Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camí de Sant Jaume
in Catalunya

Shell motif
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Stage 9 - L'Estany to Artés

Route map of this section

The portal of the mine (probably a tin mine since l'Estany is the Catalan name for tin) from which the monastery derived much of its income in the Middle Ages.

Starting off up the hill out of l'Estany

Very wooded terrain

with quite a number of people looking for ceps, a special delicacy

The deserted rural house of Sant Miquel

Front elevation

View of the landscape ahead

There is a small marker post just before the house, but the path it indicates leads to stony track

and then to an unmarked fork

The left hand path leads to a barricade with a private notice, and the right hand one turns north which is completely the wrong direction

The correct path, which only has a faded red-and-white GR marker, goes down the slope on the extreme left

which leads to a wide forest road

which descends steadily through a pretty landscape

Fingerpost at a junction

The path has many of these beautiful small anthills

The descent continues

into a deep valley which takes you the last few kilometers to Artés

A ford near Urbissol

High cliffs