzerland. (Where I now live) I can't find any train link ups that would take me there!

Pam Salmon -- Tuesday, January 27 2004, 02:10 am -- Email:

We will be walking the Camino de Santiago in May 2004. Could somebody tell me more about the expected weather at that time of the year including the average temperture. Would very comfortable walking sandles be OK to walk in or would I require boots? Hope somebody can help me. I will be traveling from NZ to do this Pilgram's Way.

sekhar. -- Saturday, January 24 2004, 06:52 pm -- Email:

Hello, thank you for this site. I am starting my camino in the second half of April from Le Puy. I never walked long distances before so I welcome all the advice from those who walked the French route and all the information I should have for this trip. Please help me. sekhar.

Ruairi O hEara -- Wednesday, January 21 2004, 12:00 pm -- Email:

A Chairde! My Name is Ruairi from Derry City in Ireland, I did the Camino last may from St Jean, I travelled there alone although became befriended by most of the camino, It was wonderful! It is the most positive place ive ever been in my life and my advice to anyone who will make this journey is to ACCEPT EVERYTHING!!! Accept your fears and all emotions that come to you, dont go looking for your answers, Go with the Camino and ACCEPT everything it gives and u will get your answers!!! Buen Camino Peligrinos!!!!

Karien -- Monday, January 19 2004, 03:28 pm -- Email:

I am planning on doing the Camino in May 2004 starting in Sain Tean Pied Du Port in France. Any tips weather etc will be very helpful. My sister from South Africa will be going with me and I am from Nanaimo in Canada. Anyone in Nanaimo planning on doing the Camino?

Jeena -- Wednesday, January 14 2004, 08:01 am -- Email:

oops..wrong email address...again, going to walk in info if possible....and also best way to get to roncesvalles from Wales, UK thanks!!!

Jeena -- Wednesday, January 14 2004, 08:00 am -- Email:

I walked the Camino in July 2003. I am looking for Belin, who lives in madrid, who walked with me for several days. She has a sister, and was with a male friend. Also, I am looking for Eve, canadian pre-med student, who completed the camino with me until Finisterre. If you know any of these people, please email me.

jeena -- Wednesday, January 14 2004, 07:56 am -- Email:

I am walking the camino from early april from roncesvalles. How is the weather in april? I only did the camino in july so i have no idea. Also, what is the best way to get to roncesvalles from wales, uk? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Martin Belcher -- Monday, January 12 2004, 06:57 pm -- Email:

I am planning on walking the Camino in the April-May time frame.I would be pleased to recieve any information as to weather, refuge availability,camping sites near the path ,must see stops,and any other information which would be helpful. Also if anyone is looking for a walking partner for part or all of the way please correspond. My e- mail address is

Margaret Andrews -- Sunday, January 11 2004, 02:33 pm -- Email:

Help! My flight to Bilbao doesn't arrive until 3.20 pm which means I will have to wait until 7 pm for the bus to Pamplona. Does anyone know how long the journey is and where and when I can pick up the credential in Pamplona.

Hanna Jensen -- Sunday, January 11 2004, 01:46 pm -- Email:

I'm just curious-- I'm going to be doing the Camino with my cousin in this summer, and I was wondering about the possibility of camping along the way? I'm not always keen on beds, and I'd love to tent it instead. Is that legal or even possible?

peg -- Friday, January 9 2004, 05:45 pm -- Email:

My husband and I are planning to walk the Camino in April of 2004. Some concern about the weather at that time of the year. We would like to hear from anyone who has walked at that time. We would rather deal with inclemate weather than a lot of people and thought this would be a good time. Also, will it be a good time for spring flowers. Thanks for any advice. Peg

Ann -- Friday, January 9 2004, 02:54 am -- Email:

Hola I am also planning to hike the Camino mid-March to April. I do not anticipate any problems, but would appreciate any tips or advice about hiking at this time of year. How long do most people take hiking at this time of year? I am also wondering on the best way to get from Madrid to Roncesvalles. I know I can train it to Pamplona, and get a bus to Roncesvalles from there, but is it possible to get a direct bus from Madrid? Many thanks Ann

Martin Short -- Monday, January 5 2004, 09:19 pm -- Email:

Greetings. I have decided to take on this walk in May this year (2004). I think that it should take me about 35 days in total if I start from Saint Jean. I am a fairly seasoned walker and a former Spanish speaker!! However, would love to hear from anyone who has had direct experience of doing this walk 'solo', especially on reading material and background research tips. Also any great culinary experiences sampled along the way, would be a bonus. Any 'must do' sites to see as well. Many thanks.

Aideen -- Monday, January 5 2004, 04:34 pm -- Email:

Hoping to do the camino in September/ October 2004. Has anyone experience of doing the walk with 2 children under 5 . We were thinking child backpacks or some sort of trailer. Perhaps its just not practical. Any suggestions or experiences would be welcome.

Addison Brade -- Monday, January 5 2004, 02:42 pm -- Email:

Hello, My wife and I, both aged 55, would like to walk part or parts of the Camino for about a week in May 2004. Can anyone suggest which parts, off-road if possible, might be the most rewarding from the point of view of scenery, atmosphere, urban/country architecture etc? Any suggestions on the best way to get to a start point from N. Wales would be useful. Could walk up to 15 miles a day.

Ray -- Monday, January 5 2004, 02:49 am -- Email:

Hi everybody. I walked the Camino with my wife and it was a great experience. We videotaped the entire route and tried to show examples of the more practical aspects - refugios, paths, villages etc... If you would like a copy go to my website Good luck Ray

Julian. -- Saturday, January 3 2004, 06:44 pm -- Email:

I am a man 50 y.o. I want to do the Camino. I need to practice English. Therefore, I looking the ideal partner to go together: A English speaker woman wanting to do the Camino! Are you ready? Thanks. Julian

Jose Garcia-Santos -- Friday, January 2 2004, 10:20 am -- Email:

Hi dear walkers. I´ll do "el camino" from Roncesvalle valley (France-Spain border)around the end of next April (dates not decided yet). I am begining with the organization and would like just to know about special tips to have in mind and/or those magic points or places on (or near) the camino I should pay a visit. Thanks for your advices. Jose

ciars -- Tuesday, December 23 2003, 04:31 pm -- Email:

is it safe for a woman to walk the camino solo??

ann marie costelloe -- Wednesday, December 17 2003, 09:57 am -- Email:

I am planning to do the camino for the first time on the 29th May 2004 but because of time etc am planning to start at O Cebreiro. I am going to fly to santiagio airport. but would like to know how do i get to o cebreiro. are there buses going near that route, any suggestions etc., please.

Kevin Lampone -- Monday, December 15 2003, 09:09 pm -- Email:

My partner and I are planning to go in March of 2004. Anyone have experiences from that time of year they can share? Also, should we want to rent bikes, does anyone have information about doing that and if it's possible to say, rent a bike in Leon and drop it off in Santiago? Feel free to email

Elisabeth Andersson -- Thursday, December 11 2003, 05:17 pm -- Email:

Hello! I wonder if any of the wonderful persons we met on our way to Santiago (10-16 of October 2003 from Sarria) will read this and send us a greeting? We = a family from Sweden, mother (me) and father with son and daughter in their early twenties, Mats and Monika. It would be nice to hear from you! We hope to go back and walk the Camino soon again. Elisabeth, Per-Olof, Mats and Monika

Terri-Lynn LeSage -- Friday, December 5 2003, 08:48 pm -- Email:

Hello from Canada!

I walked the camino in September of this year and found the beginning very challenging (blisters...ouch) but halfway through my feet began to heal and found it to be a once in a lifetime experience. I am looking for some pilgrims that I met along the way expecially Terri and Shane from St. Catharines, Ontario and David and Karen from Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. I lost them on the way and have not been able to get in touch since then. Please let me know if you have a contact number or email for them. I would love to get in touch with then and anyone else I met during my journey.

Thanks and Buen Camino!


Ursula Bohn -- Saturday, November 29 2003, 04:43 pm -- Email:

Clare and I walked the Camino from Pamplona to Santiago from September 23 to October 20, 2003. We were wondering if anyone who walked at that time has contact information for Alphonso, a from Tijuana, Mexico. Thanks

Simon Wickham-Smith -- Thursday, November 27 2003, 04:18 pm -- Email:

hi, I'm planning to walk the camino sloooooowly, starting mid-Jan 2004 and arriving on or around the beginning of Holy Week (first few days of April). For what it's worth, I'm 35, exBuddhist monk, brought (or maybe dragged) up in the Roman church, can't be doing with the outer garments of ritual and dogma but am convinced by and committed to hesychia (ie I'm good friends with the woman - or was she a man? - who wrote the Cloud of Unknowing). I have no idea what's going to happen to me along the way, but if anyone wants to find out, they're very welcome to join me.

Vern Neumann -- Wednesday, November 19 2003, 01:09 pm -- Email:

Great site. 2 of us (Aussie men)are starting 1 May 2004 most probably from St Jean-Pied de Port. We're really keen. I read that some pilgrims are suggesting it will be too busy on the traditional path next year. What does that mean? Should we take a tent just in case? Or, does it mean we should aim to get to a refugio ahead of the pack each day? Sounds like it could end up a bit of a race and that doesn't appeal. Also, would someone please be able to suggest a likely budget for the camino? Thanks

paul deguito -- Saturday, November 15 2003, 10:53 pm -- Email:

The camino has not left me even though it was six months ago since I did it. I am so mystified that I feel I should go back in May for the Holy year. I am not sure why I feel this way. For those who are contemplating on doing it, God bless and Buen Camino.

Sheila Devlin -- Saturday, November 15 2003, 08:20 pm -- Email:

Hi, wonderful site..brings back many happy memories of the Camino..anyone want to hear from a 57 year old who isn't a "real" walker..rather a pilgrim walker..would love to swap notes. Hope to go again 2004 and 2005(D.V.) Gets in your blood yes? meet super people and age is no barrier to friendship..neither is language!! Would love to hear from anyone and can also pass on some useful tips. Buen Camino!!!! sheila

ann -- Thursday, November 13 2003, 10:46 pm -- Email:

I hope to walk during the month of July 2004. If anyone has advice on where to begin the walk, the weather, tips on where to stay, etc...I'd appreciate it! Would especially love to hear from anyone who plans to be walking July 2004, but any advice is welcome.

Xanda -- Thursday, November 13 2003, 03:23 pm -- Email:

Has anyone done The caminho de Santiago by bike? Is march a good time? Will I be able to do the 800km in just 20 days?I don´t want to do in a hurry, but I would like to do the 800km

Margaret Andrews -- Wednesday, November 12 2003, 08:24 pm -- Email:

I am hoping to walk the Camino Frances during Lent 2004. I am keen to know what weather to expect - end of February/March and whether the refugios will be open.

Norton Tennille -- Wednesday, November 12 2003, 03:44 pm -- Email:

I would like to know about the weather in late December, January, and February. Please respond to Many thanks.

Alessandra -- Wednesday, November 12 2003, 01:36 pm -- Email:

I want to do the camino de santiago in December, but I am afraid of the weather. Has anyone know how is the weather at this time? Is it a bad idea doing it in the winter time?

Alexander With -- Tuesday, November 11 2003, 06:06 pm -- Email:

Is it possible to do the camino on horseback? And if so where should I turn to for information?

All knowlegde about horses on the camino would be gratefully recieved on:

Judy Casselberry -- Saturday, November 8 2003, 07:36 pm -- Email:

Hi! I'm finally gonna do it! Because of work commitments, I cannot begin (from Roncesvalles) until the middle of June 2004. Is there anyone else going at that time? I'm a 42-year-old woman from the United States who's in good hiking shape. Let me know...I'd love company. BTW...I speak pretty decent Spanish.

eloy roldan - Bahamas -- Tuesday, November 4 2003, 09:10 pm -- Email:

Am planing to walk the Camino next year - May Month 2004 and would like to hear from others in the over 65 age - and their experience and any good advise. Health is good and in fairly good shape and willing to try .


Charles Fountain -- Tuesday, November 4 2003, 05:32 pm -- Email:

I am investigating the possibility of making the trip of the Camino by Horse drawn carriage - other than the logistical and regulatory issues can anyone confirm whether any of the routes are suitable hills and cross country routes are not a problem (in fact preferred) so long as the route can accomodate a width of 1.5-2m vehicle.

Ray -- Tuesday, November 4 2003, 11:42 am -- Email:

If anyone wants a video of the Camino from Ronscesvales to Santiago, take a look at my website I can also E-mail you a short preview Hope to hear from you, Ray

Laura -- Sunday, November 2 2003, 03:38 pm -- Email:

Im planning to do parts of the camino this summer. Because my lack of time I can only walk a few weeks. Im starting in stjean pied de port on the 9th of june and I will walk until Burgos. How warm will it get? Does anyone know the average temperature in june in that area? I would be very happy for any answer because I will be traveling with my mom and she is a bit sensetive to the heat. will it stay at 20-25 or reach 30-35? Pls reply to my email.

Thank you.


lydia van Oosterhout -- Friday, October 31 2003, 09:37 am -- Email:

Last summer I walked the camino from Roncevalles to Finisterre with my husband and my two daughters from 8 and 11 years old. It was such an experience to be so close with each other. Three years ago we were on holiday in Espinal and met a lot of people who were walking the camino. We decided to walk also when the children are settled and grown up. Last year we were walking in Italy and decided not to wait. You never know what will happen the next 10 years. I will everyone with children advise to do the camino also. They have changed in 8 weeks to very social children who like to seek the adventure

Ros Young -- Wednesday, October 29 2003, 09:35 pm -- Email:

My husband and I are planning to do the Camino by bike in Sep of 2004. We do not want to spend a lot of time on highways or roads and would like to do as much on the trail as possible. What would be the best kind of bike: a regular mountain bike (w/out suspension) or hybrid? We plan on doing the 850 km trip in about 18 days. Too short a time? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as walking is out of the question re: time and knee damage constraints. Cheers! Ros and Guy

Steve Lane -- Friday, October 24 2003, 03:50 pm -- Email:


I completed the camino this summer despite some of my initial fears, ie not being religious, never having walked more than a few miles at one time and not really knowing anything about the camino itself. Without doubt, it was the most amazing experience of my life, physically, mentally and spiritually. The camino is different for everyone, it's a very personal experience, all that is important is that you do it!

Much love, Steve

PS Top Tip that saved my camino: drink a couple of sips of water every 20 minutes, don't guzzle lots of water at once, little and often is the key!

Lara Iversen -- Tuesday, October 14 2003, 03:21 pm -- Email:

Hello! Thank you for a great site . It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again...:-) I walked the Camino from St.Jean-Pied de Port in August 2002, and it was truly the most amazing and life-altering experience of my life! I answered its calling, and it took me deeper into myself, and led my life in the most incredible directions... I'm also planning my second camino for 2005. If you're preparing for the walk (or out of simple curiosity), I would love to answer any questions you might have, practical or otherwise. You can write me in English, Danish or French. Buen Camino... Lara

Jacques Theron -- Monday, October 6 2003, 07:31 pm -- Email:

I've done the cammino twice, once on my own, once facilitating a group. I'm running a group again in May 2004 - my focus is meditation and breathwork techniques along the Camino to enance the spiritual and self-developmental aspect of the Journey. If you're worried about going alone, or want to join the synergy of a group, let me know. (facilitation is non-dogmatic and non-sectarian... the pilgrim is free to walk at own pace)

Piero -- Sunday, October 5 2003, 05:13 pm -- Email:

Hola a tutti siamo appena tornati dal cammino siamo Piero Enrico Marcello e Maria lo abbiamo fatto in mountain bike un'esperienza davvero molto emozionante certamente da ripetere questa volta a piedi abbiamo incontrato persone davvero molto ospitali e gentili un saluto a tutti anzi Buon Cammino a tutti se volete informazioni sul cammino potete contattarmi:

Inga -- Sunday, September 28 2003, 06:53 pm -- Email:

Hola! Greetings to everybody who has done Camino and to those especially who are going to do it in future. Camino gives us an opportunity to change our lifes and gives memories which are not possible to forget.. I'm still together with the people I met on camino IN MY MIND...can not forget...just can not. Almost every of them learned me something good. Sometimes it's enough with couple of sentences, one evening together or just a smile. Don't ask what kind of weather you are going to experience. Nobody knows it. And it is not SO important...rain or sun... Camino itself and peregrinos are the most important thing. So, please, don't worry :) Buen Camino! prima letona (did camino okt/nov 2002)

Peter Kuiper -- Wednesday, September 24 2003, 12:42 pm -- Email:

Hello, on my camino-page ( I am collecting pilgrim diaries who arrived at Santiago this year, like I did last april. Until now I've only found Dutch pilgrims on the internet. Where are the english (speaking) ones?

Alejandra -- Wednesday, September 24 2003, 06:01 am -- Email:

Hi peregrinos:

I'm flying form Arizona to start the Camino from Burgos on October 7th. I've heard wonderful things about the refugios but I've also heard that some refugios are not very good (dirty, mice, rude hospitaleros, etc.)I was wondering if somebody can tell me which ones to avoid. Thank You

Alicia Sandoval -- Monday, September 8 2003, 08:42 am -- Email:


I am from San Diego and will be travelling to Spain on October 1st, starting the Camino a couple of days later. I would love to join other people on this awesome journey. I am 30 years old and I speak English, Spanish, French, and a bit of Italian. E-mail me if you are going to be starting the journey around the same time: I also have a couple of questions: 1. How is the weather in October? Is it rainy season? Is it very cold? 2. What kind of shoes should I use? 3. How safe is the Camino for a woman?

God Bless! Alicia

Melissa -- Sunday, September 7 2003, 08:20 pm -- Email:

I am leaving to hike the Camino on September 15th with a friend. We are flying into Paris then on to SJPDP to get our credentials. I am excited and really hoping that this will be a life changing experience. Any suggestions? Or is there anyone out there who may be traveling at this time, please e-mail me, I would be glad to hear from you. Bueno Camino!!!!

baydon smith libby henry. -- Sunday, August 31 2003, 04:17 am -- Email:

we are from tasmania australia and intend to walk the camino in march 04. this is the best info site we have found keep up the good work. any information is always appreciated, foot ware is the thing we need to know abuot is it heavy walking boots or strong sneakers? baydon and libby

ferdinand- August 27th, 2003- -- Wednesday, August 27 2003, 02:20 pm -- Email:

Recent personal events prompted me to find my spiritual path as well as wanting to "taste" some of what the santiago path has to offer. All this came to me recently and realize that I could seize the opportunity to just do part of the hike due to work constraints.

The question it sill to try to get a sense of this path in ten days?

How and where do i begin?

What is the path like in December? terms of temperature, crowd?

If anyone can answer or give some advice, please email..

thank you


Ursula -- Tuesday, August 26 2003, 12:23 pm -- Email:

Join Ultreya A Network of International Pilgrims exchanging information about the Camino de Santiago!

Clare Smales -- Saturday, August 23 2003, 03:46 pm -- Email:

Any help would be very gratefully received. I am starting the Camino on the 5th September, coming from the UK. Because I have only 25 days to get as far as possible, can anyone recommend the quickest way to get from England to Roncesvalles? eg which airport - Pau, Bilbao, Biarritz, Pamplona? What is the best way to get to Roncesvalles from any of these airports? Am I really missing out by not starting from St Jean de Pied a Port?

Anne -- Tuesday, August 19 2003, 09:53 pm -- Email: annepmcc@hotmail,com

I'm looking for a bloke from Bavaria called Hubert. He lives near Chiemsee- I think! We met on the path between Navarette and Azofra (16th july, 2003) and walked to Belorado together. Unfortunately I didn't get his e-mail. Anyone who might know him please contact me.

Melanie Circle -- Monday, August 18 2003, 06:45 pm -- Email:

Hello. Starting in Mid-September, we're going to spend 6 weeks walking the Camino from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port. I would love to know what people have worn on their feet. Thanks in advance, Melanie

carina molander -- Wednesday, August 13 2003, 08:33 pm -- Email:

I´m starting my camino the 25th of august. I didn´t book my ticket back to Sweden (or Denmark) since I don´t know when I want to return. Does anyone have a good idea how to get back to Scandinavia in a cheap way? I´m excited!!!!!

Lara Iversen -- Wednesday, August 13 2003, 03:51 pm -- Email:

Hello! Thank you for a great site. It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again...;-) I walked the Camino from St.Jean-Pied de Port in August 2002 and it was the most amazing and life-altering experience of my life. I feel its impact to this day... If you're preparing for the walk (or out of simple curiosity), I would love to answer any questions you might have, practical or otherwise. You can write me in English, Danish, or French. Buen Camino...Lara

Cristine F. Goodman -- Tuesday, August 12 2003, 07:06 pm -- Email:

Hi, I'm walking the camino from St. Jean to Burgos in September. Questions 1) how do I get from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to St Jean? 2)How's the weather then? 3) I'll be by myself, mid-50s woman, is it as safe as I think it is? Thanks for the help! Please answer

Suzanne -- Sunday, August 10 2003, 12:52 am -- Email:

My daughter and I are walking the Camino September 10-Oct. 15th the French route. Can anyone give any helpful hints, & especially about weather/rain at that time of year?

thank you

Francine Gaudet -- Friday, August 8 2003, 12:50 am -- Email:

A group of middle aged women from Canada and England are meeting in St Jean on April 31, 2004 to walk the Camino to Santiago. Although the intent is there to complete it together, we are not holding anyone to a commitment. I've bookmarked this informative site and we look forward to meeting other pilgrims during our May 2004 trek.

melanie -- Thursday, August 7 2003, 09:30 pm -- Email:

Was wondering if there is a bus from Pamplona to Saint Jean pied de Port or what is the best way to reach this town from Barcelona.

Sylvia -- Thursday, August 7 2003, 02:39 pm -- Email:

I am interested in reading about the pilgrimage on horseback. Can anyone send me their diary of their experience? Thanks

Francisco Alanis -- Thursday, August 7 2003, 07:08 am -- Email:

Hola, por este medio quisiera contactar a todos ( pocos o muchos ) los peregrinos mexicanos, para crear un grupo e intercambiar experiencias, ya sea por correo electronico o personalmente. Escriban por favor a este correo, yo soy de Monterrey y tengo 23 años; hice el Camino en el 2001 y ha sido la mejor experiencia de mi vida. Espero sus correos, y Buen Camino!!!

Theresa Moloney -- Tuesday, August 5 2003, 09:05 pm -- Email:

Hi, I am walking approximately 80km of the Camino in September for a charity in Ireland. Can anyone help in suggesting a suitable part of the Camino. Would the last 80/90km be a good way to do it? What airport should I fly to if I wanted to walk the last part of it? Thanks a million. Theresa Moloney

Tiffany -- Tuesday, July 29 2003, 09:22 am -- Email:

I am planning to walk The Camino starting April 11 2004, finishing early May.

Can anyone tell me what the weather will be like at this time? I have heard that it could be quite cool then.

Andrew Grant -- Sunday, July 27 2003, 10:18 am -- Email:

My wife and I are both 65 years of age. In the spring of this year we walked the Route St jacques from Le Puy to Navarrenx. In September we return to complete the Camino to Santiago. Will let you know when we arrive. We found our early experience marvellous and doing this section in springtime the wildfloweres were exceptional. We were also blessed with good weather - only 3 days rain.

I have found this site very informative and enjoy previewing the route we are to follow using your photographs as a guide. This is the web at its best! Thank you.

Diane Pope -- Tuesday, July 22 2003, 05:29 pm -- Email:

I am very excited at the prospect of making the pilgrimage this fall, mid Sept to end of October. I am 54 and my friend is 50. We would like advice about where best to fly to, from Canada, to start the trip. We plan to set out from St Jean Pied de Port. Then, how do we get to and from the original landing point? We also have questions about the weather at that time of year, what clothes to bring, how much time to estimate for the whole experience and a daily budget. Any help from experienced pilgrims would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Di

Mariusz Wesolowski -- Wednesday, July 16 2003, 07:38 am -- Email:

People planning to walk the camino frances in 2004 should keep in mind that it is going to be a Holy Year, and the number of pilgrims - already very high - will at least quadruple or quintuple. The refugios along the way are already badly overcrowded as it is. For other remarks please see my posting at the "Why I did the Camino" section.

Terri-Lynn LeSage -- Monday, July 14 2003, 06:53 pm -- Email:

Thank you to all those people that have responded to my questions but I do have some more! I am from Canada and would really like to fly into Paris. How would I get from Paris to Roncesvalles and do you know how long it would take? Would it be better to fly into Madrid?

Thank you so much!

Gillian Hunt -- Monday, July 14 2003, 02:17 pm -- Email:

Hi! I´m in Santiago now, having just finished 6 weeks of walking from St Jean Pied de Port-it was an amazing experience! Thanks for the photos, it´s been strange and moving, looking at places I walked through and stayed in and ate at. If you´re thinking of doing the Walk, go for it! But try and avoid July and August, it´s too hot and too crowded so you end up worrying about getting a bed, which isn´t what the Camino is about at all. Buen Camino! Gillian, Belfast

MARÍA -- Monday, July 14 2003, 12:17 pm -- Email:


Dieter Brandenstein (Germany) -- Sunday, July 13 2003, 10:09 pm -- Email:

To all the ones I met on the Camino. I arrived in Santiago July 6th blessed with experiences and savely guided. I am happy I got to know to all of you and would love to hear from you again.

-Dirk aus Hamburg, ich hoffe es geht Dir gut und wir sehen uns bald wieder! -Ute (Anna) aus Hanau, es war schön, Dich kennenzulernen! Bewahre Dir Dein sonniges Gemüt und laß Dich niemals unterkriegen! -Marianne aus Österreich, Du hast meine Adresse. Würde mich freuen, wenn wir uns mal austauschen könnten über die Zeit seit Leon. -Eva and Kristina from Sweden and Maria from USA: I am really sorry I let you wait that evening we had an appointment for dinner and really hope you will forgive me! -Gabi and Edoardo from Mexico: You were both so sweet and warm at heart. Enjoy your trip around the world and if you ever come to Germany and close to Frankfurt, please let me know! -Paul and Larry from San Francisco, Angela and David from Ireland: I hope you all found what you were looking for. Take care and may god bless you! -Rachel from Brazil: I was hoping to meet you again past Leon, cause somehow we never managed to talk to much.

Regards and always buen camino for every step of your lifes

Dieter (from Germany) on the Camino from Pamplona to Santiago June 8th to July 6th 2003

Sylvia Nilsen -- Sunday, July 13 2003, 06:38 pm -- Email:

Linda Andert -- Friday, July 11 2003, 05:17 pm -- Email:

Lin, I tried to reply to your email but it is "Undeliverable" on this address. Contact me if you want to. Sylvia

Linda Andert -- Friday, July 11 2003, 05:17 pm -- Email:

I will be walking the Camino starting September 10,2003 for 30 days. I have many questions I have thought of. What is the weather like then? How much money should I plan on needing? I am flying into Madrid and starting somewhere mid way because I am meeting a friend for about a week to walk with. Is there a good place to stay in Madrid? What is the lodging like at the refugios in Madrid? Any one beter than others? Once reaching Camino de Santiago,I will be then taking the train back to St Jean-Pied-de-Port and continue. Are the train schedules hard to figure out?

I am a little nervous, but hope to use this to my advantage.

Lara Iversen -- Tuesday, July 8 2003, 08:14 am -- Email:

Hello! Thank you for a great site. It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again...:-) I walked the Camino from St.Jean-Pied de Port in August 2002 and it was the most amazing and life-altering experience of my life. I feel its impact to this day.. If you're preparing for the walk (or out of simple curiosity), I would love to answer any questions you might have, practical or otherwise. You can write me in English, Danish, or French. Buen Camino... Lara

ricardo -- Monday, July 7 2003, 07:37 pm -- Email:

we just finished a 9 day mountain bike trip of the camino. it was fabulous (though very hot, record heat on some days, over 100 on many days). we started in logrono and kept off the tarmac as much as possible, going to it only when the signs said no bikes. some of the offroad was grueling with a lot of pushing of the bikes on sections that were not climbable. fantastic trip and we will do another route soon.

Lulu -- Friday, July 4 2003, 09:30 am -- Email:


I Lie in L.A, USA. I am deeply drawn to walking the Camino de Santiago onlyfor espiritual growth and enlightment. Would like to go this year in Sept/or Oct 2003..will do this alone, this has been a life altering year, think is what I need to heal and find myself. I want info though on guides...if any.

-- Friday, July 4 2003, 01:52 am -- Email:

Hi - I'm doing the camino from Roncavalles in August - I have about 23 days - I'm in pretty good shape and am 28 - does anyone know anything about doing it this quickly? Or am I just delusional? I did the section from Sarria a few years ago in April - it rained every day and I brought too much stuff, so I think I have some sense of what I'm in for. Also, do I really need a sleeping bag in August or would a very light sleeping bag liner be adequate? Thanks for any advice

Ray -- Thursday, July 3 2003, 11:13 pm -- Email:

Sorry, my address should read apologies Ray

Ray -- Thursday, July 3 2003, 11:08 pm -- Email:

Hi, Last year my wife and I walked the Camino and we video taped the whole way. The idea was to make this available to people who are thinking about doing it, to let them know what to expect, or for anyone who has already walked it as a memento. If you look at my website you'll see what I mean. If anyone wants a copy I'll send it anywhere in the world. Hope to hear from you. Ray

Terri-Lynn LeSage -- Thursday, July 3 2003, 07:41 pm -- Email:

Hello...I am thinking about walking the Pilgrimage in the fall of this year and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some information. Here are the questions I have thought of! 1. Is it a good time to go in the month of September? What is the weather like then? 2. How much money should I put aside for each day? 3. What is a good starting point? 4. Once you reach Santiago de Compestello, how do you get back to your starting point? Train - EurRail? 5. What is the lodging like at the refugios? Are there many of them along the way? What do I need to be able to stay there? Is it a passport of some kind? Where do I get one? 6. Is it safe for a single girl in her early thirty's to travel by myself?

All of these questions may sound a bit naive but I am just starting to research the trip so any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!!

Leeann Whitehair -- Wednesday, July 2 2003, 07:15 am -- Email:

My husband and I wish to traverse the Camino in May 2004. Does anyone know if it is wet and cold during this month? Where do you purchase the maps for the walk. Have already purchased Walking in Spain (lonely planet) which is very helpful but maps are small. have also read "Pilgrim Stories' by Nancy Louise Frey. very good insight into people's reasons for walking the path to Santiago.

cant wait to go thanks for the great website Leeann Australia

Maria Hennessy -- Monday, June 30 2003, 09:00 pm -- Email:

I will be arriving in Lisboa on July 11th 2003 and I expect to start El Camino Portugues from Tuy a week later. Has anyone done this route or is ther any one planning this route to arrive in Santiago? Please email me.

helen swallow -- Monday, June 30 2003, 04:10 pm -- Email:

What should I expect to spend - walking from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago? A range?

None of the "comments" discussed weather- Is May too cold? September?

Sylvia -- Saturday, June 28 2003, 01:43 pm -- Email:

I ordered and have received the new poster of the Camino waymarks which is advertised on this site. It is really great and I will be using it when I give talks on the Camino. Thanks for making it available!

Paul tanney -- Friday, June 27 2003, 02:29 pm -- Email:

Hi, I'm hoping to start next week from Villafranca del Bierzo, anyone have any idea the best way to get there from leon? any advice welcome! thanks, Paul

Angelo&Sara -- Saturday, June 21 2003, 03:20 pm -- Email:

Hello!is there anyone who knows something about bus lines or train or something like this in the area between Porto and Santiago? we are going to go there in july by plane but we have no information about how to reach porto from santiago. please help us!! thank you anyway.

Sylvia -- Friday, June 20 2003, 06:15 pm -- Email:

Go to and join a really informative linkserve for people interested in the Camino.

Michael and Janet Johnson -- Monday, June 9 2003, 02:24 am -- Email:

We are planning to walk the Camino in 2005. We have been given to understand that those who complete the camino can get reduced airfares with Iberia Airlines from Santiago. Does anyone have further information on this? Great website!!!! Janet and Michael

Amandine -- Sunday, June 1 2003, 07:25 pm -- Email:

Thank you so much for this site! It's so strange and touching to see again the places where I walked just few weeks ago... several pictures are wonderful.

Sylvia -- Sunday, June 1 2003, 10:51 am -- Email:

The first recorded "Foreign" pilgrim was the Bishop of Le Puy. Hundreds of Spanish pilgrims (and possibly a few from France - not recorded) walked to the tomb of the Saint before the 10th Century. Many English pilgrims crossed the sea and walked to Santiago in the Holy years.

Peter Kuiper -- Saturday, May 31 2003, 08:52 pm -- Email:

A comment on "Just a comment": Also Le Puy is/was "just" one of the starting points, like there are many. Spanish people usually start in Roncesvalles, or any other place closer to Santiago. But how did the pilgrims arrive to Le Puy in the past? By foot! From where? From there house. If there is any "true" starting point of your pilgrimsway, then it's your own front door. Any other starting point is somehow artificial, but who am I to judge that? What is the problem? I also didn't walk all the way from Holland.

Kevin F. O'Brien -- Saturday, May 31 2003, 02:06 am -- Email:

Just a comment. All respect to people walking the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago but it is like starting the best meal in your life halfway through the main course. The Camino or Via Podiensis starts in fact at a small town south of Lyon called Le Puy which is around 700 kilometers from St. Jean. The first recorded pilgrimages started there in the tenth century. The GR65 (Grand Randonneur route 65) also starts at Le Puy. Other pilgrimage starting points in France are Vezelay, Tour and Arles. Bon chemin.

Dickie-do Booker -- Saturday, May 31 2003, 01:28 am -- Email: Murdic@AOL. com

Where you Nelson? Your American friends are wondering where you are and exactly what are you doing? I'm sure there aren't enough winneries along the way to keep you comforable on such a long, long journey. If it wasn't for your two daughters, that you are trying to impress with your manly staying power on the road, I would be sure that you would be finding the quickess, most convenience route home that you could find. Well, with all this said, enjoy yourself if you can and have a couple of bottles on me. We miss you, but especially your two daughters, here in the good old US of A. Now for the real message. Kay was by this today and we certainly enjoyed seeing her, but I must say we missed you. Hurry home. Have a Ball. and Our thoughts go with you. Dickie-Do

Peter Kuiper -- Sunday, May 25 2003, 05:46 pm -- Email:

Very nice site, with all those pictures. My girlfriend and I arrived last month at Santiago after walking from St. Jean Pied de Port in 4 different years. You can see our pictures of every day (and some text in english, spanish and dutch) at Thanks, Peter Kuiper

siobhan mac auley -- Wednesday, May 21 2003, 08:29 pm -- Email:

enjoyed the site,i am hoping to walk the camino in the summer but i only have four weeks to spare is that enough,

Ray Bertoia -- Wednesday, May 21 2003, 05:10 am -- Email:

Hi, Last year my wife and I walked the Camino and we video taped the whole way. The idea was to make this available to people who are thinking about doing it, to let them know what to expect, or for anyone who has already walked it as a memento. If you look at my website you'll see what I mean. Hope to hear from you. Ray

Pieter -- Tuesday, May 20 2003, 01:32 pm -- Email:


It's nice to see all those photo's again! So many places I can recognize! I walked the camino in july 2002 with my girlfriend. Have a look at our site too!

Kind regards


Lara Iversen -- Sunday, May 18 2003, 06:31 pm -- Email:

Hello! Thank you for a great site. It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again...:-) I walked the Camino from St. Jean-Pied de Port in August 2002 and it was the most amazing and life-altering experience of my life. I feel its impact to this day.. If you're preparing for the walk (or out of simple curiosity), I would love to answer any questions you might have, practical or otherwise. You can write me in English, Danish, or French. Buen camino... Lara

Lydia Davey -- Friday, May 16 2003, 12:23 pm -- Email:

My boyfriend Dan and I are doing the camino flying to Biarittz on the 17.06.03 and then making our way to St Jean Pied du Port to start the journey. I have read several books, Shirley Maclaines and Paulo Coelho's The pilgrimage which really made me think 'yes this is something I want to do', thankfully Dan agreed!. Dan and I are both giving up our jobs to do this walk and actually have an awful lot of planning yet to do! We are planning to get to Santiago on 25.07.03 - I wondered if anyone could tell me if we have given ourselves enough time to get there or whether we will end up upping the pace to arrive in time (we have about a month).... We will be walking everyday but don't want to hurry the journey. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts. p.s. Reading other people's comments, I am so pleased to hear that other people don't know why they are doing / did the camino either...I don't think you need a reason, it's just so.

karen -- Wednesday, May 14 2003, 10:44 am -- Email:

my sister and i are hoping to walk part of the camino sept. 2004, due to time restrictions. what do you think of walking the last 100-150 kms in about 10 days. what should the weather be like then. cheers karen

brewster hanson -- Wednesday, May 7 2003, 04:59 pm -- Email:

i will begin my first camino around july first. i will start in st. jean pied de port and plan on going all the way to finisterra. how crowded is it going to be and does anyone have any advice or ideas to share about travelling at that time of year?

Seishiro Hokazono -- Thursday, May 1 2003, 03:54 pm -- Email:

This is a pretty cool site. I am starting my walk from Pamplona on June 3rd. I currently live in Madrid, if anybody wants to meet up, or exchange infos. I am for it. Oh yeah, how do I get credencia? From Catedral, right? But anywhere or only certain ones.

Gracia y buena suerte, todos!!!!

Mary Gallagher -- Tuesday, April 29 2003, 04:01 am -- Email:

I appreciate your site. I will be walking the Camino for the first time in June. I arrive in Bilbao on June 4 and plan to take the bus to Pamplona. Can anyone tell me about the bus schedule? Also, any suggestions on an inexpensive place to stay the night? I arrive at 8:30pm. What are the connections like from Santiago to Bilbao? Thanks for any help you can give. Mary

Federico Zavala Morales -- Monday, April 28 2003, 04:21 pm -- Email:

I just register My Camino, but my last name was wrong spelled. is ZAVALA instead Zvala.I apreciate if some body can change this mistake. Regards FZM

Mary Sweet Rooney -- Saturday, April 26 2003, 12:23 am -- Email:

Wonderful web-site! Am leaving on May 6th for my second journey on the camino. Does anyone have information regarding bus travel between Madrid and Pamplona? I arrive in Madrid at 9am and will have missed the train but it seems that I will have plenty of time to get to Pamplona to catch the 6pm bus to Roncesvalles. I have been unable to get info regarding buses. Thanks for any information.

Natalie -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 12:37 am -- Email:

For every day and every hour I am getting more and more determined to make this journey, to travel the Camino! I will set out to go in the beginning of summer next year, 2004. I have been looking for a lot of information on the net, but would love to hear from you who have really experienced this! I hope that I will learn a lot, about myself, about life, and about universe and the truth.. So if anyone has any information or any thoughts that you think could be of some help to me I would be very grateful to hear from you!

"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides"

Natalie, Sweden

Gilles Franqueville -- Monday, April 21 2003, 06:11 pm -- Email:

19/09/02 Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port 22/10/02 Santiago

Deborah Murphy -- Monday, April 21 2003, 06:54 am -- Email:

I am planning to walk the camino end of June for 2 weeks starting from Saint Jean pied de Port. Have any of you done the walk at this time of year - Is it too hot? I am really looking forward to doing this walk and would appreciate any tips or advice.

Thanks so much in advance

Darla Hildebrant -- Tuesday, April 15 2003, 10:08 pm -- Email: or

Would like to try the Camino this Fall. Does anyone have an idea what the weather might be like? I have 4 weeks in which to do it and I'm wondering if that's enough time?

Philip Gerard Finnegan -- Wednesday, April 9 2003, 03:44 am -- Email:

Hey there.... Excellent Site... I did the camino in 2001.. Began late in July and ended in late August... Had a fantastic experience... and a few people have already seen the message i put on the page "why i did the camino" located within this site... Anyway, i'd love to do the camino again... May do it again this summer... Can anyone tell me what the camino that begins in Seville is like because i think i'd like to try that route... The via de la plata i think it's called... Anyone out there who'd like some info please get in touch with me... regards and buen camino..Phil from Galway, Ireland

Lara Iversen -- Saturday, April 5 2003, 01:13 pm -- Email:

Hello! Thank you for a great site. It's nice to feel part of that "Camino-family" again... :-) I did the camino from St. Jean-Pied de Port in August, and I'm preparing to walk it again in May. If you're preparing for the walk, I would love to answer any questions you might have. Buen camino... Lara

Laara Delain -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 07:22 pm -- Email:

If you know anyone who would like to do the Camino but would like a guide please take a look at my website Also, I'm available to answer questions you may have. Love to hear from you and your friends! xoxo Laara

Lisa Beaver -- Thursday, March 27 2003, 01:10 pm -- Email:

Have to agree with everyone else, this is a fabulous site, and looking at all your photos has made me even more excited about my plan to make the pilgrimage in May 2003. Before i go i just have a few questions I was hoping you might be able to answer;

1. Do you have a list of the Refugios along the way, or if not could you tell where i could find such a list

2. i would like to register as a pilgrim and understand that I can do this in Roscavelles. Could you tell me where I do this, anything I need to i.e documents, and how long it takes.

Will be sure to send you details about my experiences along the Camino de Santiago and many thanks for showing the way

Kindest Lisa

migdalia -- Saturday, March 15 2003, 02:27 am -- Email:

hi, thanks for answering my next question, you are all great. I have another one now. I'm from the united states, where is the best place for me to fly into in order to do this pilgrimage? And how do i proceed once i'm there? thanks for all your help.

Jason -- Thursday, March 13 2003, 08:06 am -- Email:

Please visit

A Network of International Pilgrims exchanging information about The Camino de Santiago: A Guide for Visitors, Pilgrims and Info Seekers around the World!

Martijn -- Tuesday, March 11 2003, 12:32 pm -- Email:

First of all: GREAT SITE!!!

I am going to Cycle from Paris to SdC next may (Paris, Orleans, Tours, Poitiers, Royan, Arcachon, Dax, St Jean, Roncesvalles, Pamplona, Logrono, Burgos, Leon, SdC). I have some questions, maybe some of you fellow pilgrims who have been there can tell:

* If I want to stay in Refugios in Spain (or france), do I have to bring my own sleepingbag etc. or do they have stuff over there? * Is 100 km a day for a period of approx. 20 days too much? (with some 5 extra days to relax). * Which cities did you enjoy most: Pamplona, Burgos, Leon, Tours or Poitiers? * Any do's or don't?

Thanx very much

best wishes


Migdalia -- Tuesday, March 4 2003, 05:52 am -- Email:

Hi, i have a question. . . is next year the holy year? If not, when is it, because i would like to do it that year.

M.N. Kennedy -- Friday, February 28 2003, 04:58 pm -- Email:

Hello, I am planning to cycle the camino beginning in Burgos in mid April. As I research the route from several sources--Confraternity info, cycling guides, etc--I am finding that cyclists are not exactly welcome at the refugios. While I am not going in "high" season, and am still undecided about hauling a sleeping bag, I am curious to know from those who may have cycled the route, if this is consistently true along the route. I am prepared to stay in small hotels, but would also like to experience the refugios. Thank you in advance for any information.

Esther Squires -- Thursday, February 20 2003, 11:01 pm -- Email:

Hi, I am going to walk the camino trail with my parents in mid april. They are in their 60's and I'm sure they will be leaving me in the dust. Any suggestions for seniors? Are their any nice inexpensive bed and breakfast type placesalong the way? Does anyone have any clue what the weather might be like and what would be the most essential things to take with us. I aim for hardly nothing. Is this possible? This is a fabulous website. The best yet. Regards Esther

Alastair Goldie -- Saturday, February 15 2003, 11:22 am -- Email:

Hi I cycled the Camino from Caen to Santiago in June 1998 and your web site has brought many back many happy memories. If Peter from Birmingham who was walking back to England reads this, I hope he made it. Thanks for your great web site. Alastair Goldie

sarah leiser -- Thursday, February 6 2003, 03:03 pm -- Email:

I'm going in April '03. Thought it might be fun to be somewhere special for Easter...any ideas? I'll do the French route, fly Boston-Madrid, bus or something to Pamplona, then to Roncesvalles. I'm a little afraid of the first etapa, so long without a break; will carry backpack, hopefully LIGHT! Thanks much for the website; I'm loving all the fotos! Can't wait to take off, and maybe I'll meet some of you on the way! Buen Camino Sarah

Barbara Fraser -- Tuesday, January 28 2003, 06:45 am -- Email:

I am interested in finding the sight that shows the Bodegas Irache (the fountain of water and wine). When I was there, a camera was on and I was told there was a web site for this location. Does anyone know it? Just for a walk down memory lane. Thanks.

CharlesRanald -- Monday, January 20 2003, 06:38 pm -- Email:

I last sent a message to your beautiful site in September 2002 and it now is even more evocative than then as my Le Puy to Santiago in 2001 is fast becoming a memory.

However, pilgrim fever is returning having enjoyed the Confraternity of St. James on Saturday 18th January 2003 and I am considering walking this year from either Paris, Vezelay or Arles to join the Camino Frances at its earliest section.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who might like to come with me, but bare in mind I avoid refugios where possible (I suffer from claustrophobia) and I only do an average of 12Km per day carring only 12 kilos. The Arles departure is of particular appeal.

My own web site is no longer there.

Thomas Fagan -- Sunday, January 12 2003, 03:02 pm -- Email:

Hi i walked the camino in may 2002 starting on the 16th from st jean pied de port and arriving in santiago on the 18th june . I just want to say hi to everbody i met alomg the way . If anybody remembers me please get intouch hoping to hear from you soon .

Thomas Fagan

Lauren -- Saturday, January 11 2003, 12:45 am -- Email: WRawan

What kinds of goods do you import and export?

Barbara -- Monday, December 23 2002, 08:28 am -- Email:

I am planning a trip to Spain in April/May 2003 to hike the Camino.  I can't seem to find information on what the weather conditions would be for that time of year (especially in the mountains).  Are you able to shed some light on this for me?  I would like to be prepared with the proper clothing and equipment.

Thanks for any information that you may have. Barbara

We replied:

The short answer is that you have to be prepared for anything.

On my first week over the Pyrenees in March I was prepared for snow, and the temperature was in the 80s and it didn't rain once. I left a third of my pack behind in the end.

On the second week in may, the temperature was between 55 and 65, and we had three days of pretty continuous rain.

So you need to take a lot of very light layers (e.g. thermals, pyjamas, etc.), a very good cagoule or similar to cover you and your pack and you will then be OK.

Conceiçäo Zunino de Melo -- Sunday, December 15 2002, 03:23 pm -- Email:

I'm looking for Marc Robert Marie Roover from Belgium, we walked from Correon de Los Condes to Terradillos de Los Templaries together, and forgot the get his address. His was walking with 2 young mans, and they stoped in Sarragun going back to Belgium that same day. Please contact me at if you know him. "Bon camino a todos los hermanos pelegrinos" Conceptam.

Jeanine Roca -- Tuesday, December 3 2002, 09:59 am -- Email:

as i have no pictures of myself, would anyone who has any of me send any please and many thanks. You have met me on the camino between end of august and beginning of october : I fell just arriving in Cacabelo and had a very funny face;

Daniel De Kay -- Sunday, December 1 2002, 01:44 am -- Email:

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the priest who assigns hospitaleros to the Spanish Friends of the Camino albergues? I'm hoping to volunteer next year as an hospitalero. Thanks..

David and Margaret Bates -- Saturday, November 23 2002, 08:45 am -- Email:

We are doing the Camino in September 2003 and have exactly four weeks in which to complete it. Can anyone advise us on where to start from and give us any other useful tips? It's lovely to see the photos on this site which have if nothing else made us feel better about the refuges. We look forward to hearing from you. Thankyou David and Margaret Bates

Daniel De Kay -- Thursday, November 7 2002, 06:39 pm -- Email:

Thanks for the memories these photos bring me! And hello to everyone I met along the Way... please stay in touch. Daniel

Nigel Elbourne -- Thursday, October 31 2002, 09:25 am -- Email:

Loving the website - wish it didn't take so long to download! I'll continue a page or two at a time for the next few blissful weeks.

I'd appreciate some sundail advice too - could you contact me?

Dutot Olivier -- Wednesday, October 9 2002, 11:12 pm -- Email:

Hello to all the people I met on this incredible experience, and even to those I didn't meet :) Piers, I really loved to see again all these places, your idea is great (I admit I especially loved to see again a very special person giving a hug to a tree, the only picture I have from her except wonderful memories)

love to everyone on the camino of life

olivier (el santo descalso ;)

Christa -- Sunday, October 6 2002, 08:13 pm -- Email:

Looking for british Richard(65), living in Hongkong, married to a chinese lady. I walked on the camino with him in May 2002 somewhere from behind Cizur Menor to Viana, we thought we're going to meet later on the way anyway- and didn't exchange adresses. I would love to contact him.Who can help??? Muchas gracias! christa

Jason Young -- Sunday, October 6 2002, 10:07 am -- Email:

I’ve just discovered this wonderful website, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful work you have done! If you interested in Camino flowers, please visit where there’s lot's of feedback on Camino flowers.

Thanks again, and Ultreya!

Lol, or scottish pipes -- Sunday, September 29 2002, 03:22 pm -- Email:

Done the camino in july and aug 02, love to hear from anyone who I may have met on the path, Lol

CHARLES RANALD -- Friday, September 27 2002, 07:11 pm -- Email:

I gace the wrong web site address. It should be

CHARLES RANALD -- Friday, September 27 2002, 07:09 pm -- Email:

I walked the pilgrimage Le Puy to Santiago de Compostella last year (2001) and created a web site for the Electronic Telegraph newspaper for whom I wrote a few hundred words each day. Theses are still there for any one to read and just might be helpful. The site address is

I think your site is lovely and I am enjoying the memories evoked by your pictures.

Best wishes.

Charles Ranald

Juan-Marcos -- Friday, September 27 2002, 05:50 pm -- Email:

Hello pilgrims, hello Piers, it's great to see your pictures and to recognize people, we are waiting for the missings. Thank you for your friendship and buen camino.

Nuno Miguel Santos -- Wednesday, September 25 2002, 02:04 am -- Email:

I did the Camino this year, leaving Roncesvalles the 26th of July and arriving Santiago the 28th of August. It turned to be the biggest metaphore of life that one can experience. The joys, the people, the pain, the disapointments, the lost groups of friends who got in the way or passed by rapidly... Everyone should try it. Even if you don´t have trekking experience (like me), or spend your life closed in an office (like me). I suffered to do it in the beginning, but everyday I remember it with hapiness. And the camino has just started...

Buen Camino... Nuno from Portugal

Johanna Biesewig -- Wednesday, September 18 2002, 01:06 am -- Email:

Hey Piers, I'm waiting impatiently for the photos taken after porto Marin, in which I was enjoying a pause with a very special person.....

ROBERT, LORRI, ADAM, GEMIAH.....y camino? I'm thinking about you a lot and I'd love to hear from you,Love Johanna

David Williams-Thomas -- Monday, September 16 2002, 02:15 pm -- Email:

We met briefly when we had chosen not to believe the arrows potside Palas de I looked at your site as you asked me to. Will look forward to more photos

Gideon van Vuuren -- Wednesday, September 11 2002, 06:43 pm -- Email:

Hi there from the south-african you met in September on the camino. Thanks for the photos. They really do bring back the memories. Can't wait for those missing photos either... Hope you missed the rain that started on the day I returned home.

Best wishes


Diana Sandel -- Tuesday, July 2 2002, 11:10 am -- Email:

Hello, don't remember your name, but I met you on the way making pictures (I'm the pilgrim in front of the albergue in Sahagùn). I just wanted to thank you for those pictures, they really bring you back on the way. Can't wait till October when you finish the way. And you really should go to Finisterre, its one of the most beautiful parts of the way! My camera broke at the beginning of the camino, so I'm really happy to have your fotos, and it would be great also to have fotos from the way to Finisterre :-)

Thanks again and "buen camino"

Diana Sandel

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