Stage 22 - From Astorga to Rabanal del Camino

New church on the road out from Astorga

Murias de Rechivaldo

Camino leaving the road

Entering Santa Catalina de Somoza

3 roads symbolising Spain's prosperity - local road, camino, and new farm road


Ancient door and wall with coping

Statue to a local tambourine player - the only one so honoured worldwide?

Camino shells on a street front

A maker of excellent Camino staffs - I bought one

First view of El Ganso

Shells on house steps

The Cowboy Bar - eccentric, exuberant, and excellent food

Church with storks

Waymark and cross




First view of Rabanal

Distant mountains

The Ermita del Bendito Cristo de la Vera Cruz

The little shop at Rabanal which stocks everything

Street in Rabanal

La Posada de Gospar

The Benedictine monastery

The Refugio Gaucelmo, converted into a refugio by the Confraternity of St James in England working with the El Bierzo branch of Los Amigos in Ponferrada

Refugio Nuestra Señora del Pilar: courtyard with snack bar

Exterior with large coat of arms