Stage 1 - Santiago to Negeira

Leaving Santiago in the dark - Rua das Hortas

Costa da Cano

Back in the country

Eucalyptus woods

Entering Ponte Sarela

The first of many horreos, used in the past for storing maize/ corn-on-the-cob, but many now neglected

Old house in Pinero

Bridge over Rio Roxoi

First view of villarge of Roxoi

Scallop shell decoration on the wall and gatepost

Arch of vines over the Camino in Ventosa

Shop outside Aguapesada, just the right distance from Santiago for a breakfast stoop

Bar Meson O Cruceiro in Aguapesada

Medieval bridge

Thomas from Germany and the solid stone roadway

Home-made waymark from eucalyptus bark

The author at a fountain - it was very hot indeed.

Roadside cross

Baroque church of Santa Maria in Tresmonte

Distant view of Burgeiros

Scallop shell on a gate

Sundial on a farmhouse, now shielded from mid-day sun by new roof!


Distant view of Ponte Maceira, the prettiest village on the route

Crossing the bridge

Houses along the river

The bridge from the bar, a very restful place

and the view upstream

and downstream - two of the houses have dovecotes

Chapel of San Blas

A nearby house has a fine sundial

angled from the wall so it points due South

A rather small house with a rather big coat-of-arms


Butterfly which travelled several km. on Thomas' jacket

Heather on a wall

House with Camino waymark on the wall

Pilgrim statue at the entrance to Negreira

The town walls

Another statue

The refugio at Negeira

Chuch of San Xulian over the fields from the refugio