Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Via de la Plata
from Sevilla via Salamanca
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Day 32 - Ourense to Cea

Convento de San Francisco (which houses the refugio) at dawn 


View over the city 


Cathedral of San Martín

Detail of portico 



Ayuntiamiento (ri ght)  



Main square 



Ponte Vella carrying the Camino towards Santiago 

Rio Miño from the Ponte Vella, with the new bridge 

Another dividing point - straight on for the Quintela route illustrated here, or right for the Viduedo route 

An unexpected monument to the age of steam 

Alongside a busy main road out of Ourense 


A very long hill 

with very good views 


A useful bar-restaurant at the top of the hill 



 Heavy traffic!


Rolling country with plenty of shade 


Very bumpy camino de tierra 


Ancient bridge over Río Barbantiño(top)

Fountain and watering place (right) 


The bar in Ponte Mandrás 

The old paved road

A modern horreo 

First view of Cea 

A 5-star hotel for ducks 

Interior of the refugio at Cea