Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Francés
from St Jean-Pied-du-Port
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Stage 25 - From Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

Übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Verena Moser.

There are two routes from here - the scenic high-level route and the easier road route. The signs on the house tend to lead you to the road route

The split yellow arrow on the pavement is the only indication of the route dividing - I missed it the first time

A steep climb out of the town

..and it goes on and on uphill

Looking back at Villafranca

A French pilgrim who had walked from Le Puy

The new motorway far below with the scars made constructing it

(New camera deciding to be artistic in black-and-white)

The top in sight at last

A personal waymark

Descending through chestnut groves

Yellow arrows on the post and on the road. The very minor road goes in long hairpins with the Camino taking a shorter route

First view of Trabadelo at the foot of the mountain

Very well signed at the road crossing

Entrance to village

Old roof

Meson as Callelas which gave me a very good meal even though it was a bit early

Old and new in the village

An old house with two balconies jettied out

A more elaborate stone roof with a dormer

The camino runs alongside the road for a bit.

All the traffic now goes on the motorway so it is very quiet


One pair of boots which never got to Santiago!

A beer stall put out of business by the motorway

The river Valcerce accompanies the camino for much of the day

The old road through the village of La Portela

Saying goodbye to the N-VI, now just a country road anyway

One never escapes from politics - some people in Bierzo do not want to be part of Galicia, some people in Leon do not want to be part of Castile, etc, etc

An empty house for sale

The maker of staffs for pilgrims

Street scene with motorway bridge halfway up to the sky

Meson Las Rocas in Vego de Valcarce

Landscape with distant motorway bridge

Herrerías: Spanish pilgrims at the fountain

Cyclists to the right, walkers to the left to start the long ascent up to O Cebreiro

More shade in the late afternoon

Shady walk uphill through the woods

Steep ascent

Traffic jam on the Camino - cows going back to pasture

The new refugio at La Faba, only opened 3 weeks before and very nice

Bunk beds in the refugio

A very early start (7.30 am)

The path gets a bit clearer

A nice dawn (7.50 am)

Other pilgrims in the dawn light

Beehive building


More steep ascents

The first of a long helpful series of kilometre and half-kilometre stones which tell you exactly how slowly you are walking!


Vista with morning mist

Entering the province of Lugo in Galicia

O Cebreiro - The refugio

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