Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Primitivo
from Valleviciosa/Oviedo
via Lugo to Melide on the Camino Francés

Shell motif
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Day 3 Oviedo to Cornellana - 39.5k

Early morning start, passing Iglesia San Juan El Real

Shells on pavements help you navigate out of Oviedo

The route passes over railway lines on footbridge

Approaching San Lazaro de Paniceres

Right turn towards Lampajua

Good signing on pleasant traverse en-rote to Lampajua

Right turn just before Lampajua

Capilla del Carmen at Lampajua

Iglesia Santa Maria de Lloriana

The Old bridge over The Rio Nora at Puente de Gallegos

The old route to La Venta del Escampiero

Approaching La Venta del Escampiero

The Bar at La Venta del Escampiero (Pilgrim Friendly)

Signing to Albergue just after La Venta del Escampiero

Unusual Memorial approaching Valsera

The route through Valsera

Left turn after Valsera

Good signing on “Way” to Premono

Slightly overgrown picnic area at Premono

Right turn leaving Premono

"Way" towards Paladin

Entering Paladin

Feunta at Paladin

Beautiful riverside pat on the way to Penaflor

Approaching Penaflor

Crossing the Rio Nalon into Penaflor

The “Way” through Penaflor

Slightly off route approaching San Pedro

Grado (Back on route)

Feunte de Ariba leaving Grado

Good signing leaving Grado

The “Way” after Grado

Approaching San Juan de Villapanada

Possibly diversions to Albergue due to road building

More signing to Albergue after San Juan de Villapanada

The route before El Freisnu (El Fresno)

Approaching El Freisnu (El Fresno)

Perigrino deciphers route at friendly bar at El Freisnu (El Fresno)

New signing en-route to San Marcelo

More new signing en route to La Doriga

La Doriga

1st sight of Cornellana after road diversion

Back on original route to Cornellana

Crossing the bridge into Cornellana

Excellent Albergue at The Monastery at Cornellana

Inside the Excellent Albergue at The Monastery at Cornellana
Walking notes by Rob Steele
Again a longer than expected day, we were expecting to walk 33.5k but ended up walking nearer 40k !! The reason this time was because of diversions due to new road building and associated quarrying. Leaving Oviedo a lot quicker than entering on a well planned route, more small villages with several opportunities for coffee and lunch breaks, The countryside slowly changing with higher ridges to cross and deeper valleys to walk through, a good combination of ancient tracks, paths and minor roads to walk on, another Long but never-the-less pleasant day