Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Inglés
from Ferrol and A Coruña
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 1: A Coruña to Bruma

The Camino Ingles has two starting points. The El Ferrol route is 110 km to Santiago de Compostela, and this is sufficient to obtain a Compostela when you arrive in Santiago. The A Coruña route is only 75 km. The two routes join at Bruma.

The first part of the route from A Coruña runs through the centre of the city a nd its extensive suburbs - you may prefer to take a bus over this section!

The romanesque 'Iglesia de Santiago' - the oldest church in Acoruna

Figure on horseback above the door

Shell motif on church wall

'City of glass' - galerias on the Avenida Maritima

Plaza de Maria Pita

Facade of the Iglesia de San Jorge (St George) - important for English pilgrims

Calle del Real

Tarta de Santiago, with the cross of St James

21 Xullo 2004 in the Jardines de Mendez Nunez

Approaching the bus station in Acoruna

A roadside shrine in Sigras

Iglesia Parroquia de Santiago de Sigras - the site of a pilgrim hospital

Galician manhole cover

Painted door knocker

Fonte at Pazo de Drozo

Carved figure of St Anthony

Downhill after passing the Panederia da Cunha

Man cutting hay, with donkey and cart, at San Martino de Tabeaio

Horreo (Galician grain store)

Maize stored in the horreo

A contemporary version of the traditional horreo at S. Maria de Cana

Eucalyptus woods

Capilla de San Juan at Sarandones

Escudo on the Capilla de San Juan

Crossing the river Barcia

The house where Felipe II stayed on his journey to Acoruna

Roadside shop in Sarandones

After a long climb, the bar at Cruz de Beira.

The landmark telcommunications mast ahead

A cobbled stretch of the camino on the high ground

Grassy path behind a row of houses

Old house near the Las Traviesas bar

Track towards Bruma

Agricultural buildings

The waymark where the route from Acoruna joins with the route from Ferrol