Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Camí de Sant Jaume
in Catalunya

Shell motif
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The stages of the Camí de Sant Jaume
from Coll de Panissars/El Port de la Selva to Alfarrās/Alcarrās

This page gives you a very quick overview of some of the features of this interesting route. For more detail of each stage , please click on the numbered buttons above.

Map of the Cami Sant Jaume  in northwestern Spain

Stage 1A - Coll de Panissars to Figueres

The Coll de Panissars on the Franco-Spanish border with its sign for the Via Domitia leading to France and the Via Augusta towards Spain

A typical foot path with one of the new fingerposts erected by the Catalan Tourist Board, blue for the way you are going, and green for where you have been
Stage 1B - El Port de la Selva to Figueres

El Port de la Selva - the alternative start of the Camí

A steep ascent

The ruined tower of Sant Pere de Rodes at the top of the mountain

The 14th century cross of Vilabertran in the monastery of the town
Stage 2 - Figueres to Bāscara

Street scene in Creixell

Crossing the Fluviā river
Stage 3 - Bāscara to Girona

Large plantations of poplars all along the valley of the Ter

A nice section of riverside walk leading into Girona

Girona, Rambla, early morning

Calle Bonaventura, leading up to the Cathedral
Stage 4 - Girona to Amer

The beginning of the green path a combined walking and cycle route wit a Blue marker

The main square in Amer, said to be the second largest in Catalonia
Stage 5 - Amer to St Esteve d'en Bas

The station at Les Planes d'Hostoles, now converted ito a cafe and information centre

The green path continues, wide and flat, through some interesting mountain scenery
Stage 6 - St Esteve d'en Bas to l'Esquirol

Some 400 m. of ascent takes you past spectacular coloured cliffs

and breathtaking waterfalls

Dolmen des Puigsepedres

The medieval bridge at l'Esquirol
Stage 7 - L'Esquirol to Vic

The famous bridge in Roda de Ter

The magnificent main square in Vic
Stage 8 - Vic to l'Estany
The Camí goes through more high country today, with marvellous views (above)
The parish church, originally the chapel of a monastery at l'Estany (right)

Stage 9 - l'Estany to Artés

A long steady descent through a pretty landscape

ending in a deep valley
Stage 10 - Artés to Manresa

The approach to Navarcles

The cloister of the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages
Stage 11 - Manresa to Montserrat

First view of the jagged mountain of Montserrat

The main square of the monastery surrounded by the jagged mountains.
Stage 12 - Montserrat to Igualada

Leaving Montserrat at dawn

Changing views of the mountain on the road to Can Marįana

An easy foot path with magnificent views

The main square at Igualada, with the public library (with free Internet) at the end
Stage 13 - Igualada to La Panadella

The old church in Santa Maria del Camí dates back to the 13th century, and has this curious round window

Grassy track near La Panadella
Stage 14 - La Panadella to Tārrega

An old courtyard in the village of Sant Pere dels Arquells with an interesting old well behind the grill

The elaborate cross in the main square at Tārrega

At Tārrega the Camino divides. Pages 15N and 16N show the start of the northern route which goes through Balaguer and Huesca to join the Camino Aragonés at the Monastery of San Juan de la Peņa near Jaca.
Stage 15N - Tārrega to Balaguer

There are many large apple orcin this region

Castell del Remei
Stage 16N - Balaguer to Alfarrās

Castellķ de Farfanya, with the misty castle in the background

View of Alfarrās and the Segriā

At Tārrega. the Camino divides. Pages 15S to 17S show the start of the soutern route which goes through Fraga and Zaragoza, and then follows the valley of the Rio Ebro to join the Camino Francés at Logroņo.
Stage 15S - Tārrega to Palau d'Anglesola

Doorway of the church in Vilagrassa

The church at Palau d'Anglesola has some very interesting paintings inside and is well worth a visit
Stage 16S - Palau d'Anglesola to Lleida

The large sundial on the roundabout at the A-2 exit to Sidamon

View of the old cathedral from the elevator taking you to the upper town in Lleida
Stage 17S - Lleida to Alcarrās

Segriā river in full spate

Approaching Alcarrās and the end of the Camí in Catalonia