Shell motif Camino de Santiago

Via de la Plata
from Sevilla via Salamanca
to Santiago de Compostela

Shell motif
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Southern route - Day 1 - A Gudina to Verín

A Gudina - the main square with cruceiro and double waymark indicating the divide between the northern route via Laza and the sourthern route via Verin

Por Verin: 228.556 km. (illlustrated here): the easier route but considerably longer
Por Laza: 195.953 km.: (illlustrated on our en_cv30S.html the harder route but some sections not suitable for cyclists

The waymark used in Galicia on road sections 

but fortunately the road winds down into the forest 


Altitude marker 


Bridge for the N525 making interesting pattens in the early morning sun 




Rejoin the N525 through san Lorenzo










Very friendly bicycle shop 


Main square in a pedestrianised section of the town 

Rio Tamega with its riverside walk  

The Casa de Escudo, named after the huge coat of arms: the Tourist Office and the munipal refugio are on the ground floor 

Castilio de Monterrei, 2 km. outside the town (and a fairly steep climb - there is another refugio here too) 



Stones on the old road to the castle 

View of Verín from the top of the caster

The 13th century church of Sta. Maria de Gracia 


Verín: interior of the refugio