Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Francés
from St Jean-Pied-du-Port
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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The City of Santiago

Many thanks to Lech Lee who kindly translated these pages

A message from the Mayor of Santiago de Compostela

The city of Santiago de Compostela has welcomed pilgrims for more than 1,200 years. In recent times, a growing number of pilgrims from all parts of the world have taken part in this great pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the inauguration of this new website at which shows in its many pictures all aspects of the Camino.

I was also glad to meet Piers Nicholson, as a representative of the many overseas pilgrims making this journey, when he completed his Camino and also this website in September 2002.

Xosé A. Sánchez Bugallo
Alcalde de Santiago

The main square (Plaza de Obradoiro) taken from the Cathedral Museum, and showing the Pazo de Roxai, which contains the Mayor's office, and yjr Hotel dos Reis Católicos on the right. The square is a meeting place for pilgrims to be reunited with others they have met on the Camino

Walking around the cathedral

These pictures give an impression of the part of the city immediately round the catedral, starting with the Hostal dos Reis Catolicos on the main square (once a pilgrim refuge and now a parador de luxe hotel). There are open air entertainments, and numerous little streets and squares. The cathedral is always there, presenting a different face every time you look at it.

Walking into the city from the south-east

In these pictures, we are starting just after dawn from the Puerta del camino on the main road round the city centre, and walking towards the Cathedral, passing the monastery of st. Augustine and the Plaza Cernates with its large column. After passing the Palacio de Gamirez and the Convento de San Martin Pinario, we arrive at the archway beside the cathedral which leads down to the main square. Later in the day, there is often someone playing the Galician bagpipes here.

Hotel dos Reis Católicos

It is well worth visiting the interior of the Hotel dos Reis Católicos, which is nextto the cathedral on the main square. It has some beautify courtyards, and the main door is a delight. They also continue the tradition of giving up to 10 pilgrims, armed with their compostela, a free meal. The pictures show the breakfast tray, and the pilgrim dining room, withthe lights echoing the sword of Santiago, and the way through the kitchens in order to pick up your tray. The food is the same as that served to the staff. The breakfast was simple, and with excellent coffee. The lunch I had the following day was very good indeed. Long may the tradition continue.

Walking in from the refugio

The refugio is in the old Seminario Meono de Belvis. It is very large, with long dormitories with up to four rows of single-tier beds, and with very good facilities. The Rua de Trompas starts with a steep descent, and then goes up to cross the main road, and upa ramp by the old University.