Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Via de la Plata
from Sevilla via Salamanca
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 30 - A Gudina to Laza (northern route)

A Gudina - the main square with cruceiro and double waymark indicating the divide between the northern route via Laza and the sourthern route via Verin

Por Laza: 195.953 km.: the harder route (illustrated here) but some sections not suitable for cyclists
Por Verin: 228.556 km. (illlustrated on our en_cv30S.html page): the easier route but considerably longer

The remaining photographs on this page were kindly provided by Carlo Stanga of Switzerland

This section of the route is mountainous and inhospitable, but with excellent views in good weather

First view of Camobecerros (right)


The main street in Campobecerros

Santiago pergrino in niche above the church door (left)

The enormous wooden cross at the top of the pass near Portocambo

Church of San Xo´n in Laza

San Xoán in Laza

One of the last of x thousand cows in Laza