Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Primitivo
from Valleviciosa/Oviedo
via Lugo to Melide on the Camino Francés

Shell motif
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A brief overview of the Camino Primitivo

We have selected a few photographs from each stage of the Camino. Taken together, they will give you a quick overview of most of the facets of the Camino. Each of these stages has many more pictures - just click on the numbered links at the head of the page.
Day 1 - Villaviciosa to Valdedios - 9km

Route to Gijon and “Ruta de la Costa”

Iglesia de San Salvador de Valdedios
Day 2 -Valdedios to Oviedo- 36km

The Albergue at La Vega de Sariego

The route after La Carrera

Crossing The Rio Nora on The Puente de Colloto

Oviedo Cathedral
Day 3 Oviedo to Cornellana - 39.5 km

The old route to La Venta del Escampiero

Crossing the Rio Nalon into Penaflor

La Doriga

Excellent Albergue at The Monastery at Cornellana
Day 4 - Cornellana to Tineo -

Distant Perigrino on the long straight road to Quintana

The route passes through The Archway of the tower at Salas

Beautiful Fuente at Santa Eulalia

New Albergue in Bodenaya
Day 5 - Tineo to Pola de Allende - 33 km

The Fuente de San Juan just after leaving Tineo

Mist lifting near Las Canteironas

Route after San Brismo

First glimpse of Pola de Allende
Day 6 - Pola de Allende to La Messa - 20 km

The Albergue at Pola de Allende

The route towards The Puerto del Palo

Summit of The Puerto del Palo comes into sight (Highest point on Camino Primitivo)

The route down from the summit of The Puerto del Palo
Day 7 - Le Messa to Castro - 23.6k

The Albergue at La Messa

Perigrino on the long route down towards Presa de Embalse

Perigrino’s on long road section after Presa de Embalse

Iglesia and Albergue at Grandas de Salime

Day 8 - Castro to Padron - 24 km

Leaving Castro in Early morning mist

The windmills on The Alto de Acebo

Asturias / Galicia border

Good signing on the “Way” towards Paradanova
Day 9 - Padron to Cadavo - 27 km

Beautiful Albergue at Padron

Nice Fuente at Villardongo

The ruins of Hospital de Montouto

Good signing on the “Way” to Alto de Carballin
Day 10 - Cadavo to Lugo - 30 km

The modern albergue at Cadavo

The Iglesia Santa Maria at Villabade

Beautiful old “Way” towards Souto de Torres

The Albergue at Lugo
Day 11 - Lugo to San Roman de Retorta - 18 km

The Cathedral in Lugo

Good path alongside road approaching Alto

Another friendly bar break 1k before San Roman de Retorta

Inside the albergue near San Roman de Retorta
Day 12 - San Roman de Retorta to Melide - 29k

Route through Vilacarpide

Old building with good signing on “Way” towards Ferreira

The “Way” near Casacaminos

Welcome fuente at Vilamor

Iglesia at Melide

Large Albergue at Melide
At Melide, the Camino Primitivo joins up with the Camino Francés. It is a further 52 km. to Santiago. Melide is famous for its octopus cuisine, so try to sample the most delicious dish of octopus you have ever tasted before you move on! Click here to see this part of the route