Day 30N - A Gudina to Laza

The dividing of the ways in the early dawn

Only 2 cars an hour on this road

First view of Venda do Espino de Cerdeiro

Huge panoramic views

Venda de Teresa - the old road through the village to the left

Fountain with built-in waymark

First view of the sinuous Embalse de Portas

The road bends to cross the railway with a castellated bridge at the entrance to Venda de Capela

The single track railway connecting Puebla de Sanabria to Ourense was built in the 1950s and for a time was a very important economic link between Galicia and the rest of Spain

Camino leaving the road for a strectch of camino de tierra

Last view of the embalse

Venda de Bolano

One keeps on hoping one has reached the summit

but there is always another one!

First view of Campoberceros

Entering the village

View from the balcony of te Bar Casa Nuñez

A statue of the costume worn by the dancers on feast days in the village (photo on left)

The Camino is now in the province of Ourense which has its own Camino markers, often with the blue and yellow Galician markers

Drinking fountain with Galician waymark

The very large wooden cross commemorating all thepilgrims wo died on their way to Santiago

The top of the pass

Huge views of the country ahead

A novel waymark

Entering the village of As Eiras

which has a picnic area with a fountain and a shaded terrace

Ourense and Galician waymarks together. Both have been somewhat neglected.. The Ourense waymarks are easy to break , and many have been. Around half of the brass kilometre markings on the Galican waymarkers have been removed - a pity even though the distances recorded (to the nearest metre) are not as accurate as they appear to be

The valley floor 2 km. from Laza

The albergue at Laza - modern, clean, well-equipped - and nearly empty!