Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Francés
from St Jean-Pied-du-Port
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Stage 27 - From Sarria to Portomarín

Übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Verena Moser.

Another dawn start

The camino goes much of the way on a farm track

Wayside church

Shrine in mist



Camino running alongside the road into Sarria

Pavement waymark in Sarria

The bar at the top of the steps - a good place to meet your exhausted friends and they do a very good tortilla. The refugio is just along the street.

Street scene with castle at the end

Sarria: view looking back over the city

Sarria: church on outskirts of the town

Young volunteers repairing a bridge

Good shade on this section

Crossing a more modern camino

French pilgrims from Abbeville on a bridge

The church at Vilei

Barbedelo: dormitory in the refugio

Official rest area with water tank and fountain

Author with the new Galician symbol for the Camino

Bridge with pilgrim


Mouzós where the camino crosses a road and there is a bar

Morgade: house

Vegetable gardens with horreo used for storing maize (corn-on-the-cob)

Morgade: ancient roofs

Morgade: the old stone hermitage where pilgrims traditionally left messages - but there were so many that it would be quite difficult to find one meant for you!

One of the few really stony paths on the camino

Landscape, rather more flat now

Excellent blackberries all along this section

First view of Ferreiros

Ferreiros: the refugio

Refugio interior with washroom at the far end

You need to have comfortable boots or shoes and you to go on several long walks before you start the camino.

Gemiah aged 7 from ~California who walked the whole 800 km of the camino

here with the dog Camino who "adopted" the family in Torres del Rio

Another early start

An old cart: one saw many of the old wheels, though few complete carts

Another horreo; they are built up off the ground to keep clear of snow.

Abundant stones for field boundaries

First view of Portomarín

Spanish boy of 7 walking from Sarria to Santiago

The new high level bridge into Portomarín

The old Portomarín has been flooded by a reservoir; this shows the old bridge and the new

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