Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camino Primitivo
from Valleviciosa/Oviedo
via Lugo to Melide on the Camino Francés

Shell motif
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Day 7 Le Messa to Castro 23.6k

The Albergue at La Messa

The route after La Messa

Near Buspol

Good marking on the “Way” after Buspol

Perigrino on the long route down towards Presa de Embalse

Path through the forest before Presa de Embalse

Perigrino heading towards Presa de Embalse

The 1st sighting of Presa de Embalse

The last section before Presa de Embalse

Presa de Embalse from “Viewpoint”

Perigrino’s on long road section after Presa de Embalse

End of the road section towards Grandas de Salime

Beautiful “Way” heading towards Grandas de Salime

Outskirts of Grandas de Salime

Iglesia and Albergue at Grandas de Salime

Route leaving Grandas de Salime

Beautiful path after Grandas de Salime

New and friendly bar at Cereijeira

Perigrino approaches Castro

Albergue (Private) at Castro
Walking notes by Rob Steele
Nice day through some rugged countryside, the route starts off on a minor road, then onto paths crossing a ridge before plunging into a deep valley with a reservoir, crossing the dam and a short road section before picking up an ancient "Way" up and into Grandas de Salime, a small town, then more minor roads and good paths to the hamlet of Castro. Not so many places for breaks and lunch stop, All facilities at Grandas de Salime but not a lot else en-route