On the road to Santiago      
an outline film script, Copyright© 2003 by Piers Nicholson



(Most of these locations are illustrated on www.santiago-compostela.net/highlights.html)



1.      Interior, Peter’s home, England. Night.

2.      Interior, Esperanza’s home, Madrid. Night.


Day ONE (ARRIVAL, ST. Jean-Pied-De-Port)

1.      Exterior, railway station, St. Jean-Pied-de-Port.

2.      the main street towards the refugio

3.      the reception desk

4.      the dormitory

5.      the terrace outside the refugio

6.      the restaurant



1.      Interior of the refugio

2.      The pilgrim gate at St Jean-Pied-du-Port

3.      The road past Hunnto

4.      Vierge d’Orisson

5.      the frontier fence

6.      the first fuente

7.      the Aragon marker

8.      the huge view of the landscape of Navarre

9.      the descent into Roncesvalles through the beech woods

10. the monastery

11. the refugio.

12. evening mass at  Roncesvalles

13. the cloisters

14. the restaurant outside the monastery



1.      the dormitory, early morning

2.      The camino out of Roncesvalles

3.      misty fields and waymarks

4.      The mobile phone masts at Puerta de Erro

5.      the medieval “Bridge of Rabies” at Zubiri

6.      the Mayor’s office in Larassoaña

7.      The local restaurant

day four (Larrasoaña – pamplona)

1.      a café in Larrasoana

2.      ancient houses in Larrasoaña

3.      open country near Zabaldica

4.      the bridge in Trinidad de Arre

5.      crossing the pilgrim bridge into Pamplona

6.      the city gate

7.      the refugio in the city centre

8.      the Cathedral


day five (Pamplona – puente la reina)

1.      Countryside outside Pamplona.

2.      in Cizur Menor

3.      the 16th-century church and ruined Palacio de los Condes de Guenduláin,

4.      at the fountain at Zariquiegui

5.      at the church in Obanos

6.      the refugio at Eunate

7.      the refugio in Puente la Reina

8.      the main square

day six (puente la reina – estella)

1.      the medieval bridge.

2.      entering Cirauqui

3.      the Roman road

4.      the shop on the way out of Lorca

5.      the refugio at Estella,

6.      the portico of San Pedro de la Rua

7.      San Miguel

8.      the cybercafe


day seven (estella – los arcos)

1.      leaving Estella

2.      the monastery at Irache

3.      the Fuente de los Moros in Villamayor de Monjardin

4.      vineyards

5.      stopping for lunch by a stream

6.      the refugio in Los Arcos


day eight (los arcos – viana)

1.      leaving Los Arcos

2.      the view of Torres del Río across the valley from Sansol

3.      the interior and exterior of the Iglesia de San Sepulchro in Torres

4.      interior of the bar in Torres

5.      the refugio in Viana.


day nine (viana – navarrete)

1.      the main street in Viana

2.      the doorway of Santa Maria

3.      the old houses with shields and balconies as he passes

4.      the camino past Viana

5.      Ermita de la Trinidad de Cuevas

6.      the bridge over the Ebro in Logroño

7.      the doorway to San Bartolome

8.      at the church of Santiago el Real

9.      the pilgrim fountain in Logroño

10. the lake

11. the hostel at Navarrete

12. local restaurant


day ten (Navarrete – nájera/Azofra)

1.      inside the Iglesia de la Asuncion

2.      at the cemetery looking at the old gate of San Juan de Acre

3.      the bridge into Nájera

4.      the monastery

5.      walking through the sandstone hills beyond Nájera

6.      checking into the refugio at Azofre

7.      supper at the local restaurant

8.      a bar in Azofre

9.      the refugio



act two

day eleven (nájera/azofra – santo domingo de la calzada) 

1.      walking to the nunnery at Cañas.

2.      the nunnery in Cañas

3.      the tomb of the abbess

4.      the monastery of Yuso

5.      the library of chained books.

6.      the refugio in Santo Domingo

7.      the cathedral

8.      the chicken and the cock in the Cathedral

9.      a local restaurant


day twelve (santo domingo de la calzada – belorado)

1.      Walking out of Santo Domingo

2.      a distant view of Grañon

3.      at the fuente

4.      the church with the refugio in the tower

5.      the pavement waymarks out of Grañon

6.      the border of Navarre and Castile

7.      the Chocolatero roadhouse

8.      the river entering Belorado

9.      the refugio


The outline film script is Copyright© 2003 by Piers Nicholson