Day 23 - Zamora to Riego de Camino

The main road out of Zamora fortunately has a quiet service road alongside it

Roalles de Pan - with its Calle de General Franco

The ayuntamiento

Intimations of mortality

Acres of sky and no shade for miles

First view of Montemarta

A stork on every electricity pylon

Church in Montemarta

with a modern statue

View across the dry embalse towards the Ermita de la virgen del Castillo

which offers a good viewpoint and shade

Another arm of the embalse

The ruins of Catroarafe, possibly dating back to Roman times

The bar is off the route, but worth the small detour at the end of a long, hot day

Historicalmarker in Fontanillas de Castro

Village centre

Long-distance warning of a very nice refugio in Santa Croya de Tera

First view of Riego de Camino

Bunks in refugio above social club which is to be replaced in summer 2005

iwith a new refugio in this building, which has a private yard with clothes drying and safe bike storage.