Shell motif Camino de Santiago

The pilgrimage routes to
Santiago de Compostela
in pictures

Shell motif
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Sundials of the Camino

Pamplona - sundial over a baker's shop

Modern pyramind dial in a new housing estate

The scathedral in Pamplona - day 3

The sundial on the right hand tower of the cathedral

The Church in Torres del Rio - day 7

Eroded sundial on the church of Santa Maria in Viana - the town where Cesare Borgia died

A Roundabout in Logrono - it should have been a sundial but wasn't - day 8

Sumdial in the courtyard of the monastery at Yuso - day 9

View from the courtyard

Sn illuminated book from the library at Yuso -the cradle of both the Spanish and Basque languages

The tomb of the first abbess of Canas

Sundial in the monastery at Canas - day 9

The church at Azofre -day 9

The cathedral at Leon - day 19

The sundial with 3 faces (detail below) can be seen on the corner buttress - the second sundial is on a buttress further to the right

The Hotel de los Reyes Catolicos in Santiago - day 30
the hotel has a very old and almost unreadable sundial in the corner of a terrace cafe (under an awning!)


Two of the three sundials in the cloister of the cathedral (which is accessed through the Museo de Mastro Mateo)

(Right) The south-facing dial with hour lnes radiating from the foot of the gnomon, and the hoizontal declination lines which indicate the altidue of the sun and thus the season of the year.

(Below) The west-facing dial

For more detail on these sundials, see our Santiago sundials page