Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Primitivo
from Valleviciosa/Oviedo
via Lugo to Melide on the Camino Francés

Shell motif
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Day 2 -Valdedios to Oviedo- 36k

The Albergue at Valdedios

Early Morning start near Arbazal

The “Way” near Villarrica

Approaching the Alto at La Campa

The route trough Figares

Camino joins main road in La Carcabada

The Albergue at La Vega de Sariego

Good Signing on “Way”

The route follows the road through El Castro

Following the road at La Venta

High fences with nowhere to hide before Vega de Poja

The route near Vega de Poja

Right turn to Polo de Siero at El Rebollar

Entering Polo de Siero

Iglesia at Polo de Siero

Right turn at La Carrera

The route after La Carrera

The route towards El Berron

Good signing at El Berron

Leaving El Berron

Perigrino on “Way” near Carbajal

Crossing the busy road near Foncielo

Right turn at Foncielo

Palacio de Meres at Meres

Perigrino crosses unguarded railway crossing near Meres

Beware – Fast approaching trains at railway crossing near Meres

Iglesia at Granda

Going under the railway arch before Llugarin

Passing the Coca-Cola Factory on the way to Colloto

Crossing The Rio Nora on The Puente de Colloto

Yellow Arrows on the old gaslights on the outskirts of Oviedo

First glimpse of Oviedo Cathedral

Entering Oviedo with Cathedral ahead

Oviedo Cathedral (Cello available)

Oviedo Cathedral

Clock Tower and Arch on the way to Oviedo Albergue

Iglesia Santo Domingo opposite Albergue

Albergue at Oviedo
Rob Steele's walking notes
We were expecting this to be a 26k day so it came as a bit of a shock to discover that it was actually 10k longer at 36k !! The reason for this was a combination of poor information and laziness by myself with not double checking the route !! The days walking started off with a stiff climb to La Campa, then more fairly gently rolling countryside, mainly walking on minor roads through more small villages with plenty of opportunities for coffee and lunch breaks to Oviedo, the walk into Oviedo was through suburbs but it was still a pleasant, if longer than expected days walking.