Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camí de Sant Jaume
in Catalunya

Shell motif
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Stage 10 - Artés to Manresa

Route map of this section

The Camí starts out on the main road

leading through modern blocks of flats to a roundabout

Church in Artés

You turn left at the sign to Can Vila

pass through the industrial estate of Sta. Maria

and then reach an old castle and the start of the rural path

One of the "Way of Saint James" marker plaques to reassure you that you are on the correct routed

Forn de la Calç (an ancient building now used by an ecological group)

A confusing junction. You have to keep a sharp lookout for yellow arrows (here painted on the rock in front of the sign telling you about other paths)

Distant view of Finca de Tàpies

The path is confusing here. You have to pass a sign "Entry prohibited" and get nearly up to the farm building

where you take a hairpin turn to the left down this grassy track

The track had some nice wild flowers along it.

The path crosses a minor road, and has a nery helpful sign put up by the Generalitat de Catalunya which tells you where you are, where you are going (on the blue sign) and other routes signposted (on the green sign). Sometimes it also tells you how far away these places are.

The approach to Navarcles

Passing a weir on the river

The monastery of Sant Benet de Bages,(1 km. south of Navarcles) now extensively restored as an exhibition and conference centre.

The cloister

Traditional flooring design in the cloister

Restored painting

The nave

Virgin and child

Episcopal symbols on the ceiling of an underground chapel

surrounded by curious female supporters


Holy water vessel on the wall

Looking back at the monastery

The Way follows the banks of the River Llobregat

Resclosa viewpoint - an ancient water Mill site

which also acts as the start of this fast-flowing canal

Many interesting rock formations and waterfalls on the Llobregat

An intersting wall of gigantic boulders

Last view of the river and a signpost of the Way

The Sanctuary de la Salut at Viladordís


Virgen and child

Another confusing junction - the marker post on the right seems to be telling you to go straight on

unless you happen to notice there is another one some way up the correct way which is the turning to the left.

Later, the path goes alongside a small irrigation channel (indicated by another marker post and by a yellow arrow on the pavement)

There is a short steep bit up the top of the hill

where you get a good view of the countryside you have just crossed

And then you are in the city of Manresa. There are no signposts or yellow arrows, but you just keep walking downhill following the "City Centre" signs

The municipal Youth Hostel in Manresa, in Carme square

One of the original towers of the city wall

The cathedral