Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camí de Sant Jaume
in Catalunya

Shell motif
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Stage 14 - La Panadella to Tàrrega

Route map of this section

Two pilgrims from Catalonia who I first met in Montserrat

Fountain in Pallerols

The church in Pallerols

Another road section, but almost no traffic

A yellow arrow with a scallop shell to indicate the way

Another fountain, with a little statue of St. George with the dragon

The main street of Sant Antolí i Vilanova

More fields of alfalfa, with a distant pilgrim

The church at Sant Pere dels Arquells

An old courtyard in the village

with this functioning ancient well

There are two routes from here - one through the hills and the other on the local road

We prefer the hill path

There are good views from the top

First view of Cervera, which still has most of its medieval walls.

Many old drystone walls on the way in to Cervera

The town hall of Cervera. Cervera is interesting historically because it had the University which kept the Catalan culture flourishing, and it was also the birthplace of the first Generalitat (government) of Catalunya.

Two chapels on the outskirts of Cervera, the circular one (left) 500 metres to the left of the Way, and the chapel de Santa Magdalena (above) now almost ruined

10 km. of a rural path with no shade

The ruined Fonolleres castle

with the shield of a long-dead owner above the door

Church of Santa Maria de l'Alba in the main square of Tàrrega

The elaborate cross in the Main square