Day 33 - Cea to Castro Dozón

Part of the restored group of buildings which includes the refugio 

Typical Cea street 


The main square with the clock tower  




Monumental fountain outside Oseira  

First view of the monastery at Oseira 







Interior of the Monastery of Oseira
These two and the next four pictures kindly provided by Carlo Stanga of Switserland




Pilgrims can stay at the monastery if they arrive before 7 pm and have already rung the monastery 988.28.20.04 ahead of their arrival. The monastery provides an evening meal and breakfast.

North face of the onastery 

The valley of Oseira 

The bar at Gouxa with owner and his son. Gouxa is the first village in the province of Pontevedra 

and still has its galpón, a long low building used during the agricultural fairs held here  



Wayside cross on top of a car port 


Castro Dozón