Stage 15 - From Frómista to Carrión de las Condes

Hanging wind bells in Población de Campo

There are alternative camino paths here - this is the riverside one; the other goes inland


Approach to Villavieco

This picture seems to have gone walkabout - a hunt is in progress

The canal continues

Distant view of Villacazar de Sirga

Fantastic church

Retablo with Santiago complete with scallop shell

Carrión de las Condes - refugio in an old monastery

Market day with a huge exhibition of farm machinery. A contrast with 1000 years ago when 100 virgins had to be handed over each year to replenish the harems of the Moors - a tribute which came to an end with the battle of Clavijo.

Looking back at the church from the old bridge

Fisher boys in the river

Part of the monastery has been converted into a luxury hotel

Main entrance to monastery

Monastery church

A countess portrayed as a penitent Magdalen