Shell motif Camino de Santiago

The pilgrimage routes to
Santiago de Compostela
in pictures

Shell motif
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Slideshows of the Caminos

These slideshows are new for 2010. There are separate slideshows for each of these 9 Caminos in Spain. The slideshows have dividers for each stage of the Camino, and a small shell on the map indicates where that stage is. The slideshows do not have captions for the pictures; you will find these on the regular pages for each Camino.

Slideshow for the Camino del Salvador will be available shortly.

So please click on the link and see the Camino of your choice just roll by from end to end! Ideal if you want to be reminded of the long walks you have done in the past, or if you are thinking about your next Camino. You will not get the captions which appear on our main stage-by-stage pages for that Camino (follow the button links above if you want these) , but you will get a divider at the end of each stage to tell you the start and end points of the next stage - and there is a small scallop shell on the map to indicate how far along the Camino it is. If you like this new feature, please tell your friends!