Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camí de Sant Jaume
in Catalunya

Shell motif
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Stage 6 - St. Esteve d'en Bas to l'Esquirol

Route map of this section

The Way goes round the edge of St. Esteve d'en Bas

which is perched up on a hill

Leaving St. Esteve d'en Bas

View of the mountains ahead

Entering Els Hostalets

Fountain with the scallop shell of St. James

Statue in the Main square outside the church

Leaving the village

An imposing finca just off the route

Starting the ascent on the ancient high road ("royal path") from Olot to Vic

It is easy walking on a good concrete surface the whole way up

and thankfully with no motor traffic at all

There are some nice waterfalls (above)

and some spectacular coloured cliffs (right)

looking back through the mist to Els Hostalets, St Esteve d'en Bas, and in the distance the Olot valley

A really spectacular waterfall

The small mountain village of Folgers (1 church and 3 houses)

This section of the Way is very well waymarked, with finger-posts at the junctions and these marker posts to reassure you that you are still on the correct route.

This waterfall was the most breathtaking of all

and there was even more of it further down

An upland meadow

The ascent continues

A hairpin turn with two marker posts (the second quite easy to miss)

Nearly at the top

Another small waterfall beside the path

A smooth road for the descent

Another upland meadow with cows just out of sight

View from the Coll de Cabra, a junction of mountain tracks

Looking back to the mountain we have just traversed

The descant continues

One of 5 marker posts displaying the yellow stripe of the Way, but disconcertingly with the word "Private" scratched into it.

followed by an unmarked fork - the Way turns left over the grass - not straight on down the track

and gets to an electric fence across the entrance to a field!

later on, the patch is sunk between two high banks, a "royal way" indeed

Eventually we reach a marker post at a ford by Le Creur (fortunately with a new bridge)

and follows the river downstream

to follow the main road outside Cantonigrós for 200 m.

The Main street of Cantonigrós

Leaving Cantonigrós by the Esquirol street. The path is still descending quite sleepily, and has a stream spreading across it in a few places

The sheet rock can be quite slippery

Distant view of l'Esquirol

Dolmen des Puigsespedres

The entrance to l'Esquirol (which is the Catalan name - it is shown on many maps as Sta. María del Corcó

Pont street

leading to the old medieval bridge