The ancient sundials of Santiago de Compostela .


This overall view shows the of the large block of stone mounted on the rampart wall between the Hostal dos Reyes Catolicos and their terrace bar. The vertical wooden pole on the left is one of the supports of the plastic roof of the terrace bar. The Hostal is off to the right of this picture

This is the west face. You can see the same wooden pole on the right of the picture

Detail - top left corner

Detail - bottom right corner

Detail - bottom left corner - the 46 N 30 refres to the latitude of Santiago

Detail of the corroded foot of the gnomon (which cast the shadow); the rest has completely corroded away

The iron gnomon on the south face is in the same dilapidated condition

The date 1602 on the south face of the sundial

This is the east face, also with its gnomon missing

The remaining pictures are detail of the south face under various light conditions. Note the date 1601.

This is the much better preserved east facing dial in the cloister of the Cathedral

and the west facing one opposite with the same date 1601, and presumably by the same designer

and there is a south facing one too

There is also a sundial on the side wall (recently restored) of the University


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