Stage 2 - Negeira to Olveiroa

Early morning on the Camino

Detail of house construction

Old houses at Zas

Coming in to Rapote

The very friendly bar at A Pena - 7 km. from the refugio and just right for breakfast

A major junction with a marker stone to show you the way

Ragged robin

The first blackberries of the summer (in mid-July)

A line of wind turbines on the ridge


A section along a wide road with very little traffic - since there is 34 km. between the two refugios, the road sections are helpful since one can make good time along them.

First view of Cornado

This is one of the very few new fuentes along the route - a great blessing to pilgrims whose need for water is continuous and great. We commend the mayor and citizens of the village of Cornado for providing it.

Violetta treats the bliester which has been troubling her on the way

A marker stone with a real shell

Pausing for a drink

A typical marker stone for this Camino, giving the distance to go to the nearest metre - unfortunately many of these kiloetre plates have been stolen by ill-natured persons.

The bridge over the river just before Maroñas - paddling is very refreshing for the feet

This village is full of lovely horreos built of stone

even though some of them are being neglected

The cruceiro in the centre of Santa Mari&ntile;a

The Casa Victoriana bar on the main road

Another section on a very minor road

The wayside cross tucked away near the roadside before the hamlet

The hamlet of Bom Xesus has many abandoned houses

The next hamlet, Gueima, appears much more prosperous

and the third hamlet is Vilar de Xastro

The Camino nearly doubles back on itself, so you pass above the hamlet of Gueima again

Turnings on this section are marked only by yellow arrows on the road

The summit at last - it is very hot again today.

There is another very useful stream for refreshing feet in Lago

Horreo with old tractor

The church at San Cristovo de Corzón with its separate bell-tower

and surrounding the graveyard

Rio Xallas (which has a modern bridge)

and a faded announcement of the development plan for 1984


First view of Olveiroa, and the end of today's journey

Outskirts of the village


Village street

The new pilgrim logo, here shown asleep